The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 2)

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Beast!Adam x Reader

The Girl Made of Starlight (Part 2)

Part 1: here

Running. It was all you knew these days. After your father had passed, killed by the very man that wanted your book, you had been forced to run to escape the fate that followed. Something was after you. Something dark. And if you stopped running, if you let your guard down even once, lowered your hood too far and revealed your true identity as a daughter of the sky, you would be killed. Inside you, there was great power. And with great power came many enemies.

You were scared. But you couldn’t afford to waste time on fear.

The worn old map you carried with you showed a village nearby. It was small. In your case, small meant safe. If you kept heading inland, you would hit it in a few hours, just before dark. Perfect.

You rolled the map and tied it with ribbon before making your way through the trees. You couldn’t describe why or what went through your mind, but something felt different this leg of the journey. It was as though something inside you was longing, reaching out for something ahead of you.

After a few hours’ time, the village was finally in sight. You wiped the sweat off of your brow. Although the hood hanging around your shoulders provided cover from those who were trying to find you, in the summer heat, it was nearly unbearable. You could practically taste the cold drink awaiting you at the nearest tavern. It put a little life in your steps as you trudged the remaining distance into town.

The stone and dirt paths were a welcoming sight. It had been almost a week since you had been in civilization. Your days in loneliness were starting to isolate you from the people altogether. You hoped that maybe the market would be open in the morning and you would be able to buy some bread and jam or some things to pass the time. Really anything would be helpful.

You walked through the doorway of the tavern. You had the feeling whoever owned the place was quite the hunter, given the abundance of antlers and the large mural of an arrogant man with his rifle. Gaston was his name, according to a sign. He seemed like a pompous braggart to you, a war hero with an ego the size of Paris. But perhaps that was just speculation.

You ordered a drink and took a spot at the table in the corner. It was cozy, you decided. Certainly not a place you could call home, but it could be. God, you longed for a home. Some place you could call your own without having to run away to protect yourself. It was exhausting. You never got a break. It was unending. Run, stop for supplies, sleep, run again. So much running and no place to go. It was beginning to feel pointless. But you knew if your enemies got their hands on your book, your kingdom would surely be dead. Your father had given his life to protect those secrets, and you were beginning to fear you would suffer a similar fate.

You exhaled a heavy sigh and took a long sip of the cold drink. It was refreshing after a long day. You were so caught up in bliss that you almost didn’t notice the large man as he took a seat in front of you. You bolted upright as soon as you noticed his presence.

“You must be new to town.” He stated, crossing his legs and flexing as he reached out for your hand. “I’m Gaston.”

“I know.” Your voice was quiet, but you didn’t reach out to take his hand. You only prayed your cloak would be enough to conceal your identity. It wasn’t likely that this lunkhead had any clue that you were a child of the stars, an heir to the throne of the sky, but you couldn’t take the chance that he was in league with Prince Ferdinand. So instead, you sat there, waiting for him to make a move, to say something.

“Are you in need of a place to stay?”

“Actually, yes.” You nodded. “I am.”

“Might I see your face, then?” he asked, pressing slightly. You recoiled slightly, withdrawing your hands further. Surely it would be stupid of him to let a stranger stay in his inn. You knew he only had his safety in mind.

“N-no, that’s all right.” You shook your head. “I’m afraid I’m not much of a beauty to behold.”

“Nonsense! I’m sure if you lowered your hood, it might put me at ease.” He grinned earnestly. You exhaled a slow sigh and reached up, gently pulling down the cloak around your head. “And what a beauty you are,” he marveled. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. I could show you around the village tomorrow morning.”

“No, that’s quite alright. I’m headed out early tomorrow. I need to buy some goods at the market and then I’m out of here.”

“Are you headed somewhere particular or-”

“Yes. I’m on a journey to meet an old friend.”

“I could accompany you if you-”

“That won’t be necessary.” You cut him off calmly, but firmly, standing your ground. For you, there was no safety in numbers. He very obviously didn’t know what or who you were, but that didn’t mean other people in the village wouldn’t. When his face fell, you quickly added: “But thank you very much. It’s kind of you to offer.”

“Anything for a beautiful woman like yourself.” He nodded simply as another man, a friend of his, came to stand beside him.

“Gaston, who is this?”

“A visitor to our fair village.” He crinkled his eyebrows as he realized he had never asked for your name. “What did you say your name was, again?”

“(Y/N).” You replied. Your silver eyes searched over the new man. His lingering gaze told you he had heard of those like you. He wasn’t as vicious as the people pursuing you. Instead, he was merely curious, in awe of the being sitting before him. You were a thing of fairytales, and yet here you were, as real as day. “Well, Gaston, I’m afraid I’m very tired from my journey.”

“I’ll show her to the spare room.” LeFou offered before Gaston so much as moved. He nodded hesitantly.

“Of course.” LeFou led you up the stairs behind him. You smirked, awaiting his question. As soon as you were standing on the landing outside the room, he turned to you, unable to hold it in any longer.

“Are you really one of them?”

“One of what?” you voice was soft, knowing.

“A…” he looked around and lowered his voice. “…child of the stars.”

“Yes.” You nodded.

“Why are you here?” he shook his head. “Of all places…Villeneuve. Why?”

“It was the nearest place to stop.” You admitted. “I’m not staying for long. I’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

“Before you go, I need to know one thing-”

“You will find happiness, LeFou.” You stated. Kindness waited behind your enchanting silver eyes. His heart raced. He felt as though you were looking into his soul. The glow in your irises held what seemed to be knowledge of everything that had ever or would ever be. “But it is not with that man.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” He sighed.

“It’s closer than you know.” You put a hand on his shoulder. “I promise.”

“So do you know…everything?”

“No. I just know some things. Important things.” You winked and gave a well-meaning smirk. “Good night. I hope to see you in the future.”

“Good night.” He replied, nodding. As LeFou made his way down the stairs, you walked into the small bedroom, locking the door behind you. You hung your cloak on a peg on the wall and untied your boots, tucking them under the bed. Once you had crawled beneath the fur blanket, you stared at the ceiling.

Your heart was pounding like a drum. There was always fear in these late hours that something would come after you. Or someone would find you and use you. Luckily, LeFou seemed more curious than he did malevolent. You decided you were safe for now. But tomorrow might bring something else entirely. You didn’t know why, but somehow you knew in your heart, as you sometimes knew impossible things…

Tomorrow, everything would change.

Untameable-NPC descriptions

When you’ve befriended a monster or met a character in RF4, you can read a description of them in the menu. However, NPCs that can’t be tamed or only appear in cutscenes still have descriptions in RF4’s files for some reason. Here’s some of ‘em:

Sechs Soldiers:
“A lunkheaded Sechs soldier”
“A Sechs soldier that only cares about being promoted.”
“A Sech’s soldier. And a jerkface.”
“A transformed imperial soldier.”

Soldiers (this localization team these developers, I swear to god):
“Town soldier. Tries not to take an arrow to the knee.”
“Town soldier. Keeps a close eye on those around him. Worries about taking an arrow to the knee.”
“Town soldier. Likes charging at enemies. Took an arrow to the knee once, but made a full recovery.”
“Town soldier. Dependable healer. No need to worry about his knees!”
“Town Soldier. Goofy but in a pursuit squad. Often mistakes the knee for the elbow.”
“Town soldier. Powerful and good at using a shield. Thinks about pizza more than he does tired old knee-related concerns.”
“Town soldier with a penchant for stealth. Doesn’t care for pizza, and welcomes arrows in his knees, as they prove he can still feel.”

Armored Tank+: “A tank modified for all-terrain travel. Also waterproof for some reason.”
Sechs Tank: “An all-terrain tank created to prove to the world that Sechs tech is the best. All hail Glorious Leader!”
Hover Soldier: “You’d think he’d be good at scouting, but nope! He’s actually much better at fighting.”
Ethelwill: “A villain plotting to take over the world.”
Ragnarok: “Ethelberd’s final form.”

Clorica: “Fake Clorica”
There’s a second Clorica (and Pico) in the files. Probably for cutscenes.

Uno: “Sano’s wife. Mature and reliable.”
Sano: “Uno’s husband. Bright and optimistic.”

Heaven’s Gate: “A road that leads to the Forest of Beginnings. Made larger by the presence of many strange runes.”

Misstress Trupin: “A woman with a mysterious aura about her. Seems to love turnips, like, really love turnips. Uses Eastern magic to change your name.”
Travelers: “A man/woman traveling from town to town. Seems to have come from the East/North/South/West.” There are some more variations of this.

Death Orc: “An orc called a minister of death. It’s just an orc, but sounds scary when you put it that way, doesn’t it? Don’t underestimate it!”
Magnuto: “An ordinary raccoon. Has no ability to transform.”
“A mischievous raccoon. You’ll surely regret your attempts to attack it.”
Ancient Bone: “The ball inside the bone serves as its core. Gets violent once the flower disappears. Has a low bone density.”
Handonetta (right after Marionetta): “Someone’s hand. Learned puppetry over many years. Despises when people make fun of it.”

Gorgeous Lady: "Traveler 1 from sub event 14.”
Noble Lady: “Traveler 2 for sub event 14.”
Mysterious Man: “Traveler from sub event 19.”
Twinkle: “For sub event 19.”
Fish Market: “Lost and Sold”

Some untameable NPCs still have no descriptions, like Gashams, Gates, and every shop NPC except for Fish Market. Furniture is just labeled ‘Furnishing’.


The Chronological Superman 1963:

The less-famous of Jimmy’s cross-dressing adventures happens in Superman ‘s Pal Jimmy Olsen vol.1 No.67, in which the plucky cub reporter tries to teach his former boss a lesson about his indispensability in the disguise of the much-adored-around-the-office Leslie Lowe. The lunkhead forgets to remove his Superman watch, though, so he doesn’t account for himself too well.

At least, this time around, they dispense with the forced masculinity enough for Jimmy to realize that he enjoys a bit of pampering.

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anon…….i love you

behold toxic masculinity: the ship

who is more likely to hurt the other? they hurt each other consensually and constantly. they both mostly have the emotional depth of teaspoons because they Repress things, being mostly busy acting like badasses and travelling the globe to kick ass
who is emotionally stronger? neither of them will admit to having emotions. xiang though just because he’s better at repressing 
who is physically stronger? xander can benchpress more but xiang is more functionally strong. come on, xander clearly doesn’t stretch enough and xiang does
who is more likely to break a bone? xander, who still skateboards despite being like 50 years old or something. xander why
who knows best what to say to upset the other? idk how either one of these lunkheads would actually deliberately upset the other. neither of them has the upper-level emotional intelligence needed to figure out what would set the other one off. probably xiang because he’s spent so much time thinking about xander post-recruitment (cuz it’s canon that gibbons uses xander in all his recruiting speeches). probably “you’re not cool enough to pull off that fur coat, xander” is what he’d say
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? no apologies they have angry make-up sex and then never acknowledge the argument again
who treats who’s wounds more often? they’re 50/50 on this, xiang is less likely to get injured doing hand-to-hand but xander is more likely to get injured doing something dumb on a bike or skateboard
who is in constant need of comfort? they would both sooner die than ask someone to comfort them. that said: xander is more of a softie and more likely to aggressively initiate spooning
who gets more jealous? they don’t do jealous, if the other one picks up someone hot it’s just like (thumbs up from across the room)
who’s most likely to walk out on the other? idk, i think xiang is probably more aggressive about defending his independence and would be more likely to wander off
who will propose? lol they would never get married. but xander would be the one to formally ask xiang to stop wandering off
who has the most difficult parents? are xander’s parents canonically depicted in the first movie? i have no idea. i think i’m gonna go with xiang on this one. he’s been telling his parents he sells insurance for 30 years and has a friend who he pays to pretend to be his wife. his parents are devastated he never had children 
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? they have never done this and never will 
who comes up for the other all the time? god i still have no idea what this question means. xiang is more likely to travel for xander but that’s also because he’s the most likely to have wandered off
who hogs the blankets? they both try. xiang wins. he’s a better grappler
who gets more sad? xiang, though he’d never admit it. whatever he was doing before he was recruited for xxx was clearly traumatic
who is better at cheering the other up? i’ll tentatively say xander, since he’s more likely to make a really fucking dumb joke
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes? this has never happened. sometimes they alternate trying to have really badass one-liners and everyone else on the team is just like ‘please stop. please’
who is more streetwise? they’re both streetwise, though xander is a little more charismatic and xiang is a little more immediately scary-seeming
who is more wise? neither of them is wise. if one of them was wise, they wouldn’t be professional spy-assassins who specialize in looking cool. xiang gets tunnel vision more than xander though and xander has to remind him of the bigger picture
who’s the shyest? neither is shy, xander is more extroverted though 
who boasts about the other more? xander, but it’s just from a practical standpoint. ‘please surrender the nuclear codes or my friend xiang here will beat you up. do you want to hear what he’s capable of?’ xiang stares at whoever xander is trying to intimidate, wearing sunglasses and smoking three cigarettes at once. xander gets the codes.
who sits on who’s lap? xiang on xander’s but only when he’s embarrassingly drunk 

Beach Body

=w=* MariChat Week Day 6: Don’t Touch Him/Her


Marinette lay face down on her chaise. Alya sat beside her on the floor, editing the latest Ladyblog post from her laptop computer. “Still, I can’t believe you fell asleep. Didn’t you go there to have fun?”

Marinette, unable to tell Alya that the life of a superhero was very stressful and any chance to sleep was welcome, grumbled something unintelligible instead. She heard the unmistakable sound of a tap on glass. “Your superhero boyfriend is at the window,” Alya said.

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BTS as Things from High School Musical

Namjoon: Taylor calling Troy a “sub-species” and later a “lunkhead basketball man”

Seokjin: Sharpay saying “toodles” to Troy

Yoongi: The entire ‘Get Your Head in the Game’ song let’s be honest

Hoseok: Martha admitting that she likes to “pop”, “lock” and “jam” whilst doing popping movements

Jimin: The boy who does a twirl and a grande jeté and is later heard crashing into a bunch of supplies backstage

Taehyung: Ms Darbus’ lengthy rants about the importance of Theatre and the Arts (bonus: Chad asking Troy when she’s due back on the mothership)

Jungkook: Troy being torn between choosing basketball or music (and the following dramatic song number about it)

stake your claim (grady travis)

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(anon requested: ohhhh please write something about possessive!grady like it’s very early on in their marriage and him and his angel nurse wife maybe are out in the evening at a pub (?) and then a group of rowdy drunk men start looking at her, talking about her and grady looses it and starts a fight with them… “we’re not coming back here babygirl”)

(YES! grady is back, y’all! my trash raccoon! beloved boy!)

(warnings: alcohol mentioned, nasty men saying gross things about a lady (not too detailed but a bit uncomfy), descriptions of violence (again, not especially detailed or gory, but a split lip and broken nose will create a bit of blood, so please proceed with caution))

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange @fxcastle, @twinklyhood, @atari-writes, @thedeviltohisangel, aaand probably others im forgetting!! again, if i’ve forgotten you, just lemme know and i’ll amend that asap!)

Grady has a hand on his wife’s waist, happily grinning down at her. They’re walking to a nearby bar for a night on the town; Grady likes having days out with her, especially now that they’re married. There’s just something about being able to say “Oh, I’m here with my wife” that makes him feel like the king of the world.

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Romanced companions react to Sole suddenly falling asleep when they cuddle

Cait thinks Sole is just screwing with her until she leans over them and playfully calls them a lunkhead, and they don’t respond. Thoughtfully, she leans back on the wall. She didn’t think little fairy-tale things like this could realistically happen – and yet, here they are in her very own lap, breathing slow, even breaths, one hand on their stomach and another still grasping hers. She plays with those fingers, thinking that fairy tales aren’t so bad after all.

Seeing Sole dozing off so quickly touches Codsworth, serves as a reminder of just how fragile they really are. They are so strong for everyone else that they forget to be strong for themselves, and even though he wishes they would take better care of themselves, he admires them for it all the same. It brings out the nurturing side of him, and freeing himself from beneath them, he silently sets to work, propeller jets fuzzing, metal clinking occasionally. He brings them a number of thick, soft blankets and a pillow or two and sets some cool water at the bedside for them to drink when they wake up. He settles back down at their side and reflects that with how much they do for everyone else, he only wishes he could do more for them.

Curie is fascinated at just how quickly humans are able to fall asleep. And yet, her lovely Sole accomplishes so much in the light of day that it is no wonder they fall asleep so easily at night. She looks into their peaceful, sleeping face, watching their lids flutter occasionally, and hums with satisfaction. Yes, sleep is exactly what they need, and she will help them take every moment they can to stay healthy, to stay at ease in their mind.

Without a word, Sole had curled up to Danse on the couch and tucked their head into his neck, and he simply pulled them in closer and held them there. He hasn’t moved since, but he doesn’t mind – if it gave them comfort, he would stay there as long as they wanted. For all the fighting and tragedy Sole saw on a regular basis, there were moments like these to help mend those invisible wounds. There’s no battle in the world that can take this tender moment from the two of them now. His thumb soothingly strokes the back of their hands, and together on the couch, they drift off to sleep.

Deacon’s and Sole’s legs are on the coffee table, and he’s absently twirling little pieces of their hair around his finger as they listen to the nighttime melodies floating from the Pip-Boy. It’s some point during The Swan when he realizes they aren’t drowsily humming along anymore, and when the song ends he reaches over their wrist to dim the light and fade out the sound. He rests them on the couch, trying not to disturb them, and gives their hand a tender squeeze.

Hancock and Sole are reclined on his sofa back in Goodneighbor, legs a tangled but comfortable mess. His hands affectionately stroke their hair as he talks to them, his voice a low, relaxing rumble. He wants them to know no pressure and no worries in this moment, and he’s not surprised when they pass off to sleep. He rests his chin on top of their head and drifts off, too, savoring the cozy, heavy warmth of Sole dozing on his chest.

Despite being so strong, strong for his son, strong for Sole, there’s nothing more comforting at the end of the day for MacCready than the sensation of Sole’s body protectively wrapped around his. Usually he’s the first to fall asleep, but when he tells them he loves them and they reply with a snore, he only smiles and squeezes their hand. He had forgotten just how treasured moments like these were, moments to be able to share with someone you love who loved you back.

It happens when Nick and Sole are sharing a book one drizzly night. Their backs are both to the bedboard and Nick’s arm is around Sole, their head resting on his shoulder. He supports the small paperback with one hand, turning the pages with a thumb as he reads aloud. “That about does Chapter Six,” he says to them. “What do you think? Feeling up to another?” But this time, he doesn’t get a response. He looks down at them and they’re already fast asleep. Pulling them close so as not to jostle them, he shuts the book and reaches over to dim the lantern, grabbing his trenchcoat to cover their dozing form. He watches them for a few seconds, so cozy that in this moment, he’s almost alright with not being able to sleep. Listening to their even breaths, he watches rain lazily patter on the window.

When they fall asleep in her arms, Piper gets to see a side of Sole that is never revealed to anyone else. Sole in the Wasteland, full of strength and determination, unyielding as a deathclaw, tirelessly working for the purpose of their cause – well, that very Sole is snoozing in her arms right now, head tilted back, lips parted slightly. She thinks it’s kind of… cute. She pecks their forehead and pulls the blanket further over the both of them, falling asleep with them in her embrace.

Preston and Sole lay eye-to-eye on the bed, hand in hand, discussing matters of the day in muted tones. Sole’s lids have drifted shut already, and their mumbled responses are barely audible. He smiles at them, a smile they can’t see, and he squeezes their hand warmly. “This can wait until tomorrow,” he murmurs. “What do you think?” Their lack of reply confirms his suspicions. He pulls them close, other hand stroking their hair, and they burrow into his shoulder with a sigh.

Sole, exhausted from the day, convinces Strong to carry them as they travel to the nearest settlement, and he agrees that it shouldn’t be an issue for someone as strong as him to carry a little human. They usually babble about unimportant things, Strong reflects, but this time they’re quiet. “Here,” he grunts. “Get off.” But Sole doesn’t move, and he looks down to see them sleeping. It’s strange just how puny and fragile humans really are. He sets them down someplace soft-looking and leaves to stand outside, guarding the building.

X6-88 lays with Sole on their bed in comfortable silence, their head resting on his chest, fingers curled next to their face. “If you would prefer that I return to my own bed, please let me know,” he offers. But they don’t respond. He cranes his neck up to look at their eyes and finds them already shut, and he rests back on the pillow, looking at the ceiling. The moment is small, but it makes him realize just how much trust Sole has in him; this little, sweet instant is the instant he realizes that he wants to protect him not just because it’s his duty, but also because he genuinely wants them to be safe. Hoping they won’t wake up and catch him, he lightly takes their hand and drifts off.

Across the Veil - Part 2

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Summary: After refusing Crowley’s offer, you find yourself stuck in a room with your memories, making you want to take his deal. With 24 hours to decide, you try to focus on helping Sam solve the case (unbeknownst to him). That is, until Sam heads to sleep and Dean sneaks out - ready to do something dangerous.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,273

This is a series! Find Part 1 here.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading!

“No way. No way, Crowley, no matter what it is you’re here to sell - I’m not buying.” You stood across the room from him, your eyes focused and certain, your hands in fists at your sides.

“Well I haven’t even told you what I’m proposing yet,” the king of demons muttered, his hands calmly rested in his pockets. “S’a bit rude not to let me offer first.”

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but have you considered /punk Annabeth and preppy Percy/

“Hey, handsome!" 

Several heads turn her way as the football team trudges off the field, a few of their eyes going wide and snickers breaking out among them when they recognize who she is. Yeah, yeah, resident bad girl Annabeth Chase came to your stupid homecoming game. Hell has frozen over and pigs are flying. Laugh it up, fellas. 

One of the boys breaks away from the pack at her call, jogging over to her with that stupid, dimply grin of his plastered across his face. His dark hair is damp with sweat and tousled more than usual, and his cheeks are flushed from exertion. She bets his heart is pumping hard against his rib cage, still hyped up on adrenaline and excitement. 

"Oooh, quarterback’s getting lucky tonight!” Leo Valdez hollers as he passes by, giving her an exaggerated wink and wolf whistling. “Give Jackson some good lovin’, Chase!‘ 

Annabeth glares at him and gives Leo the finger, which makes him cackle even more as he heads toward the locker room. "If that shithead wasn’t fixing my motorcycle, I’d sock him right in his smart mouth.”

“You know, he’s not fixing my motorcycle,” Percy replies, settling a hand on her hip. “And I’ve been dying to punch him in the mouth for a while now…”

“Well, isn’t that the cutest. Are you trying to defend my honor, Percy Jackson?”

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Felix Leiter Headcanons


  • Born in Texas. Dad was a cop, Mom was a paralegal for defense lawyers. This occasionally caused tension but it also taught Felix a lot about Healthy Communication™ 
  • Felix was a snoop from an early age and his parents encouraged it: “The truth is worth finding out, son” 
  • Felix once found his Christmas presents early and his parents were unsympathetic. “What have you learned?” his dad asked. “Sometimes you have to wait for the right time to know what’s in the box,” Felix answered, and spent December in agony because his FAVORITE VIDEO GAME was RIGHT THERE IN THE CLOSET but completely inaccessible. A very important lesson on Classified Things. 
  • Excelled in his classes, but liked history and English the best bc of the emphasis on analyzing evidence/ability to bullshit if he wanted. Took home ec and auto shop as electives in high school bc he was a practical dude even then and his parents didn’t have a lot of time to teach him things like oil changes and cooking 


  • Following a common Texas tradition, he signed up for the military to pay for college 
  • In basic, Felix quickly realized he was surrounded by macho lunkheads and gained a reputation for being the strong and silent type, mostly bc he spent a lot of time trying to keep his eyes from rolling out of his head. 
  • He became known as a steady guy that a man could go to if he had something he needed to get off his chest in confidence–as a consequence, he pretty much knew everything about everything wherever he was posted
  • Felix was never one to stand idly by while abuse was perpetrated around him, so he also gained a quiet reputation as a discreet but effective fixer
  • Felix eventually went through Army Ranger training. While he was on an operation, he encountered and impressed a CIA operative, who recommended him for recruitment. When presented with the offer, Felix took it. The pay was better, the job was more interesting, and at least he’d be around a different kind of lunkhead. 


  • When Felix met Bond, he saw all the things he’d liked about being in the military and all the things he liked about being a spy, combined into one attractive, deadly, relentless package. He also thought Bond was a bit young and rough around the edges, and it made his stomach twist when he heard Bond had been tortured and Vesper had died; he’d hoped Bond would at least get a bit of happiness after the whole Casino deal. 
  • Felix saw the difference in Bond in Bolivia–here was a man who’d had it, all right. But also a man who was still doing what he thought was right. Of course Felix had to help him. (And if the lunkhead Felix had been working with got what was coming to him because of it…well, Felix always had been good at fixing problems.)  

Tumblr Pet Cats as Loth-Cats - Part II

I am making cartoony gift doodles of what people’s pet kitties would look like if they were a loth-cat from Star Wars Rebels.