“This is not a healing song,” sings Lune at the beginning of this starry eyed beauty, yet Healing Song is a cathartic soothing, atmospheric intoxicating elixir if there ever was one. Budding Swedish artist Lune entrances with her soft crystalline voice on her future flickering electronic pop aria. Lune explains: 

“’Healing Song’ is a metaphor and a piece. In the lyrics, I find myself in a place I don’t wanna be, everything is not healing. In the end of the verse, I choose the ‘light’ and accept the ‘dark’: the wicked, and in that moment I break free.” 

Lune leads us from the shadows into the light with this cathartic debut, which pushes and pulls on our hearts with delicate grandeur. Prior to this breathtaking piece, Lune had featured on massive electronic hits like Adrian Lux’s Teenage Crime and Swedish House Mafia’s Leave The World Behind. With Healing Song, it’s obvious she’s about to enchant the world with her solo music.

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