#014 Kakuna

I drew this one on march 8th too. TWO IN ONE NIGHT?!?!! Yeah, that is how I am hoping to keep a backlog of queued posts. There will be days that I cannot draw a Pokemon, or days when my daughter is in trouble, and does not get a Pokemon that day, but my 10 folllowers shouldn’t have to be deprived of their pokemon because my daughter was bad.

No child commentary cause I drew this one after her bed time.

Stupid friggin’ Netflix autoplay. Stupid friggin’ Dreamworks. Stupid friggin’ Trollhunters.

Yes, I’m starting a new show. No, I haven’t finished (most) of my other ones. But… but, but!

Dreamworks made me like the protagonist in about… 45 seconds. Yep, over the course of 45 seconds, starting from his first appearance, here’s my thought process:

  1. Okay, normal lanky dreamworks protag. Nothing new.
  2. Why is he cleaning so early? Is he neurotic? Yeah, Hiccup was too (in a different way, though).
  3. Oh, he cooks, and he’s good at it. But why so fancy?
  4. Lots of lunchbags? Is he a big brother?
  5. A breakfast tray? Who for?
  6. Mom worked late?! Wait… he’s getting up early and helping out his mom?

And then I fell in love. Congrats, Dreamworks, from meh to Awww in 45 seconds.

So… This may be my new hell. Good thing I have a watching buddy for The Clone Wars now or else this might have turned into a real problem for me.

5 Things Challenge

Tagged by @xiphearl !!

5 Things in my Bag:

  • makeup/first aid bag (i have bandaids, wipes, stomach medicine, etc but i also have clips and lipstick n shit)
  • binder w all my notes!! ;0;
  • pencil case
  • ~fancy~ drawing markers ;y
  • lunchbag

5 Things in my Room:

  • goals/reminders list ///// (sleep early, eat food, earn money, say no, etc)
  • little pink locker w/ old school IDs old keychains
  • a box full of eggo waffle boxes, labeled by year, literally stuffed with old drawing notebooks :’) i’m so proud of myself
  • name tags from grade school taped to the side of a book case
  • a cross my sister made out of old matches from a christian camp thing we went to on summer

5 Things on my To-Do List:

  • FIL SUMMIT: txt back if i can make it :U
  • BUTTONS: ?? eevee/ voltron/ overwatch ??
  • HED: read ch 8/9, TEST!! check when
  • CLAS: read, get green book, midterm next week
  • MATH: letter to andres, MIDTERM TOMORROW

5 Things I’m Currently Into:

  • heathers (musical)
  • souda kazuichi (sdr2)
  • mango star jellies (drink topping, i will eat all of these little star things)
  • drawing w fancy pens/new brushes ^w^

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