lundenberg celestia

The Signs as Danganronpa Characters with Unfitting Talents

Aries: Gundam Tanaka, who looks like the evil overlord he’s trying to portray himself as, being the SHSL Breeder.

Taurus: Celestia Ludenberg, who looks gothic as hell, being the SHSL Gambler.

Gemini: Tsumugi Shirogane, who looks fairly plain, if not slightly bookish, being the SHSL Cosplayer.

Cancer: Ouma Kokichi, who looks fairly innocent despite wearing what looks like a straitjacket, being the SHSL Dictator.

Leo: Kaito Momota, who looks like the gay lovechild of Leon and Hagakure, ending up being the SHSL Astronaut.

Virgo: Miaya Gekkogahara, who’s the Former SHSL Therapist even though she’s a shy individual who never speaks although there’s a reason for that.

Libra: Ryoma Hoshi, the shortest character in the entire franchise, somehow managing to be the SHSL Tennis Player.

Scorpio: Leon Kuwata, who looks like a punk rocker but is actually the SHSL Baseball Player even if it’s explained in the game.

Sagittarius: Chisa Yukizome, who spends a majority of her screentime being a teacher, actually being the Former SHSL Housekeeper.

Capricorn: Korekiyo Shinguuji, who looks very threatening and militaristic, being the SHSL Anthropologist.

Aquarius: Seiko Kimura, who’s creepy design doesn’t match her status as the Former SHSL Pharmacist. 

Pisces: Junko Enoshima, who looks the part of a SHSL Fashionista, but doesn’t look anything like a SHSL Analyst.