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Who actually runs the Smosh tumblr?

Just some nerds that work for Smosh. Years ago it was for promoting Smosh stuff and finding questions for Lunchtime w/Smosh but now it’s for sharing memes and posts about Pokemon

Anthony saying how he got extra food so Ian could share and Ian replying with “Aww, baby.”

Anthony “beeping” Ian’s nose.

Them pretending to be a high school couple and saying “I love you” back and forth and Ian calling Anthony “baby” for a second time.

Them just being the dorks that they are, acting silly and laughing hysterically.

We are a blessed fandom today!

I’m sick of stupid YouTube commenters bullying Noah! LOOK AT HIS FACE. LOOK AT IT. HE’S ADORABLE. LEAVE HIM ALONE. And I am sick of people saying bad things about them as a whole, but mostly Noah. People have been calling him rude names just because he’s picky. AND THAT IS NOT OK. This is a good example of why we need a nicer Internet.