Hold On To Your Love

Nyx x Reader 

Word Count: 1,792


Part I

The day had finally come. A night that you had been planning for a little over a month now. And for tonight’s events you went out a bought a special black satin pencil dress you had been eyeing for weeks for a special someone. Both Nyx and your schedules had been packed for the past several weeks, honestly leaving you little time to be together except at night.

Tonight, is going to be perfect, the restaurant is booked. Dessert is ordered out and this dress is fitting me like a glove! You thought to yourself as you examined your curvy frame in the mirror.

Placing several bobby pins in your hair you were struggling to decide on whether you want to have an up-do for tonight or have your hair down. Reaching for your phone you quickly looked at the time.


“Alright I still have 30 minutes until I have to meet Nyx” you said undoing the bobby pins and throwing them on the dresser.

Grabbing your favorite pair of black Mary Jane’s, you quickly slipped them on, grabbed your purse and headed out the door.

You would have preferred to have walked together with Nyx to the restaurant, but you knew that tonight like most Friday nights he would be getting off work late. Pulling out your phone you checked the time once more as you were nearing the restaurant.


With Nyx being a Glaive and you being in the Crownsguard it made things a little harder for you two to see one another. However, being a part of the Crowsnguard did have its perks, plus the fact that you and the Prince had been good friends since middle school. Prince Noctis was kind enough to make the reservation for you and Nyx’s perfect night, of course after several attempts of begging.

“Welcome to The Lunet, how may I be of service to you?” the waitress asked kindly smiling at you.

“Reservation for (y/l/n) table for two” you answered politely in response.

“Ahh, yes I see your name, will the other person be joining you shortly?”

You peered around the corner, half expecting Nyx to already be there.

“Uh, yes he will be.” you said with a smile as the hostess began to lead you towards a table.

Walking through the restaurant you were in awe at how nice it really was.

This is so much nicer than the website, you thought gawking at the two-level fish tank that took up the whole left wall of the establishment. Leading you upstairs towards the balcony the waitress informed you that they would let your other party member know where you were once they arrived.

The view upstairs was breathtaking. Instead of a normal a balcony that is exposed to the elements, this one was incased in glass. From the celling hung beautiful turquoise crystal chandeliers whose dim lighting bounced off the walls that gave the room a warm aesthetic.

“Shall I bring you a menu ma’am or should I wait for your guest”, the hostess asked with a smile.

“Sure, I want to look through the drinks” you said sitting down.

Taking a few glances around the room you see that you are not the only couple there.

A man and a woman, it looks like he might propose to her. Two women holding hands, and she has the most beautiful ring, they must be here for their anniversary too. Your heart began to beat slightly faster at the notion of Nyx proposing to you in such a beautiful location.

“Here you are ma’am” a leather-bound menu breaks you out of you short day dream.  

Skimming through the menu you see that they have your favorite cocktail. You place your order and sit back in your chair, wondering as to when Nyx will arrive.


He was now officially late. You twirled the straw of your cocktail, making it dance around the ice in the crystal glass as you scrolled through your phone. Now contemplating on whether to call him to see where he was or to just give him a bit more time. Scrolling through your contacts you decided to give Crowe a call instead.  

“Hey y/n, how’s date night going?” Crowe and you had been friends since she joined the Glaives, and she was always encouraging of Nyx and your relationship. Her being the actual one to get him to confess to you those years ago.

Resting your hand on your check you began to slump further in your chair. 

“Not so good, Nyx still isn’t here and I haven’t decided on if I should call and ask where’s he’s at because I figured he was going to be running a little late, just not this late.”

You could hear the popping of a skillet on the other end of the line. She must be making dinner, must be nice to eat. You thought now sitting up in your chair.

“Maybe you know, you should call him and see where he’s at y/n.”

“Did he mention to you or Libertus about tonight? Or did he say he was going to be doing anything after work?”

“Hmmm, no. The last I talked with him was shortly after lunch and then he went and had a meeting with the Captain.”

Your eyes widened at the Crowes words. Did he get put on a last-minute mission? This same situation had happened before, however last time Nyx called you during to let you know where he was at.

“This isn’t really like him at all, I’m going to just call him.” Raising your hand, you gestured for the waitress to come to your table.

“Alright well I’m in the process of making chicken so I’ll talk to you later see you girl, shi–” Crowe said as you heard a whispered curse escape her as the oil from the chicken burned her hand.

“Ready to order?” the waitress asked prepping her notepad and pen.

“Actually no, sorry I’m just going to need the check” You said, giving her a halfhearted smile.  

A look of disproval filled the waitress face as she took the menu from you.


Through the exit glass door, the weather was reflecting how you were feeling at this point.

“Really!?” you uttered as you saw that it was now raining. Thinking back, you remembered how there was a forecast for rain later in the evening.

Pulling your coat over your head you walked home, holding back the rage and tears that were forming within you.

How could he just forget about tonight? After I had planned this for so long.


Drenched and frustrated, you threw your heels off at the door entrance tossed your purse on the couch while leaving your soaked coat on the floor. Wanting to get warm you went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run for a bit to warm up. As you waited for the water to be the right temperature you made your way back in the kitchen to put away the cake you had planned to eat with Nyx after the dinner.

The cake was beginning to run; it had been left out far too long. The royal baby blue icing was now melting off from the body of the cake. The intricate lace design was all but a gooey looking mess, a reflection of the night so far. Putting it into the fridge tears began to well up in your eyes. Seeing the cake as it was melting, falling apart made you begin to have doubts in your relationship. It’s not as if this was a regular occurrence, but maybe your relationship had reached its peak. That both Nyx and you really didn’t have time for one another anymore.

The warm water soothed your aching calf’s as it ran down your back. You tried to let the warmth of the water and steam relax you. However, your anxiety started to take over.

He just got put on a last minute mission, that’s it. He’s fine. Everything is fine.

For all your strength, you just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Tears began to pour from your eyes and you wept silently into your hands.

After the shower, you got changed and flopped onto the bed. Rolling over to your back you finally called Nyx, praying to the gods that he would answer.





*The number you have dialed is not available or is no longer in service-*

Not letting it go to voice mail you tossed your phone aside as doubt once again started to fill your mind.

Grabbing your phone once more you look at the time.

12:15 am

And then you remembered. Sometimes when Nyx would come home late from missions he would crash back at his old place because it was closer to the drop off point. Maybe he was there. He was still in the process of moving the last of his things into your place.

Calling him again you rolled over and slipped on your sneakers and a hoody.





*The number you have dialed is no–*

“Dammit” you cursed as you grabbed your umbrella and left your apartment.”

Calling a taxi, you were quickly at Nyx old apartment. You climbed down the stairs from the main street that led towards an old dilapidated building of apartments. Typically, only new refugees would live in these conditions, people just entering Insomnia trying to get their bearings. But Nyx lived here for almost 4 years as he was supporting his mother back home in Galahad. It wasn’t until a few months ago that you finally asked him to move in with you.

As you reached his apartment you drew in a deep breath and prepared yourself, not know what was going to happen next. You knocked on the door, hoping for a response.


Knocking one more time you then placed your ear to the door to see if you could hear anything or anyone on the other end.


Reaching in your pocket you drew out your keys, searching for the spare apartment key Nyx had made for you after you two started dating.

Placing the key in the lock you drew in a deep breath. Readying yourself to not find him once again.

His apartment was dark. Just a few brown boxes lay on his table under the window. His lounge chair still sitting in the middle of the small room, bits of dust were beginning to form on the arms of the chair. A bit of iridescent street light peered through the blinds as a silhouette caught your eye laying on the bed.

A slender silhouette, a silhouette of a sleeping woman laying rather closely to Nyx.

Part II 

Part III


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