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I think in commentary Hettienne says that the 2x04 script originally didn't specify & that she was told to think of the worst thing imaginable; then the Abigail comment came after the season was over. I kind of like the vague horror of not knowing, but in a post S3 context, it could have been Abigail in the form of video monitoring from the house on the cliff. Hannibal mentions here staying there in 3x13 and it would certainly be easier to keep her presence there a secret.

A) that’s pretty funny Hettienne, B) oh dang I’d forgotten about the Murder Haus! Yeah it is definitely less of a discover risk to keep Abigail out there, although, as @awritersrejections mentioned in tags, Hannibal does bring her back for serial killer finishing school at some point.

There were actually several replies to this and I’m just gonna assemble them all here in a nice little pile, how bout!

THAT. IS. HORRIFYING. and I would say certainly fits with “just think of the worst thing imaginable,” but perhaps luckily, we’re not here yet! Abel Gideon is still to arrive at the BSHCI again to speak in parables to everyone and only tell the truth to Alana and generally Make My Day.

Ohhhh, [shivers] I like that TOO, like Bev you had nooo ideeaaa what fuckery was going on here. I had never considered Hannibal already being home when Agent Katz came sniffing around, but if he was this feels plausible.

And I…. had also forgotten about the Murder Barn. Goddamnit Hannibal Lecter how many murder properties does one high society cannibal NEED.

OK this took a ridiculous amount of time compared to the other two babies which took about one hour each. (mainly because of that goddamn skirt how do those work from this angle ide- I originally looked up the pinata shooting picture for rifle reference but ended up using it for the skirt, too, since the pose ended up to be p fucking similar)

The amount of ink I kill per picture is also increasing radically.

Dave’s will be, like, pitch black or idk.

I’m also really tempted to color the lunchtop but then Jade would be a C-C-C COMBO BREAKER since I don’t intend to color anything but their shirt symbols.
It shall be just like in the good ol’ days when I didn’t even know about this webcomic.