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FWIW: The last time Grace was on Kevin Pereira's podcast (Pointless Podcast Ep. 46), she said that she hasn't visited the dailygrace channel since her contract expired.

Can you really blame her? I mean, I’m not about to go hang out at an ex-boyfriends house …especially if he’s gone full blown silence of the lambs. 

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Have you actually seen the video Grace put up on Monday, August 24 2009? I only became aware of Grace in late 2010 and not knowing what that video was even about has been slowly killing me these past 3 years.

If my memory serves me, I think she was addressing/ranting about how alot of people had commented on her appearance/messy apartment. Basically going off about not being perfect (you know, in her funny sarcastic ass kind of way). I’m not sure why the video isn’t on the MDC website. It looks like there are quite a few random ones missing from the archives. I could be dead wrong as I don’t have that particular video saved - but if I’m remembering correctly, that’s what that one was about. Wish I had the video saved so I could share it, but I hope that helps in some way anyways.