I’m losing weight (15 lbs so far) and I’m exercising and I’m making conscious choices about what food I put in my body. And I’m posting a lot of selfies. I like how I look for the first time in actual years. I mean it. I’m making choices about my body (pink hair and tattoos and idk maybe a nose ring?) and I am finally, finally falling in love with myself. I know this self love stuff makes people roll their eyes and keep moving, but dammit, it’s such a relief to begin to like the person looking back from the mirror. This year has been hard. So hard and so emotionally draining and I’m just glad that, at least for the moment, at least right now, I don’t hate my body on top of it all. I still have a really, really, really long way to go. But I’m happy with me right now. #nofilter #lunchbreak #yoga

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Lunch break is our precious little relaxation time during the stressful work day.

My second collaboration with @chipotlemexicangrill It was fun doing food photography!

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Little lunch break and back again soon to work on the catalogue. Have a great afternoon everyone! #adamasztalos #schlossbellevue #schlosspark #bellevuepark #berlin - #blondhair #bigblueeyes #bighands #hairylegs WEARING hat by #penguin @penguinusa - coat, shirt and belt by shirt by #ralphlauren @ralphlauren - trousers by #armani @armani #lunchbreak (at Bellevue Palace)

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Daily Grind 39 | Admittedly, sometimes I feel like a super hero during lunch. I quickly change from my business attire, get in some pnw adventure, views, exercise and fresh air, and yet, return to the office before anyone notices I’m gone.