Lunch “Break”

So, I spent half my lunch helping some neighbors across the street change a flat and put on a spare tire. I waved at them (a young/teenage man and woman) just before I pulled into our driveway and I guess they saw the beard and figured, “Hey, I bet he knows how to change a tire!” because next thing I know the young woman was ringing the door bell.

Phia and I went over to help, naturally. I had to reset the car jack to the proper location and get mammamanna to bring a lug wrench from the house because they didn’t have one so we spent a few minutes over there just waiting and talking to them. Phia told me it was fun talking to them when they had gone in the house for a minute and when they came back out she asked the girl, “Do you live here?” and when she said no, Phia asked her, “Then how come you’re allowed to go in the house?” (haha!) to which she replied, “Because this is my boyfriend and this is his house.” So of course Phia had to tell them, “I have two ex-boyfriends. One was named Brady, which didn’t make any sense at all because he didn’t have any braids in his hair, but now I found the perfect one and his name is Raiford and I’m the only girl he plays with and he tells me he loves me!”

LOL, sigh…

Accidentally (Part 10)

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"Okay, Mr. Kirk, you’re a free man!"

Jim sighed in relief and took his release forms. He swung his hoodie over his arm, and walked over to Leonard who was waiting for him. “Hear that? Free man,” he grinned.

Leonard snorted as he rested his hand against the small of Jim’s back. “Yeah, and I have a note from a very reliable doctor who says you have to take it easy the next two weeks.”

Jim rolled his eyes as they stepped out into the sunlight. It was ten in the morning, a little cold, but wonderful. Jim sucked in a breath of the fresh air, and smiled and Leonard. “So, what about an early lunch?”

"You had some food two hours ago, and it was incredibly healthy, Jim." Leonard fished his keys from his pocket, but was determined not to go anywhere until Jim could see reason. "I picked it out myself, thank you very much!"

Jim drew his lips into a pout, and leaned his chin onto Leonard’s shoulder. “C’mon, Bones. I could kill for a grilled-cheese sandwich…”

Leonard stood there, arm around Jim as he looked at those pleading blue eyes, and sighed. “Jim, I will make you a grilled-cheese, and it’ll be a helluva lot better than any restaurant.”

Jim brightened and his grin went from ear to ear. He linked his fingers in with Leonard’s as they walked to the truck, and only parted from him to hop into the passenger side. Once they were situated, he interrupted Leonard’s efforts to start the car with a long, deep kiss. Leonard’s surprise melted to return the kiss, and he cupped Jim’s face.

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