lunch was canceled

Can we stop and talk about the fact that Lena and Kara are close enough for Lena to know that Kara’s favorite band is NSYNC and that she loves JT and Britt? For her to equate those two things in an either or scenario, she knew that Kara loved both of those things a lot. Like in the last 3-4 episodes that Lena has been in, basically 2x15 to now, we’ve gotten so much implied information about just how much Lena and Kara hang out. 

2x15 - Lena was there to pick Kara up for a kombucha date. And somehow wasn’t even irritated that Kara forgot. And we finally got confirmation that Lena and Kara shared their cellphone numbers. 

2x18 - Lena was comfortable enough to visit Kara’s apartment and make herself at home. Like they had done this multiple times before. The first time in 2x05, she was really shy and hoping that she hadn’t overstepped her boundaries in visiting Kara. She went to Kara for emotional strength after being put in a vulnerable place with Jack. She called Kara, hoping that she would talk her out of going to dinner with Jack. She wasn’t angry with Kara for snooping around Jack and didn’t immediately try to get Kara to cover for Jack. Rather she asked that she be allowed to talk to Jack before Kara published anything. She willingly took comfort in Kara after Jack’s death. 

2x19 - Lena called Kara for advice about what to do about Rhea. She called Kara back to check up on her. And invited her out to brunch. And Kara said not kale again, which implies they’ve done brunch multiple times. 

2x20 - Lena canceled lunch with Kara three times before just bringing lunch to Kara at Catco because one time she wasn’t busy, Kara was. And said Kara was worth the extra effort. And the NSYNC and JT/Britt thing. 

So like, they are legit best friends who hang out and do stuff together. And that gives me life. 

ong seongwoo|enemies to lovers

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member: ong seongwoo
genre: fluffy w a lil bit of angst
warnings: sexual harassment 
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! you and seongwoo have always been secretly in love with each other but it’s always been hidden by endless pranks and teasing. one night, one closet and one confession will change everything.
requested: yes
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | | kim jaehwan

  • you were known to be one of the most popular girls in the grade
  • you were sweet, sassy, confident, witty, gorgeous and just outgoing and friendly
  • surprisingly you used to be super shy in middle school but with your amazing best friend kang daniel you became much more social 
  • but even though you were known as a super sweet girl everyone knew you hated one person
  • he was the cockiest, most annoying and ridiculously good looking person you’ve ever met
  • ong seongwoo
  • he was one the most popular guys, funny, confident, hot, made everyone laugh, party animal, jock and was basically liked by everyone except you
  • and don’t get me wrong he hated you too
  • but that didn’t stop everyone in the whole entire school to ship you
  • especially your and his best friend daniel
  • “seriously y/n, when are you and seongwoo going to get together??” he’d say literally on a daily basis
  • go daniel the cupid!! lol tf is wrong with me
  • everyone would always say
  • “you guys would be the golden couple!”
  • “actually 2nd golden couple, you could never beat daehwi and jinyoung”
  • “no but actually you would look so good together”
  • “and the sexual chemistry between you is ridiculous”
  • you’d dismiss the comments and just roll your eyes 
  • but you couldn’t lie to yourself
  • you liked him a lot but you’d never admit it in a 100 years
  • you couldn’t help but smile sweetly at the incident which started the feud between you two 
  • which of course was when you fell for him
  • seongwoo was dared to pour a whole entire bucket of water on you by jaehwan because all his friends knew seongwoo had the biggest crush on you you didn’t know he had a crush on you tho
  • seongwoo as much as he liked you would never step down from a dare
  • so he did it
  • just as you were entering the cafeteria he poured a whole entire huge bucket of water all over you 
  • he was expecting you to slap him, or get super pissed
  • to his amazement and surprise you didn’t 
  • you felt the rush of water and you could tell by the laugh it was seongwoo
  • and you smiled to yourself knowing if you got pissed that means he would get the satisfaction
  • so instead you turned back to face him just to give a smirk and a raise of your eyebrow and then you screamed out
  • “WATER FIGHT!!!!!”
  • and it was a hot summer’s day so literally the cafeteria went into absolute chaos
  • people got their water bottles, cups, someone even got a hose
  • and water was everywhere, with people running around and screaming 
  • it was one of the best lunches even afternoon classes got cancelled because literally everyone was soaked head to toe even the teachers
  • and the cafeteria was basically just looked like it was in a flood
  • just as the water fight started, you filled up the bucket he used on you 
  • and seongwoo was just in awe of you of turning this whole entire thing on him
  • you walked up to him still drenched and with the same exact bucket he poured water on you, you poured it on him
  • he couldn’t help but smile brightly as you did thinking
  • “shit this one hell of a girl”
  • and you were smiling the whole time 
  • you couldn’t help yourself but admire his smile, his joking casual attitude, and him wanting to make people smile
  • but you also thought he’s such a cocky jerk but you knew 
  • as you were pouring water all over him and he was grinning happily
  • you were gonna fall for him
  • and oh boy did you 
  • and then as the last droplet landed on him
  • you whispered in his ear “better luck next time”
  • you winked at him and walked off 
  • luckily he didn’t see your super red blush and couldn’t hear your racing heart
  • he also was trying to stop his ears from going bright red and to stop smiling the goofy adorable smile he knew he had on his face
  • he stared at you the whole time as you walked away from him
  • but for the grande finale you rang the fire alarm in the cafeteria making the sprinklers go off 
  • then you just strutted out there like the boss ass bitch you were
  • and seongwoo literally fell so in love with you right there and then 
  • he knew he could never meet someone like you ever in his whole entire lifetime
  • someone finally outsmarted the great ong seongwoo
  • and he finally fell for someone
  • but that was like 6 months ago
  • in those 6 months you turned into enemies who secretly loved each other
  • seongwoo would do ANYTHING to get your attention
  • which usually meant annoying the shit out of you 
  • and constantly be super competitive 
  • but you couldn’t help but love it, any interaction with him made your heart flutter 
  • but literally in every test, exam, sports competition
  • you both would always be 1st or 2nd
  • and the bragging rights were huge 
  • “yah! y/n i ranked 1st in maths and guess where you are 2ndddd” he’d tease as the score sheet was up
  • “oh shut up, i beat you in english”
  • “and remember last week, aren’t you supposed to be in the soccer team?? how come i beat your team when we were playing soccer in sport??” you retorted
  • both of you stayed silent for a few moments thinking of that lesson
  • basically what happened was seongwoo was getting jealous at one of the guys, xiumin being too close to you
  • and he literally “accidentally” bumped into him super hard making xiumin fall
  • but he didn’t apologise and left him there making you super pissed off
  • after you helped him up and he told you he was fine
  • you stormed up to seongwoo and demanded
  • “apologise! you literally made him fall!!”
  • “why the hell should I?” he cockily remarked back
  • you stepped closer to him making people not sure whether you were gonna slap him or kiss him
  • you getting more aggravated basically shouted 
  • he scoffed at your remark making you want to strangle him and stepping so close to you your noses were touching and said 
  • “sweetheart, make me”
  • everyone was just staring at you two, the sexual tension was so thick literally no one said a thing
  • you were glaring daggers at him while he was casually smirking
  • then you sickly sweetly smiled at him and stepped on his foot super hard
  • and said “whoopsie”
  • you walked off as he was groaning in pain clutching his foot
  • these sort of incidents happened between you two
  • and everyone could see the sexual chemistry between you two shipping you two all the time
  • but all the hatred, teasing, snide comments stopped one night
  • you were both at a party, you weren’t really enjoying it 
  • feeling super duper jealous as you saw seongwoo dancing with at least 3 girls
  • minhyun noticed and said to you “yah y/n stop staring at seongwoo, you’re making it so obvious that you like him”
  • “i don’t like him minhyun-ah” you said with a sigh
  • “mhmmm sureee keep telling yourself that” sungwoon butted in sassily
  • “just make him jealous y/n he’ll be all over you in seconds” drawled jaehwan
  • “dance with woojin then, sexily of course” daniel said with a teasing wink
  • “all of you just stoppppp” you groaned
  • “jisung help me out here??” you pleaded at jisung
  • “as much i hate to admit, i agree with the boys” he said raising his hands up in surrender
  • you huffed and puffed and then said fine
  • you went up to woojin who was dancing in the centre of the dance floor
  • and you told him that you were trying to make seongwoo jealous so is it okay if you danced with him
  • luckily you guys were good friends but 
  • he still blushed so hard at first then shyly agreed
  • but once you were both dancing it just became a lot of fun
  • and of course seongwoo couldn’t help but get jealous and stare at you two
  • then the guys moved to him
  • enjoying making you two squirm
  • “seongwoo stop making it so obvious you’re jealous” sungwoon teasingly said
  • “ME?! jealous of y/n and woojin?? no way in hell would that happen” he denied outright
  • “seongwoo even me, i can tell you’re basically in love with her” jisung said exasperatedly 
  • “seriously though when are you going to ask her out” minhyun asked
  • seongwoo just sighed and gave up lying to them and said
  • “gosh i like her so much, it’s crazy, i’d do anything to get her attention, i have literally gone on no dates for 6 months, she’s perfect but she’d never like me, she probably hates my guts” he ended dejectedly
  • literally everybody rolled their eyes at that
  • “HOW IS IT THAT YOU DON’T REALISE SHE’S ALSO MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU??!!” daniel exclaimed throwing his hands in the air and then dramatically falling back onto the floor
  • “she’s doesn’t like me at all she hates my guts?” seongwoo said confused 
  • “okay hyung, look at y/n dancing with woojin right now, that’s to make you jealous okay? and you can tell by the way she’s literally looking at you every 5 seconds to make sure you’re watching” jihoon said slowly trying to explain to seongwoo 
  • seongwoo scoffed at first but then he noticed what jihoon said was right, you kept looking at him to make sure he was looking at you dancing
  • he started to grin broader and broader
  • as he realised what the guys were saying were right
  • he literally felt like doing the biggest happy dance 
  • he felt he was on the top of the world as he realised you liked him as well
  • on the other hand
  • you couldn’t help but blush at his intense gaze on you and the way he was smiling was making your heart melt
  • you excused yourself to woojin saying you were going to get a drink so you could calm and collect yourself
  • you headed upstairs and as you were relaxing in front of a door 
  • someone grabbed your wrist super tight and wrapped a hand around your mouth 
  • harshly pulling you into a small closet
  • your eyes meet some random man trying to kiss you
  • you could smell the alcohol in his breath 
  • you tried to get out of the closet but realised it was locked
  • your instincts kicked in and you started kicking and hitting and screaming for help
  • he restrained you and held you down making you feel desperate and helpless
  • after so much effort of getting him off you
  • screaming that he was a pedo and creep and to stop
  • he still tried to kiss you 
  • just as you were about to give up and let him kiss you 
  • the closet door flung right open
  • it was seongwoo
  • he saw you walk up the stairs and thought to leave you to be for a while before confessing but after 10 minutes he got worried
  • he knew there were a lot of drunk guys around and hoped nothing bad happened to you 
  • he went upstairs and found guanlin on his phone and asked him super concerned 
  • “guanlin-ah did you see y/n??!”
  • “no sorry hyung, i came up just like 2 minutes ago” guanlin said 
  • seongwoo than frantically tried to find you, going from room to room 
  • then he heard the banging from a closet
  • he then heard you scream 
  • and all he saw was red after
  • you couldn’t help but relax as you saw seongwoo
  • the guy gruffly said “get the hell out”
  • seongwoo said in a voice which was dangerously low
  • “you have 3 seconds to get your fucking filthy hands off the girl i love before i beat the crap out of you, 1, 2, 3″
  • the guy still hadn’t moved
  • he was basically ripped off from you then seongwoo got one punch in
  • before the guy scrambled out and slammed the closet door shut
  • you both realised you guys couldn’t get out but didn’t really care anymore just glad that it was all over
  • you relaxed as the guy wasn’t in your sight anymore
  • then you tried to process everything especially
  • the girl i love bit
  • but before you could say anything
  • two muscular arms wrapped around you super tight
  • you felt so warm and safe in seongwoo’s arms
  • he whispered into your ears “i was so worried about you”
  • your heart flutters as you hear the sincerity and concern in his voice
  • “thank you for saving me” you said your voice slightly trembling
  • still traumatised from the incident
  • “of course, don’t worry now, i’m here okay?” he said sweetly
  • “okay” you say sighing in relief
  • for a few minutes you just stood there just hugging each other
  • you eventually break apart and you couldn’t help but say 
  • “the girl you love huh?”
  • “i never said that” seongwoo denied adamantly 
  • “say it againnn” you tease 
  • “say what again?” he asks pretending to be clueless 
  • “that you love me” you say with a smirk you say stepping super close to him
  • you both stared intently into each others eyes and seongwoo’s eyes kept on flittering to your lips back to your eyes
  • making your heart beat faster than it ever has
  • seongwoo not even registering what he was doing 
  • softly kissed you at first in a way like asking your permission
  • and allowing you to break apart
  • you didn’t want that at all and you deepened the kiss 
  • he reciprocated almost immediately 
  • as it continues it continuously became more passionate
  • all the sexual chemistry between you basically exploded
  • you ran your hands through his hair
  • and he couldn’t help himself but fall in love even more as you kept on smiling as you kissed him
  • but as the kisses became more passionate
  • he’d bite your lips softly making you moan softly
  • he’d trail kisses all the way down to your collarbone
  • making you arch your back slightly
  • then he’d recapture your lips and kiss you over and over again 
  • you both end up making out for a solid 10 minutes
  • as you parted, seongwoo wore the cheekiest smile
  • you scolded him but you couldn’t help but smile
  • “wipe that smirk off your face ong seongwoo”
  • “yes dear’ he’d teasingly coo
  • you rolled your eyes
  • you guys ended up getting out of the closet by you picking the lock with a bobby pin
  • without saying goodbye to anyone, you grabbed your stuff and headed to seongwoo’s house
  • both your parents were out of town 
  • so you just stayed at his place for the night 
  • stop thinking so dirty no they did not do it
  • just because you were still scared at the incident of tonight
  • and seongwoo wanted to make sure you were okay
  • seongwoo gave you one go his t-shirts to change into and it was a simple loose black t shirt 
  • you went to seongwoo and twirled around and asked
  • “do i look okay?” 
  • seongwoo just cheekily smiled and couldn’t help but rush up to you and kiss you sweetly because of how good you looked in his shirt
  • and whispered
  • “you look perfect, you’ve always been perfect to me and you are the perfect girl for me”
  • “y/n will you be my girlfriend?”
  • he ended with a sweet forehead kiss and you nod and sweetly reply 
  • “as cheesy as it sounds i’ve basically been in love with you for the past 6 months so of course i will”
  • he’d kiss you softly after you said yes both of you grinning like you won the lottery 
  • you both end up talking for hours, eating junk food, while cuddling and 
  • laughing about how you hated each other and constantly teased each other and all the small arguments you guys had
  • after talking about the most random little things to the deepest secrets you’ve never revealed 
  • laughing you head off or teasingly arguing with each other 
  • you both were super exhausted
  • and you then ended up falling asleep in your favourite place in the world
  • in seongwoo’s arms
  • once you went to sleep seongwoo smiled at you in a way someone could if they were in love and before he passed out himself 
  • he whispered sweetly in your ear
  • sweet dreams, y/n, i love you”

THIS WAS A BLESSING TO WRITE!!! i love seongwoo so much he’s my bw and just AGH FEELS!!! also this was super rushed so whoops sorry. i hope the sexual harassment wasn’t too much and the makeout sesh you enjoyed ;) I’M ALSO TAGGING @starrywinters SO I CAN RUIN HER BIAS LIST and we will fangirl over how much we love seongwoo and how we’re unloyal hoes. Y’ALL SHOULD FOLLOW HER she has amazing fics

anyways hope you enjoyed it!!! love you all, message me and send me anons!


Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Are you going to the party?” Rebekah asked as she knocked on your door and you mother let her in.

“Yes, that’s why I asked if you had any dresses.” You admitted shyly, hurrying to tug her upstairs and show her the few simple dresses you had.

“I have this one I think you might like.” She smiled and handed you one of the dresses, leaving to go back downstairs while you got changed.

“What do you think?” You asked, spinning into the room and coming to a stop in front of your mother and Rebekah who both smiled.

“Beautiful darling, are you and Rebekah going together?” She asked but the blond shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I have a family engagement but if you need a lift Klaus is heading towards the party… if you don’t mind meeting him a few blocks down the road?” She asked and smiled when you nodded.

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Title: A Matter of Opinion

Word Count: 6660

Summary: Harry and Draco have been together for over a decade with a life of happiness and memories to look back upon, but when one story in the Prophet questions their relationship, Draco finds the insecurity it weaves threatening to destroy everything they’ve built.

A/N: Much love and thanks to @sprout2012 & @drarrysgirl who always answer my inane questions at all hours about Britishisms and to @justanotherdrarryblog & @sprout2012 for giving it a read through and helping me with my own worries over it.

I also feels like it bares mentioning this is a little different than what I usually write and more angsty…but I promise it ends ok.

Draco smiles to himself as he moves around the kitchen quietly.  The early morning light is just beginning to filter through the kitchen window, casting an almost eerie glow upon the room.  Draco finds it comforting somehow.  He’s always been an early riser, preferring to wake before the sun is up.  He doesn’t know why but he gets a lot of satisfaction in watching the sun come up over the horizon.

With a flick of his wand the kettle begins to boil as he goes about making two cups of tea.  He does it almost on auto-pilot, so used to their morning routine he doesn’t even need to think as he takes down the glass jar of his favorite loose leaf earl grey before grabbing the dingy paper box of Tetley tea bags next to it that Harry insists on drinking despite all of Draco’s attempts at more exposure to a proper cup of tea over the years.  There was a time he would’ve sneered at having to make such a common cup of tea, but now he finds himself smiling with fondness as he drops the tea bag into the cup before pouring in the boiling water.

When Harry stumbles into the kitchen a few minutes later Draco already has his tea on the table and his crumpets toasting.  He hands the Prophet to Harry wordlessly, dropping a quick kiss to the top of his head as he moves to take the seat opposite.  He knows better than to talk to Harry this early, at least not before Harry has basically inhaled his overly sweet cup of too strong tea.

“Oh for fucks sake,” Harry grumbles, throwing the paper down and rubbing his face with his hands.  "S'too early for that rubbish.“  He pushes the paper across the table at Draco as he butters his crumpet.

Draco doesn’t usually read the Prophet.  He gave it up years ago when he and Harry had first started dating.  He had finally gotten so sick of the ludicrous stories published about them which had ranged from ridiculous guesses at what they did on dates (or after dates), to slanderous articles about every one of Draco’s most shameful moments until he’d finally reached his breaking point and stopped reading the papers at all.  Besides, Harry likes to remind him that it is his duty as an Auror to stay on top of current news and events so he always tells Draco anything relevant he needs to know anyway.  

"What’s got you so grumpy?” Draco asks with a laugh, finding the frown on Harry’s face more endearing than should be allowed for someone who rather looks a bit like he might punch the next person who talks to him.  He thinks he must be deranged for finding the other man’s generally horrible morning disposition and atrocious bed hair adorable.

“It’s that god awful fundraiser.”

Draco raises an eyebrow as he picks up the Prophet out of morbid curiosity.  A sliver of surprise goes through him at the massive photo of Harry covering the entire front page of the paper.  The photographer managed to get a good shot from Harry’s Auror training session last week; his eyes are ablaze with determination and power.   The Harry in the photo shoots off a string of defensive spells in rapid succession before turning to mock glare at whoever is taking the photo before cracking a rare smile.  Draco thinks whichever photographer managed to get that shot must’ve wet themselves with excitement.  

“I’m not sure what’s so bad about this.  I’d take you home and fuck you.”
His words make Harry crack a smile from behind his cup of tea as he wandlessly sends a tea towel flying across the room to smack Draco square in the face.

“Oi, Potter.  I thought we agreed you weren’t to use wandless magic on me."  Draco pulls the towel off his face and chucks it back at Harry.

"That’s not what you said last week when I had my tongue up your arse and-”

“Hush you.  Besides I really don’t see whats so bad about this.  You knew they were going to use your photo for the fundraiser.  Robards told you so just last week.”

“Yes, well no one said it was going to cover the entire front page of the Prophet.  No one wants to see a photo of me that big first thing in the morning.”

Draco rolls his eyes but manages to refrain from stating the obvious; that he’s quite positive that at least half of the Wizarding population would probably give their first born child to see Harry first thing in the morning.  He knows even all these years later that Harry is still incredibly uncomfortable with the fascination the Wizarding World still seems to have with him, which somehow seems to magnify as the years pass instead of subside.

“Fuck, is it almost six thirty already?  I’m gonna be late!” Harry suddenly yells, snatching his last crumpet off the table before pressing a hurried kiss to Draco’s lips.  

Draco licks his lips in appreciation tasting the sweet and savory mix of jam and butter as Harry apparates out of the kitchen with a resounding crack.  Draco is about to set the Prophet down when a small headline catches his eyes at the very bottom of the paper.


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Supergirl Pokes the Luthor

Lena has to know.  She’s the CEO of L-Corp at 24, not to mention a genius in biochemistry and all things business.  Rao, the girl tried to cure cancer at 15!  Kara’s pretty sure that through Lena’s lead, L-Corp could dictate the direction of global scientific and technological advancement.  And she’s such a wonderful person, despite her tendency to consume the devil’s lettuce.  She’s gracefully turning Luthor Corp around from its past “murdering, world domination” direction to the profound global transformation promise of L-Corp.

Kara’s getting out of track here.  The point is Lena is smart and she’s going to find out eventually.  And the truth is, keeping the secret from Lena is just drowning Kara in guilt.  Kara has developed a streak of cancelled lunch and dinners with Lena.  Kara kept cancelling on the CEO of L-Corp like she’s the one with board meetings and press conferences and R&D projects.  Not that Lena has ever made her feel guilty about cancelling on her.  In fact, she’s been entirely too graceful about it.  Kara can’t help but remember that Lena has openly told her that she’s “her only friend in National City” and “most people wouldn’t touch a Luthor with a ten-foot pole”.  It’s just rude how people presume that Lena is a bad person based solely on her last name, only jerkfaces would do that.  Kara would gladly touch Lena all over, all day and all night, it’s an honor and a privilege to be her friend.

“Kara, would you stop pacing?  You’re wearing down the concrete floor.” Alex says, doing her signature hands-on-hips pose.  Alex is right, as always.  Plus, Supergirl nervously pacing in the DEO must be worrying a few agents.  “What’s causing your crinkle this time?”

Kara swats away her sister’s hand before she could boop the said crinkle.  She sighs, “I think I should tell Lena that I’m Supergirl.” She flinches for the expected lecture from her sister- who she adores and loves, Kara tries to remind herself - but nothing comes.

Instead, Alex is pursing her lips and nodding like she’s considering the idea.  “You should.” Alex says simply, and Kara can’t help her jaw from dropping and staring at her sister like she grew an extra head.

“What?!” Alex just stares at her like Kara coming out to Lena isn’t at all shocking.  

“Lena has helped you plenty of times as both Kara and Supergirl.  She obviously adores you, and she’s earned my trust a long time ago, thanks to you not shutting up about her.” Alex has obviously gone crazy.  She doesn’t talk about Lena that much.  “Honestly, I think you might be crushing on that poor little Luthor.”

Kara can feel herself blushing and Alex smirks like she just hit the sister-teasing jackpot.  “I don’t-” Kara starts gesticulating wildly but her cheeks feel hot and she can’t imagine how red she is right now.

“Oh Alex,” Alex clutches at her chest as a poor imitation of her, “how is it possible for Lena to be this pretty?”  Alex keeps going before Kara could deny her accusations, “Alex, her eyes are two different hues, do you think she has magical powers?”

“Alex, did you see how good Lena looked in her tactical gear when she helped me take down that rogue alien?”

“Alex, I looked into her eyes!”

“Alex, Lena smelled like cinnamon today and it made me think of Cinnabon.  I could just eat her.”

“Alex, stop!” Kara warns, but it just encourages her sister further and she starts walking around dramatically and posing like a gushing maiden.

“Oh, Alex! ‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy! Luthor is nor hand, nor foot!”  Kara starts chasing her sister at that and the two start running around in the DEO like children.

“Oh-“ Alex bumps into J’onn and the two sisters immediately try to look as nonchalant as they could.

“Agent Danvers.”, J’onn says to Alex.  Alex’s earlier enjoyment from teasing her is not visible anymore and Kara mentally applauds her sister’s poker face.

“Director J’onzz.” Alex replies easily.

J’onn turns to look at her now, “Supergirl.”

“J’onn.” She replies with a tiny squeal.

He goes back his way and Kara thanks Rao that J’onn didn’t hear about her dilemma.  Or her crush.  Kara glares at her sister but Alex gestures that J’onn is still within ear-shot.

J’onn turns around before finally exiting the area and shouts “You should tell her!”  Alex starts cackling at that and Kara starts blushing all over again.

“I’ll go get you a copy of the non-disclosure agreement.” Alex says before she starts jogging towards HR, not even holding back her laughter.

x x x x x

It has been 2 weeks since Kara got the approval to reveal her secret to Lena.  The NDA is all wrinkled now, taking shelter in her purse, then her desk at CatCo., then tucked in her boots when she’s in her suit.  It’s not that she’s nervous to tell Lena about her alter ego.  It’s just that it has to be the perfect.  This is a pretty big deal, it’s not as simple as her telling Lena that she actually hates the healthy food that Lena loves so much and she just pretends to like them so she could spend time with the CEO.  Plus, whenever Kara tells Lena that she has to talk to her, Lena’s face falls like she thinks Kara is about to end their friendship.

Plus, Lena’s eyes are very distracting.

And pretty.

Kara has been out of her mind trying to think of ways to tell Lena.  How do you tell your friend that you have a crush on her that your families are mortal rivals and, oh, her cousin put her brother in jail.  And because of how distracted she is, Supergirl finds herself next to a knocked-down street lamp.  She had crashed into it when the alien she’s fighting took advantage of her preoccupied mind and landed a blow on her.  Supergirl does not like destruction of public property.  She gets up again and decks the alien so hard, it loses its consciousness in a snap.

“That’s it,” Kara says to herself, “I’m telling her now.”

The DEO agents start rolling in to collect the alien and put them in lock-up.  Kara once again examines the damage of the battle and she’s thankful that it’s just the street lamp.  It’s so pretty and it holds together the aesthetic of the block.  And it must have been expensive - it’s like ten feet!

That’s when she gets her brilliant idea.

She picks up the pole and shouts “I’ll take care of this” to the agents watching her.  Kara is actually late for lunch with Lena so she knows exactly where the CEO would be waiting.  Without much thought, Kara starts flying in the direction of the CEO, the pole on her right hand held like a spear.  She spots Lena looking elegant outside the restaurant they were supposed to get lunch and lands about a block away so as to not startle the Luthor.

Kara is so excited to finally tell Lena that she’s Supergirl, she forgets to hold the pole in a non-threatening way as she starts to jog to her.

That’s when Lena spots her.  Supergirl, full smile on her face like she’s about to do something freeing, running towards her with a spear on hand.  Oh my god, Lena thinks, this Luthor is about to get kebabbed by a Super.  So she starts running.  Lena doesn’t like running but that’s something she’s willing to let go of during this unexpected predicament.

“Lena, stop running!” Kara shouts as she trails behind the young Luthor.

“I’m not about to make this easy on you!” Lena shouts back.

Kara thinks Lena definitely knows that she’s Supergirl and is trying her best to live in denial.  “This is something I have to do.  Alex and J’onn even approved it!”

Lena freaks out further at the thought of Kara’s sister actually agreed to this.  Most of the assassins that are sent to get her prefer to do things a little more discreet.  “You, know most people don’t come at me like this.” she quips without looking back.

“You know I’m not like most people.” Lena thinks of the one person who is decidedly not like most people.  “Lena, I’m Supergirl, but carrying around a ten-foot pole gets tiring.  And I’m hungry, plus you know my lunch break isn’t that long.”

“You’re not the only one getting tired, Supergirl” Lena says in harsh breaths, she definitely doesn’t like running.

“What, the devil’s lettuce not keeping you fit?” Lena freezes.  The devil’s lettuce?  There’s only one person Lena knows who calls it that.  Lena turns around, realization dawning on her.  Not like most people. Ten-foot pole. Short lunch break… HUNGRY?

Supergirl finally catches up to her, “Boop.” She smiles when the end of the pole gently pokes Lena’s arm.

“Huh,” Lena gasps, “Kara?!?”

Are you cheating on me? - (Peter x Reader)

Requested by - @tomhollandswifey

Summary- When Peter keeps leaving you, and cancels your weekly lunch you start to think that he’s using the Stark Internship as a cover, and decide to confront him.

A/N- I apologise for the length of this, I got a little carried away. Hope you enjoy! (Ask box is always open)

Word Count- 2370 (oops!)

Y/N and Peter were sitting in their favourite little cafe, they came here every Saturday without fail. After chewing the final bite of his sandwich Peter gave a small, slightly sad, smile, “I got to go Y/N, I’m sorry.”

She tried to hide her disappointment at him leaving her, again. This wasn’t the first time this happened, but normally on a Saturday he’d wait until after they both finished eating to go, this time he hasn’t eaten his cake, and she’s only eaten half her sandwich. “Oh,” she sighed and nodded, “Okay, have fun.” This Stark Internship had really been getting in the way of their relationship, she barely saw him these days, he was always running off to do whatever it was that he does, he won’t tell her what that is. She was starting to question if the Stark Internship was a real thing, or if it was a cover for him to go see some other girl. No, I have no reason to worry, she thought as he left the cafe after giving her a very quick peck on the lips, It’s Peter, he wouldn’t cheat on you, he’s not like that.

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Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Female Reader

Requested: yes | Hey! Could you do an angsty one where you faint while fighting with him because you haven’t eaten anything since morning? He gets all sad and takes care of you?
Word count: 1,070?

Warnings: BAAAD WRITING I also did this in like a half of an hour so this sucks and its unedited.

You sat in the living room watching one of your favorite shows while scrolling through your different social medias. By now your boyfriend, Shawn, would have come home by now and you two would have either eaten some dinner or have cuddled on the couch for a while.

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There is not much written about THOB that is sherlolly related, which makes sense since Molly does not appear. I think, however, that Molly’s absence from the episode actually reveals a lot about Sherlock and Molly’s relationship that carries over into TRF.

During the scene in the Baskerville lab, Sherlock is analyzing the sugar looking for the presence of a drug. He gets extremely frustrated. Dr. Stapleton and John are talking to each other and are of no help to Sherlock. He’s all on his own looking for the answer and ends up throwing the slide at the wall in frustration, something I don’t see him doing in Molly’s presence.

Sherlock is missing Molly at this point. He needs his lab partner. Like John, Molly is someone Sherlock needs to test his theories on, someone knowledgable enough to provide feedback. While John is helpful in other areas, chemistry and lab work are not his strengths. 

In TRF when he needs to analyze the footprint of the kidnapper, Sherlock immediately goes to Molly. “I’ve got a lunch date.” “Cancel it. You’re having lunch with me.” He simply won’t do the analysis without her. When they start working, they’re a team. Molly keeps him calm and focused.


Sherlock calls her John, but John is important to his work. The fact that he confuses her says a lot. In the lab, Molly is his John, his crime-solving partner. Right after this, Molly blows Sherlock’s mind by correctly deducing him, something John has never been able to. Sherlock suddenly looks at Molly in a whole new light. This woman sees right through Sherlock and knows exactly what’s going on. He doesn’t fool her. She asks him what he means when he mumbles “I owe you”. He tries to blow it off, but Molly won’t let him. She proceeds to let him know that she is aware that something is going on and that he should tell her because she can help him. From this point on Sherlock knows that Molly is the one person that matters the most to him, the person he can turn to in his darkest hour.


Food & Drinks in Gotham 4x06

* No food for you!  Harvey Bullock throwing the cop´s food to the ground is one joke among many where someone just can´t have their food. “Jim! Come on, it’s lunchtime.” (1x05) Quite often it´s Victor Zsasz who gets denied some: Muffins “None for you, creep” (1x07) or Selina Kyle closing the pepperoni pizza box (4x01). He is raiding fridges, like when he drinks Jim´s milk (3x12) or aids Oswald raiding Loeb´s kitchen for peanut butter (2x01). And here he is snatching some food again. “It´s just gonna go to waste.”  And he is right, who knows what happened with the whole banquet on the table when Oswald was waiting for Edward. (3x06)

* Lobster ravioli & tagliatelle  When Victor Zsasz is bound to do secretary work and answer Oswald´s phone, or report to him what whoever answered it told him he doesn´t do the best work (“I don’t know. I wasn’t listening.”) but when Oswald sends him on a job he reports back in detail. He even lists what tasty food the persons he was observing  were eating to a Oswald who opted for some less nutritious fast food. Which does not look like healthy eating habits, even with all the stress he should take some time for it. 

 * Food & strategy 
1. Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon intimidate a cop they put into a car trunk by suggesting to leave him in there while they get lunch. 
2.  “We were seen at dinner, as we have been the past three nights.”
Sofia Falcone & Oswald Cobblepot have used food and publicity for a social and political message. With being seen eating in public various times they communicated support. Moreover this has additionally been used as means of relationship building and bonding. We will see if Sofia´s friendliness was sincere or this was merely another part of her manipulating Oswald. 
She obviously utilized another situation to her advantage. It seems telling that instead of having dinner, like they did in public the private meeting was set up to be a lunch. Her cancelling it was used to raise suspicions and have Oswald investigate just to find something that would dissipate those suspicions and help her with the emotional bonding. 

* Alcohol is not a solution  “Barkeep, another grasshopper.” “Those won’t help.” Leslie Thompkins probably refers to alcohol not being a good method to gain back mental capacity but the way she says it I felt she was also putting a more general statement into it. Since the last episode we´ve seen her drinking at Cherry´s place and she never seemed overly happy to be there. Now we know she´s only doing it to be able to provide health care for others and it looks like the drinking is her trying to get over the part of the deal she does not like so much. Just that her comment to Edward makes me think that it isn´t really working for her. 

* Sausages & Metaphors  “No one wants to see how the sausage is made, but once it is made .. Isn’t it delicious? Bite?”  Pyg is referring to his plan to kill all the corrupt cops at the GCPD. With offering Jim a bite from the sausage he is also offering him his plans. Jim declines both. 
This could also work for a lot of things Jim has done, of course not for his “own demented reasons” but truly for Gotham. (On a side note: I really wonder if Pyg knows about Jim trying to get Carmine Falcone back and trying to collaborate with Sofia.) Also: It works fine for the current license system under Penguin as well. No one even addressed that the sunken crime rate is due to Oswald hunting down (and very likely) killing criminals and  even in the current state most turn a blind eye to the crime being committed and the victims of those in favor of looking at the finished sausage statistic. 


Rating: Explicit

Characters: Ray(Saeran)/MC

Tags: Angst, Sexual Content

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Eventually he had gotten to the point where the blanket wasn’t used as a barrier between the two of you. You weren’t sure on if he had meant it to become like this, but you couldn’t find a reason to complain as you would be able to watch his peaceful sleeping features for a while before you fell asleep yourself. Most of the time he would wake up after the alarm he set went off, awkwardly apologizing and excusing himself. On braver days, the two of you would exchange a kiss before he skittered off with pink dusting his cheeks.

Today was entirely different. Lunch was canceled today as well, but in the midst of cuddling, your lips softly came together. You weren’t sure who started the kiss, but with your eagerness met to continue a small chain of them, you found you couldn’t spare the time to question it.

Apartment 5108 // 1

Apartment 5108 – ft. Oh Sehun
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language – in later chapters


Holding my cell phone high up in the air, I move left to right, hoping my GPS decides to wake up and tell me which direction to walk. The cold, blasting wind howling into my ears isn’t helping me find this one of a kind, hidden gem, city apartment. Soi, best friend of 10+ years, sent me the address but forgot to mention it was impossible to find. Though, I can’t really blame her. It wasn’t her fault my roommate of 18 months decided to have an elopement and have her new husband move in, allotting me literally no time to apartment search. Though, I can’t really blame the roommate either. I never put in much effort to establish a relationship with her. Kicking me out wasn’t a surprise. From what I can remember, we had nothing in common–again, not that I let her find out if we had any similarities. We barely even spent time together in the same room. She tried in the beginning to befriend me and find out what kind of woman I was but I wasn’t hard to figure out. 

I liked to be left alone and that was it. Simple, right? Well, she didn’t think so. I must have been unbearable to live with considering her personality was the complete opposite of mine. She wanted things I couldn’t be to her–a friend, a listener, a person who actually cared. I almost felt bad for not being a bright, colorful roommate who liked to do things that girls liked to do. With every lunch plan and movie invite I cancelled, my roommate eventually stopped asking and stopped trying. I closed her off as I do with many of my acquaintances (with the exception of Soi). It was easier for me. The less relationships, the better the safety. The roommate moved on, got a boyfriend who turned into husband and here I am–lost in the city streets not knowing which way to turn.

I ignore my sub-conscious voice correlating my directional lost to my wandering lifestyle.

After circling a block three times, the female drone voice on the GPS tells me to make a left and walk half a mile to finally reach the apartment. The voice in my head also mentioned I could have asked anyone for directions but I was never one for socialization even if it was for a mere second.

Soi, as a friend, is more than enough for the relationships I need in a lifetime. She wanted to let me stay with her but she’s currently crashing at her brother, Seunghyun’s home while her apartment is being renovated. He told Soi one of his friend’s place just opened up.

Apartment 5108.

Top floor. View of the skyline. My own personal room and bath. Hard to pass up? Too good to be true? It is. There’s always a catch to perfection and this time, it’s the other tenant. He squints at me. His hair, sitting atop his 6-foot lean frame, is just as unruly as mine. He reeks of alcohol and has an expression screaming massive hangover.

Not that I need to ask but to make sure, “Are you Oh Sehun?”

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I wrote a thing.

Does anyone want to read a thing? If you do here it is. I haven’t written fiction in more years than I can count and I am definitely a bit rusty so I would love some constructive feedback!  Its a one shot from Jamie’s POV (Though I might have a go at writing it from Claire’s POV as well at some point). 

He looked at her. The light streamed through the gap where the curtains didn’t quite meet and illuminated her pale skin giving it a luminescence that made her look like she was crafted from the sunlight itself.

He was in love with her. That much he knew. He was in love with her and had been from the very moment he set eyes on her across that room. The riot of curls that she brushed impatiently from her face with an unthinking gesture, the strange whiskey coloured eyes that reminded him of a big cat, at once both wary and possessing of an intensity that took the breath from his body. She was quite simply beautiful and all the more so for the fact that she seemed entirely self possessed.

Had he really only met her 24 hours ago? Had it really only been one solitary day since his life was irrevocably changed? A day that had started like any other. A trip to the office, some off site meetings. A lunch that got cancelled. Oh, but thanks be to God that the lunch had been cancelled.


He set down his phone debating whether or not to leave and go for his usual sandwich in the park. He spent all day inside and considered any day that was fine enough to eat al fresco to be an opportunity not to be wasted. In Scotland they were few and far between. He looked up from gathering his belongings just as the door swung open and she was there. She. Was There.

He knew he was staring and he tried very hard to stop but somehow he could not tear his eyes from her face. He couldn’t have told you what she had been wearing but he could have described the dusting of freckles across her cheeks, or the curve of her lip where it formed a perfect cupid’s bow or the way her hair cascaded over her shoulders like the water of a highland burn at once silver and red and golden in the light. He could have written sonnets about these things in this moment, but tear his eyes from her face? No, that he could not seem to be able to do.

She was looking back at him and he vaguely wondered if his mouth was open. She smiled knowingly at him as she was seated at the table directly next to his. He smiled back. Or at least that’s what he hoped happened. That or he simply bared his teeth at her. She didn’t look alarmed though. Quite the opposite. She was looking at him too now. Looking at him with an expression that he was almost certain was mirrored by his own. She looked at him like she knew him and at that moment he was certain that she did.

Slowly, he came back to himself. And he smiled. A real smile this time. She returned the smile and leaned towards him.

“Claire’ she stated simply holding out her hand. ‘Jamie’ was his reply as he took it. Her hand was warm and soft and he fought the urge to lift it to his lips.


Her lips were on his, soft and hot and he moaned at the feeling of them. His tongue sought hers as his hands caught her hair. She sighed against him and pressed her body closer pushing her hips against his. He pushed her back against the wall returning the pressure of her body.


His hands shook with the intensity of his want. Physical want, yes, there was that. He wanted to possess this woman’s body. He wanted to bring her to shuddering submission beneath him. But it was more than that. He wanted to know her. To possess her secrets, to know her mind and her soul. He wanted her to know him. To possess him, to make him her own.

“Mo Nighean Donn”

They were pulling at each other’s clothes now. Buttons rolled across the wooden floor as they were torn from his shirt. Her dress was pooled around her ankles as she stood there now in only her pants. His trousers were halfway down his thighs. He could take her now, here against the wall of the hallway and my god, he wanted to. But no. He would not. He wanted more than that. He wanted to worship her, do service to her. He wanted to love her. With more effort than he knew was possible he pulled back. She stood there looking at him. Hair tousled, breath coming heavy, wearing only a pair of yellow pants.She was glorious.  Golden eyes met blue and she smiled and held out her hand to him once more. This time he took it and buried his lips in her wrist. And then he led her down the hall, into his bedroom and into his soul.


They had left the restaurant and simply strolled around the city. They chatted about their lives, sat outside cafes and made up elaborate back stories for passers by. He was bowled over by her wit and her humour. She was, to him entirely perfect. More than once he discreetly pinched himself. Surely he was dreaming.

All good things must come to an end and that was especially true of the Scottish weather. As they meandered the lamplight flooded streets of Edinburgh there was a gentle patter against the paved street, a patter that turned to a drumbeat and the skies opened and the cool summer rain began to fall. She turned to him laughing and took his hand as they ran down the road towards sanctuary. She stopped just short of the pub they were headed for and turned to him, the streetlamps turning her eyes from the soft gold of a smooth whiskey into a tigerish yellow. She ran her fingers down his jaw and his breathe caught at the intimacy of the contact, at the closeness of her body to his. She stood up on tiptoes and brought her lips gently to his. His world ended and was born again as she kissed him in the rain.


He laid her down, almost reverentially, on the bed. He kissed her deep and as he pushed into her, her back arched. He dipped his head to her breast and ran his tongue along it as she gasped beneath him. Her fingers wrapped around the curls at the base his neck as she rocked herself against him, meeting his body with every thrust. Onwards and onwards they drove each other, their moans lost as their lips met again and again until at last they shattered together, the pieces of one indistinguishable from the pieces of the other.


He watched the light shine on her. The curves of her hips like the curves of the mountains and hills. He smiled to himself. It was an apt description. There was something elemental about her, other worldly. How else could feel this way about her so soon?  He had had had other women in his bed before but none had shaken him to his very foundation. Never before would he have been able to believe that a chance meeting and an afternoon of playing truant in the city could have caused such a fundamental shift.

Lost in his revery he did not notice as she stirred and turned towards him. She smiled sleepily as he fingers traced the shape of his bicep and up across his chest. He reached towards her and pushed her curls from her face.

‘I love you’

The words escaped his lips before they had even fully formed in his mind and for a moment he felt panic. It was too fast. Too soon. She would run now.

‘I love you too’

And her lips met his and he was home.

The End.

juliagolia87  asked:

Headcannon - Steve has a pre-sex habit of giving himself a little pep talk in the mirror, after all he didn't always have the body of a Greek god. So after a little Captain America Speech™ and a salute to his reflection, he's ready for some fondue. 😉

Originally posted by stallingdemons

I imagine it would go something like this; 

After quickly washing his face, he had just come back from a tiring mission, he catches his reflection in the mirror above the sink. He pat dries his face, his staring into his own. “You got this, Rogers. You’re looking good, as always… wow that’s arrogant, note to self; cancel lunch with Tony tomorrow.” He places the fluffy towel down, really staring at himself. “You love her, she loves you, why do we still worry over this?” He breathes deeply, “okay, just got initiate intercourse… it’s not that difficult, you’ve done it plenty of times.” He reasons with himself. “Would you like to- No, that’s too formal.- Me, you, right now- that’s too pushy-” This, probably, carries on for a few seconds. “You like my exquisite erection? You like my erection selection? What was that?” 

“Steve? Who you talking to in there?” Your voice breaks Steve outta of his little moment in the mirror, he jumps and almost slips but coughs to hide the shocked gasp he made. 

“No one, it’s nothing. I’ll be out in a moment,” he calls and hears you mutter an ‘okay!’ through the door. “Wanna have sex with me?” Is the next thing he shouts without thinking and cringes at himself. 

“Pfff okay, Steven. Once you done talking to yourself we can!” 

He nods, proud of himself. “See I told you, you had this.” He smiles at his reflection before giving a single finger salute and leaving the bathroom.

(You’re all blessed to have me as a writer, I know. I write such fine art, I am an author. The next fucking Cecelia Ahern. - Rosalie)

Originally posted by dellowman

(^Wanderlust, it’s a must watch. Please do.)

The Monster of Korea Pt. 1 (M)

I’m so sorry for taking so long to do this @thetommo217, thank you for being so incredibly patient with me! I hope you will enjoy the series and it will live up to your expectations, and that it won’t be “cliche”, as you said in your request.

POV: 2nd Person

Member(s): Chanyeol (Baekhyun will come in later, trust me)

Genre: X Reader, fluff, smut (angst will start in the next part!)

Warning(s): sexual content, mature language

Summary: Your life with Chanyeol has only begun.

/A life built on memories/Of how sweet you could be/Was I mistaken then?/How blind could I possibly be?/

Preview  You Are Here  Chapter 2

Originally posted by dailypetal

You blushed, twirling slowly in front of the floor-length mirror. This was exactly how you had always envisioned yourself on your special day, looking like a princess in a white dress and marrying the love of your life. And he was the love of your life. Chanyeol, famous heartthrob, an absolute puppy, the man of your dreams. You couldn’t believe time had moved so quickly. One day, just two years ago, you had met the man who would change your life.

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Audrey is starving. She went without breakfast and didn’t have anything for morning tea either. She eaten nothing all day except for a few Kool Mints that she filched from a bowl in one of the meeting rooms. Now it’s nearly 2 pm and her stomach is rumbling and gurgling like an ancient toilet cistern- the toilet! She has been so worried about Alex she has completely forgotten to ring Seph and find out how much it cost to fix the upstairs toilet. She hopes Seph can hear her above the noise her stomach is making.
Persephone: Hey. How’s your day been?
Audrey: Horribly busy as usual. What about yours? How much did the toilet cost?
Persephone: It’s not actually fixed yet.
Audrey crinkles her nose up at the phone.
Audrey: Seph, it’s nearly 2 o'clock. Why has it taken you this long to find a plumber?
Persephone: Well, you know I like to resist male influence wherever possible, babe. 
Audrey does know. It’s why they take their car to a female mechanic, and why they buy all their groceries from a women’s collective.
Audrey: So in other words, you’ve spent all day trying to find a female plumber.
Persephone: I succeeded, too. Her name’s Vivienne and she’ll be here in about half an hour. How awesome is that?
Audrey: That is pretty awesome. I’m surprised you were able to find one at all, to tell you the truth.  
Persephone: She sounded hot, too.
Audrey: I’m not going to get jealous of a plumber, Seph. So you can just-
Persephone: I would if I were you. Plumbers are really dirty.
Audrey: Hahahaha. Anyway, I can’t talk for  long. I need food. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m about to pass out from hunger.
Persephone: I thought you were having lunch with Alex?
Audrey: He cancelled. Or rather, Naomi rang up for him and cancelled. Apparently he’s sick.
Persephone: Oh. So now you’re all worried.
Audrey: Well, I think it’s a bit suspicious. He was fine yesterday.
Persephone: People do get sick, babe. Alright, I’ll let you grab some lunch. I’m going to slip into something more comfortable. You never know where Vivienne might want to stick her plunger!

Home (Platonic!Hamilcast x Reader)

Words: 1481

Warnings: Angst, Potentially horrible writing

Your jaw nearly dropped as you approached the front door of your apartment. You stared at the now crumpled paper that you pulled off the door and held in your fist. Most of the words were small and smeared, but two words stood out in bold red: EVICTION NOTICE.

You felt like throwing up as you stood outside in some kind of daze. You had begged for more time. It was the end of the month and you were due to pay any day now. You just needed a few more days. God, what would your friends say? They had been doing pretty well since they left, getting new gigs, performing around the world.

After leaving Hamilton, you hadn’t had the best luck. The show you were going to join canceled last minute and you weren’t able to find any other jobs on Broadway. You had no choice but to pick up a few small gigs, but with the lack of income, you had to drop performing all together. All your time went towards the several jobs you picked up to get some money even if it was at minimum wage. Where did you go so wrong?

With a tired sigh, you tossed the paper aside and dug through your backpack for your phone that you could hardly afford. You clicked the name of your landlord, and sent a text begging once more for another day. As you hit send, your phone buzzed as Lin texted.

Hey! Long time no talk. Skype?

How could you talk to him now? You couldn’t. Shame overwhelmed you. Your gaze landed on your muddy sneakers. You sighed, starting to shiver from the cold, and decided to go inside. You dropped your bag by the door and reached for the light switch. That is, until you tried to turn on the lights and nothing happened.

Tears of frustration sprung to your eyes. You walked to your practically empty cupboard and pulled out an old candle and some matches. After lighting it, you collapsed onto your battered couch, feeling helpless. How did it all go so wrong?

Mere months ago, you were living your dream. You performed along castmates who you now consider family, and sung about a founding father almost every night. These days, you worked seven days a week, two, three, sometimes four jobs. You were constantly going overtime, carrying on during break, taking extra shifts. You tried so hard. You thought back to the days of Hamilton.

You spent hours upon hours laughing and singing off stage with most of the cast. You got coffee with Pippa and Jasmine nearly every week. Anthony and Daveed were like brothers to you, always pranking you. Lin and Leslie were always there for you whenever you needed to talk. Oak was always there to grab some lunch with. You went out with most of them on Friday nights for a drink. Or had a movie night with them after a few performances.

Of course, after you all left, they got busy. And so did you. It was bound to happen anyway. But, it pained you to think of what you had and where you were. You loved all of them. You missed hearing their laughter, their jokes, everything. You missed performing on stage at the Richard Rogers theater. You just wanted to go back in time. Of course, during the first couple of months, you all promised to continue getting coffee and lunch, but after having to cancel multiple times because of an extra shift, you decided to cancel altogether. Besides, you didn’t have the money to do anything like that anymore.

You were sobbing now. It wasn’t fair. You got up every morning, travelled to the endless jobs, made no trouble. Nothing was enough. You dropped doing what you love to survive. You worked hard. But, you just couldn’t do it. You were trapped. There was no way out.

The following day dragged on endlessly. The employee you usually worked with called in sick and you were stuck with twice the work. You didn’t mind, and you did get an extra raise. By the time you finished, you were beyond exhausted and the day had only started.

With your luck, the subway was delayed and you were late to work by an hour. Your pay was docked and you weren’t given a chance to explain yourself.

By the time it was time to go back to the apartment, you were exhausted and left without a coat after someone mistakenly brought it home with them. It was the middle of winter and you were stuck in New York City with a thin jacket.

When the rain started to pour down, you nearly broke down. After such a long day, you dragged yourself back to the apartment where your eye caught the sight of a padlock and another eviction notice.

It was too much. It was all too much. You were just so tired. You sank to the ground with your back against the door. Curses flew from your numb lips as you began to hopelessly sob.


No, not like this. They couldn’t-

“Oh my god, (Y/N),” You heard Jasmine’s frantic voice and footsteps following hers. Through blurry vision, you saw Jasmine and Pippa crowd around you while Anthony and Daveed tried to undo the padlock. Getting impatient, Oak took matters into his own hands and forced the door open. Pippa led you inside as the others followed behind. You heard their mutters of disbelief at the lack of light and heat. You heard their gasps as they saw your empty cupboards and lack of furniture. She wrapped your tattered blanket around you and sat you down on the couch.

Pippa quietly held you in her arms. You cried, all of your anxieties making themselves known. Mumbles of “I’m sorry”’s left your mouth as tears raced down your cheeks. You were so disappointed in yourself. Your friends didn’t need to see this. They were your problems. You could handle it.

Pip held you in front of her and wiped the tears from your cracked cheeks with her thumb. “How long have you been living like this?” She asked in a quiet voice.

“I-I’m fine, I ju-”

“How long, (Y/N)?” They weren’t going to let this go. You looked away from her gaze and looked at your other friends. Oak shook his head with a face of guilt as he looked around the apartment. Anthony and Daveed packed a small bag of things worth saving. Jasmine kneeled down next to you.

“Please, love, how long?” She repeated Pippa’s question waiting to hear an answer.

“About four months.” Their faces dropped. Pippa pulled you in for another hug as Jasmine’s hand flew to her mouth. Daveed nearly dropped the bag of things at hearing the words. Their faces filled with expressions of varying sadness, anger, and guilt. “I’m okay. I-I’m sorry. Thank you for opening the door. I can go find a-” You spoke as you tried to escape Pip’s embrace.

“Stay with us.” Anthony said without missing a beat.

“No, I couldn’t-”

“Please, (Y/N),” Jazzy interrupted, “We really don’t mind. Hell, we want you to.”

“You should have told us you were having trouble (Y/N), any of us would have gladly taken you in.” Oak said with a frown.

“I didn’t want to be a burden.” You admitted.

“A burden, (Y/N)? We absolutely love you. Every single one of us. You’re practically family to us. We were all so worried about you. We hadn’t heard from you in weeks and when Lin called us to check up on you, we, gosh, we were so scared that something had happened.” Daveed said.

“Lin called? Isn’t it like midnight over there?” You laughed lightly through tears. Anthony joined your laughter.

“Speaking of Lin.” He pulled his phone to his ear. “Woah, Lin, slow down. She’s going to be okay. We’re with her right now. Yeah, of course.” He handed you the phone.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay?” He said frantically.

“I’m going to be. Thanks for sending them over, Lin.”

“I was worried sick, (Y/N).”

“Calm down, dad.” You joked.

“What happened?” You paused.

“I’ll tell you about it later. Thanks for checking up. Now, go sleep. I promise I’ll be okay. Say hi to V and Seb for me.”

You handed the phone back to Anthony. For once, you believed yourself. Things would be okay. You looked at your friends whose faces were still full of worry.

“Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go home.” Jas said with a smile helping you up.

“Plus, Daveed, Oak, and Pip are sleeping over!” Anthony said excitedly.

“Movie night!” Oak added, lightening the mood even more.

You looked at your friends and smiled. You were home. And, you would be okay because they were there.

anonymous asked:

I think something to note with Lena finding out about Kara being Supergirl that the writers keep trying to throw nuggets of doubt to us with Lena & she keeps surprising us. So if they're to blatantly say there will be discontent & tension, it can be safe to say there MIGHT not be. IF she does already know, she may not care because she can differentiate between Kara & Supergirl & sees Kara as Kara and Supergirl as what she does, not necessarily who she is because Kara's so much more than that.

See, but my reasoning is that the only reason they would have Lena already know, would be for an Exciting Plot Twist™. Why else would they sacrifice the long-awaited moment of realization to be off-screen? 

It’s like.. the moment the whole audience is waiting for.

and Lena being like,

“Surprise! I’ve known the whole time. And… I’m totally cool with it! :) ”

doesn’t make for an exciting enough plot twist to warrant losing the reveal. It’s not a good trade, as a writer.

Makes for good romantic fanfic in which we know the two romantic leads are meant for each other, sure, but not for a tv drama that wants to keep us on the edge of our seat on whether or not Lena Luthor is gonna be good or evil.

Having her just suddenly announce that she knows and is cool with it doesn’t make sense for her story. For Cat’s, it works. We never really expected her to disapprove. But Lena is entirely different.

So this is why I don’t think they’d have her find out off-screen without making her evil. (And I don’t think they’re going to make her evil, so I don’t think she knows off-screen.)

It’s just that with Lena’s character, real tension is in the moment she finds out.

Let’s say that we’re a several seasons in. Lena has been on the precipice of good and evil this whole time. Sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, with only Kara as a stabilizing force on the side of good. 

She’s come to rely on her. She’s come to need her. 

But we all know that Kara is keeping something from her. Has kept something from her from the moment they’ve met…

We know that this alone, could destroy everything they’ve built between them, along with Lena’s delicate balance on the side of good. 

This could shift Lena from Kara’s friend to Kara’s enemy in an instant, following in the footsteps of her brother before her. Becoming what she always feared she might.

And then, finally, the moment comes.

Perhaps her mother tells her, or she sees evidence that she can’t think of alternative reasons for, or she sees Kara using her powers.

Perhaps Kara just… tells her.

But we get to watch as Lena’s thoughts bubble up. 

Her confusion. Her surprise. Putting it all together. 

The weird phrases and cancelled lunches. The crazy appetite and close ‘friendship’ with but rare appearance next to Supergirl.

And then we get to see her betrayal. Her hurt, that Kara didn’t tell her before. 

Why didn’t she tell me before? What does this mean for us? For me?

And then…

We get to see what she does next.

And that’s what defines Lena. 

Does she hate her? Does stay good but never see Kara again? Is this what finally tips her over to darkness, that the one person she thought trusted her never really did? 

Does she think about her family, and how they would have reacted, and decide to be different? Does she empathize with Kara’s difficulty telling her? Does she forgive her? Is it instantaneous or does she react badly at first?

Who she is after what we’ve all been waiting for finally happens? After the bomb drops. God, do we want to see it drop. 

The reveal is always innately backed with such a weight and history behind it, so when you add that Lena’s character development hinges on it’s outcome it’ll be just… an iconic scene.

And throwing it away for a joke or a cutesy twist feels like an insurmountable waste to me, and I just cannot fathom these writers doing so.

Green-Eyed Monster

Summary:  The green-eyed monster named Y/N feat Lin and Karen Olivo.

Pairing: Lin x reader

The minute Lin came crashing into your life -  literally crashing, you still couldn’t take the coffee stains off your white blouse – you learned to adapt.

Sleeping alone wasn’t as appealing to you anymore. Cooking and eating breakfast by yourself on Sunday mornings didn’t sound so great either. The memories of the days spent in silence in your apartment were now replaced with Lin’s raspy, out-of-tune, singing voice and witty rap lyrics and random pieces of his clothes flung about your once tidy apartment.

You got used to his hectic work schedule. Certain weeks, he’d be gone, off to some interview or gig before performing in front of the thousands of people who came to see Hamilton in the evenings. On the rare days where his mornings were free, you’d be at work. It put a huge strain on your relationship with Lin, but you sacrificed your sleep to spend precious time with him after the show.

It became a routine. Immediately after the show, he’d come home, change into his pajamas, and join you in bed. The two of you would spend hours talking, sharing your day with each other until someone would fall asleep.

You huddled against Lin, pressing back again the warmth of his body. His fingers drummed a beat against the exposed skin of your hip. You tried to blink back sleep, but the yawn that escaped from your mouth signaled your defeat.

Lin chuckles, his warm breath tickling your skin. He continues talking, and you vaguely hear the words ‘Chicago’, and ‘Hamilton’ before succumbing to sleep.

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