lunch tickets

A not so kid friendly welcome...


Being the 17-year-old daughter of 2 celebrities made my life a living hell sometimes, but other times it was fun.

Today I was glad of it, because I had called my aunt Selena during lunch and got tickets for her highly anticipated new movie premiere for me and my friends! Selena told me to ask our parents if we could go first though, since she couldn’t reach them and it was easier for us to do it, so as soon as Danny, my annoying 13-year-old kid brother, and I got back from school we went searching for our parents.

“MOM? DAD?” I screamed as soon as I had dropped my bag in the front hall.

“Anyone home?” Danny screamed from behind me, shutting the front door.

“Maybe they are in the studio?” I said, “Come on!”

We ran down the hall to the basement stairs and went down to the home studio…. But they weren’t there.

“You sure the security guys said they were here?” I asked Danny, considering he had actually thought of asking them when we were let through the gates at the bottom of the drive.

“Yup! He said they hadn’t left all day… so they must be somewhere around here…” He replied.

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July 28, 2015
  1. Aries
     Shaved ice

  2. Libra
     Sticky tape

  3. Sagittarius

  4. Aquarius

  5. Scorpio
     Bonus items

  6. Leo

  7. Virgo

  8. Taurus
     Curry rice

  9. Gemini

  10. Pisces
     Department store basement floor
     Light blue

  11. Cancer

  12. Capricorn
     Iced tea