lune doodles

@jaxstronomy is to blame for getting me off my butt to do an effort piece getting me on board for a Cross tarot project! And given that Elysia is pretty much a living ray of sunshine, it was only natural that she get the Sun card!

I didn’t really think to document the process all that much, but @anryl was interested in seeing it, so I’m gonna put what I have of it under the cut.

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Mayor Lune dropped by to deliver a whole bunch of stuff including a sea of dandelions. she got to see the town before it got trashed and our mayors danced in the skull circle. i’m sure the villagers are wondering how a cranky grump is friends with the nicest florist mayor ever.

it’s great to see old friends again. i have this headcanon that Lune is a tiny mayor, so tiny that even my short ass mayor is still taller than her (i was right) :P i got to see Yūgen as well and i enjoyed the tour a lot, i miss Saudade as well.