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This is the Rory Gilmore I hope I’ll always remember. The shy, smart, stubborn girl who relished learning and standing apart from the crowd. The one who promised she’d never eat clams again either. Who never let boys get in the way of her passions, and who didn’t care how “weird” she came off to them. Who grew up in a garden shed, held a funeral for a caterpillar and sat outside with a peanut butter sandwich waiting for fairies. Who liked to spend lunchtime reading and listening to her walkman. Who liked clothes and shopping, but didn’t care about makeup or fashion.

She was cautious and kind. She was flawed, but she could recognize it. She was humble and down-to-earth; witty, sarcastic and awkward. She cared deeply about everyone, and was always looking for the good in people. She didn’t give up, even when she floundered (sometimes quite badly).

This is the Rory Gilmore I’ll always look up to, and strive to be more like.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons, anything and everything about Mayuzumi?

Just cos I love him.


  • He actually falls asleep a lot during lunchtime thanks to reading. He might end up skipping classes when he’s so engrossed in his novel.
  • Despite his quiet nature, his parents are actually very happy and enthusiastic. They’re the type to welcome even strangers into the house with no questions. Mayuzumi ends up as the parent who has to filter through the guests.
  • Mayuzumi actually has no close friends in class since he doesn’t feel attached to them at all. That’s why he likes talking to Akashi who’s actually mature enough and who made basketball fun for him. He’s forever in his debt.


  • His hair is surprisingly silky soft so you absolutely love playing with it. He gets so annoyed when you braid it at times. But he likes it when you run your fingers through it because it’s relaxing.
  • You both have this relationship where you don’t really have to say anything but you can share everything just through small gestures and eye contact. People found it a bit odd but also endearing.
  • Rainy days are the best for him because he gets to spend the day indoors, just cuddling or reading with you. He doesn’t like to do things that take too much effort so staying in is a good way to spend the day.

katieamazeballs  asked:

I know I've told you this before, but it bears repeating. You are an amazing writer and I love all of your works. Thank you for doing our faves such justice, and thank you for my daily lunchtime read.....even if I've read them all more than twice.....😘😘🙌🏻🙌🏻📚📚

Thank you so much. Honestly. To hear that about something that I truly started doing as just a hobby which has become so much more to me means everything. I hope you continue to enjoy all the stories and things I put these people through.