lunch time

Little Space At Lunch
  • Me: *squirming in my chair*
  • Friend: *whispers* You have to stop
  • Me: *whispers* I need that cookie
  • Friend: *whispers* You can't have it
  • Me: *whispers* What Mommy doesn't know wont kill her
  • Friend: *whispers* I know your tumblr password and I will text her and tell her you are a bad girl
  • Me: *freezes in seat*
  • Me: *mumbles about friend being a butt face*
Aquarius & Aries
  • Aquarius, staring at Aries, resting their chin on their hand:
  • Aries, stuffing their face w/ food, turns and raises an eyebrow: Whaaht
  • Aquarius: Oh nothing, just thinking
  • Aries, taking a sip of their drink: Ahbout?
  • Aquarius, smirks as they play with the rest of their lunch: How often do you masturbate to the thought of you and Pisces fucking
  • Aries, spits out their drink:
  • Libra, some of it lands on them: Biiiiiitch