lunch with friend

I started today with the intention of having a good day. I woke up at 5:17am and did my makeup with extra care although I was still half asleep and enjoyed every sip of my coffee as I did cash office. I looked forward to my lunch with my friend.
However, by the time we got to Copley she has already had a breakdown about her life issues so we took a detour to a bar and had a few drinks and then headed to lunch. We had excellent conversation over delicious food and then browsed books at Barnes and Noble. I was having a good day. My brain was not on overdrive nor was I worried about work. And then my phone rang.
For some unexplained reason I was asked to go into work earlier to cover someone else and I don’t particularly know how to do their job completely because I don’t know how to balance Sundays and that threw me in a panic. I started to imagine all types of scenarios. It concludes with me crying while we waited for the Braintree train on the Red Line.
My friend said nothing, she allowed me to cry quietly as she held my hand. That was what I needed; the cry yes but also the knowledge that I wasn’t being judged, that she understood. She knew I needed that moment and she didn’t need to say anything to make it better or fix it.
After a while I realized I had Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara on and that shit’s not waterproof so I pulled myself together just in time for the train to pull up into the station.
I am constantly feeling overwhelmed these days. Partly because I’m in a transitory period in my life where I’m learning new things and partly because I am trying to get over someone who was never mine to claim. It is all beginning to exhaust me, physically and mentally.
However, despite the mental breakdowns from both parties, today was a good day.

LANCE: Nyma??? I love her. She’s the most beautiful girl on the whole playground. 

HUNK: last week she used a jump rope to tie you to the tether ball pole and then robbed you of all of your lunch money. 

LANCE: and I would do it all again. 

Ellie my child… oh God, you know there is a fuckening shitstorm brewing for this woman

“I dreamt I was at Axehampton, lying by the waterfall”

And every single episode brings us closer and closer to Joe

Then there’s her dad and kiddos and the problems with Tom

And her personal grief, the way she can relate to Trish’s needs, and what happened to her, and how she’s so traumatised by what men have done and hiding it behind this wall of anger


something bad is going to happen to ellie and when it does I’m going to defenestrate myself

‘There’s magic in her madness.’ Yes, but she’s damaged, and her rough hands will handle you just the same. ‘There’s fire in her soul.’ Yes, but she burns more than she warms, and her eyes are filled with storms and dear, you may want to back away.
She is the treasure and the dragon, the rose and the thorns and she’s been scorned a few too many times.
But she will love you like no other; she will make a wonderful mother, just please, please hold her when she cries.
—  there’s beauty in the dark, but there are other things too

DAY 52: Today was a good day!

Breakfast: Nana nice cream! (3 frozen bananas blitz with a drop of almond milk) topped with some raspberries.

Lunch: Sweet potato toast (genuinely cooked in the toaster) topped with some guacamole (homemade of course) on some spinach.

Dinner: Possibly the best dinner I’ve had in a while. Portobello mushrooms stuffed with a home made tomato sauce and cauliflower cous cous, roasted potato cubes, roasted cauliflower on a bed of steamed spring greens with some more tomato sauce. Ask box open for my recipes as always!

It’s past 3.30am, I love Rock Lee and I don’t know how my mind works, so have this.

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Just dating Rock Lee things:

(those brows tho)

  • Oh boy. Your boyfriend has all the energy and enthusiasm in the world. He is very intense, very hardworking, but he loves you so, so much. Rock Lee never does anything by halves, so you can safely bet that he loves you with everything he’s got. He’s so happy and proud to have you too. You’ll never be a disappointment to him. Even your flaws are perfect. “It means you are a well-rounded person! You work harder than most to achieve your goals. I love that very much!” Rock Lee will do everything he can to try and make you see yourself as he sees you and he holds you in the highest regard.

  • Do you like spicy food? Because your boyfriend kind of likes spicy food. Okay maybe he loves spicy food. You might have to learn to tolerate even a little bit of spicy to be able to deal with it. Its not a deal breaker if you can’t eat it, but Rock Lee is the kind of boyfriend to eat similar things to you to make you feel more comfortable. It’s completely overkill, but remember he never does things in halves. Adjusting to your interests is like another way for him to show he cares about you. If you don’t try to eat at least mildly spicy foods every now and then, you’re essentially keeping your boyfriend from eating some of his favourite things. :(

  • Giving Rock Lee gifts is exhilarating, but can also be embarrassing. Look, not gonna lie, he loves to show off the fact that he has you. If you get him a ugly sweater during the cold season, he’s going to wear it all the time and love the shit out of it. That’s just how Lee works. Even if people like Naruto or Shikamaru make fun of him, he’s just going to brush them off and say very cheesy stuff like how much he loves it because it’s a gift from you, his beloved. So embarrassing, but cute.

  • If you’re looking to get fit Rock Lee is legit the best personal trainer you can have. He’s actually a fantastic teacher and great motivator! No doubt he gets it from his mentor Gai. You can see why Lee turned out to be such a splendid human being. Whenever you tell him that, he gets very hyped up and stutters with a red face. It’s very, very cute. Speaking of Gai, he’s positively thrilled when Lee introduces you to him. He’s open and friendly right away. It puts you at ease.

  • So maybe there are still people who make fun of your relationship. People wonder why you’ve chosen Rock Lee as your boyfriend. They’re petty people, don’t listen to a thing they say. Trust in the fact that you have one of the most loyal, hard-working and dedicated ninja as your partner. He’s a little different and can be eccentric, but if people can’t look past that, they’re obviously missing out. If Lee ever sees you get riled up or bristly over these shallow people, he just laughs lightly. “It does not matter what they say about me. There is nothing I cannot face with you by my side!”