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To the Pandora Hearts Fandom...

Hello, hello… Anybody out there? Cause I don’t hear a sound ♫

Raise your hand if you’re still alive and if you remember/love this serie/manga.

Will you participate in a online-event dedicated to PH? Please, answerrrr

To the Pandora Hearts Fandom...  II

Do you still love Pandora Hearts? Did you feel empty after its end? Do you miss all the characters? Did you just see the anime and expect to read the manga someday?  Did you read it and still do not get over what happened?

If you are one of us, we invite you to be part of the Pandora Hearts Month. As we all have our daily things to deal with, we do not want it to be hard or tedious, so we will have 4 weeks to share, to ramble and to find other Pandora fans like us!

What would the event consist of?

  • Creation of an official Tumblr where all the colaborations and contributions will be received and reblogged. No matter the language, as long as it has to do with Pandora Hearts and you tagged/mention us(?).
  • Every week of the month will be a different theme but with the same dynamic, Share!
  • You know how to draw? Do you like to write? Do you have ideas (Headcanons) that never came to light? Are you good at making videos? Need to comment what you felt about a character? Do you like to do graphics/aesthetics? Do you have things from years ago that you never showed the world and would like to share them? Everything is welcome!

Possible topics per week (We could vote)

Week 1: Male Pandora Hearts characters

Celebrate the boys exclusively, whether it’s your favorite character or the one you think should have played a bigger role.

Week 2: Female Pandora Hearts characters

Celebrate the girls exclusively, whether it’s your favorite character or the one you think should have played a bigger role.

When will this be?

September (Possibly)

There is no limit to the amount of things you want to share, you can participate in a single week or more. Also if you want to participate more than one day of the week, everything will be considered. The idea is simply to have fun, without pressure, and to bring back to life, even for a few days, the Fandom that brought us both laughter and tears: Pandora Hearts.


Pandora Hearts wallpapers (vol. II) as requested by anonymous.

Please, do not repost them or claim them as yours. // You can find other ph wallpapers here and here.


On May 30th, I heard that Jun Mochizuki will come to Japan Expo, a French Convention. When I heard that, I have started crying, it was a dream to met her. So, I decided to make something for her, a Fanbook, I was about to make it on my own, but I tougth it was better if all Jun Mochizuki’s fan can contribuated to it. And i worked on it from May 30th until July 6th, every day, to 10 a.m until 3 a.m. with few break. 

Fortunatly, I was able to see Jun Mochuzuki, A.K.A my idol, I was crying a lot, and she hugged me twice!! I’m so happy, even a month after. So yeah, now that I’m fully rest, I can finally share it to you guys, thanks a lot for those who helped in this project!! 

Sale: Pandora Hearts Animate/Movic & Event Merchandise

Hello my lovelies!

I decided to organise my Pandora Hearts collection and came across quite a few goods I bought when living in Japan that I’ve decided to sell.

All of the merchandise/goods bellow were purchased during Winter 2014/2015, when Pandora Hearts was reaching its climax, at Animate stores or at the Pandora Hearts Ikebukuro Animate event in Tokyo. They can no longer be purchased, as they were only available during a limited time period.

Only the flower cards and the metallic key chains are event exclusive items, and are labelled with double stars ★★

The rest of the items could be purchased at Animate stores.

Click the read more function to see the individual items and the rules!

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