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For a Good Time

Chapter 2

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Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 2900

Warning: alcohol mention, swearing, food mention

Rating: M (this chapter is SFW)

Summary: A phone number scrawled across a dark, dirty bathroom stall prompts a drunk Natalie to make a phone call. When Lucifer answers, he agrees to help her find her way home. Natalie clings to the impatient man, who wants nothing more than to never see her again. Of course, he never gets what he wants.

Natalie woke up late into the morning with a groan and a stiff neck from sleeping on her stomach for much too long. Her pale pink sheets were wrinkled and pooled around her hips, making her look more comfortable than she felt. After a long moment, Natalie eventually sat up, tugging at the tight dress that was cutting into her waist. While she stood and reached around to tug the zipper on her back down, she struggled to recall the events of the previous evening, namely, how she managed to get herself home.  

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“You have to do it or we won’t be friends with you.” You looked up, taken aback. Tana was standing there with her hands on her hips, giving you a thinly-disguised look of pure hatred.

“Excuse me, what?” you asked. “Tana, what are you saying?” Ever since you’d gotten to the base, Tana had hated you - she’d wormed her way into your friend group, spreading lies and gossip about you every which way.

It didn’t help that her ability, Necrosis, was the strongest here. Even stronger than the instructors, you’d heard. You weren’t really surprised. It certainly matched her personality.

A couple weeks ago, right after your twentieth birthday, you’d all been shipped here after your government issued the Proclamation - that all the young people with newly discovered Citadelian powers needed to learn to control themselves, so they were sent here. Schools for young people with superpowers.

You hated it here. For some reason, you’d been placed into the worst class in the building - Class 13. The strongest powers, the worst troublemakers, the worst bullies.

Your instructor wasn’t capable of controlling the class at all. She’d run out of the classroom crying three days in a row, thanks to Tana and her posse.

“Hey, (Y/N), you daydreaming or something?” A sharp kick in the ribs brought you back to reality. Tana was glaring at you, eyes glowing sickly green.  You quickly shook your head, looking down. She sometimes left you alone when you avoided her eyes.

“I told you, you have to sneak a scorpion into our instructor’s desk,” said Tana. Your eyes widened. Why would she want YOU to do that? She must have something big planned.

You shook your head. “No way.” You couldn’t afford to get in trouble again, and didn’t really want to be part of Tana’s stupid group anyway. She looked taken aback. “I have to get to class. Talk to you later.”

You ran off, knowing that she wouldn’t chase you. You weren’t worth her time. And to be honest, you didn’t mind that at all. You didn’t want to be on her radar.

You rushed into the outdoor classroom, throwing yourself into your seat to muted laughter from the class at large. Panting, you looked up.

“Sorry I’m la-” You stopped short. The man in the center of the courtyard looking at you with an amused smile wasn’t your instructor.  He seems young, a little older than you, with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. “Hey, who are you?” you ask.

He checks the attendance chart. “Ah, (Y/N). Glad you finally decided to grace us with your presence. As I’d explained to the class before you arrived, I’m your new instructor.” 

He pauses to give Tana an unreadable look. “As I understand, there are some… issues… that your previous instructor was unable to deal with.”

He straightens up, smoothing back his blonde hair. “Now, I think we should start with some practical demonstrations. I’d like to know how your powers work firsthand, so I can teach you how best to control them.”

He motions to Tana. “Now, let’s see your ability. What was-?” She starts to say something, but he cuts her off. “Now, don’t. I remember what it is. Necrosis.” He holds out an arm. “Go on, you won’t hurt me.”

This is the first time I’ve seen her uncertain. I can see her focusing on him, straining hard, but the shadows don’t creep across his hand. His flesh doesn’t blacken or wither. He nods, though.

“Good job.” People are starting to laugh at her now, laughing at Tana.

Devan laughs the loudest. “Ha, look at her face!” He points to her, snickering. “She looks like she’s about to throw up!” 

Tana snaps. She’s not used to being taunted. He swivels to stare at him and he starts to scream, the skin of his face turning black and yellow and withering.

In a second, the blonde instructor is on Tana, shoving her into the wall. His expression is terrifying, and for the first time you notice how sharp his canines are, how snakelike his eyes are.

“You do NOT hurt your fellow students,” he growls and she spits in his face. Tana is fearless, you’ll give her that.

“Get OFF me, freak,” she spits. He smiles.

“I believe this is your tenth offense of this nature?” She nods defiantly. “Well, then it’s about time you got what was coming to you.” Her eyes widen as he takes off his vest, setting it to the side, unbuttons the collar of his shirt, opens his jaw, adjusts it, and shoves her head-first into his mouth.

It’s over very quickly. You can’t take your eyes away from the scene unfolding before you. His white shirt has ridden up, and his stomach is huge, hanging off his frame and moving. You could trace her form moving under his flesh with your finger, if you were brave enough. But you’re not. 

He sighs, closing his eyes for a second, then stands back up. “Well, let’s get on with it then,” he says. “Don’t worry about her. She’s not worth your time,” he says, patting his belly.

It quickly becomes obvious that no one is in a state of mind to get anything done. I can’t stop staring, and neither can anyone else. Frowning in annoyance, he dismisses everyone. Most of them hurry off, eager to leave, but you hang around, and soon you’re the only one left in the courtyard. 

Besides him, of course.

He notices almost immediately, smiling at you. You quickly look down, trying to avoid his attention. Too late.

“(Y/N)? Why are you still here? I told you all you could go.” You flinch at his voice. He leans back on the ground, back against the wall, hands resting on his middle. “You can leave if you want. Go get lunch or something.”

You shake your head. “I don’t have any money to get lunch,” you say truthfully. Devan stole your lunch tickets earlier and you don’t have any money on you. 

You realize you don’t really want to talk about food, not with a guy whom you just watched swallow someone whole.

He cave you a concerned look. “What? You don’t?” A pause. “Hey, tell you what. Could you grab me my stuff from over there?” He points toward the corner of the courtyard, where someone’s left a drawstring bag on top of his neatly folded vest. “yes, that one.”

You grab the bag, cautiously crossing the courtyard and handing it to him. You hold your breath - he’s close enough that, if that was what he wanted,he could just pick you up and…

He smiles. “Thanks, (Y/N).” He digs through the bag, pulling out a plastic-wrapped sandwich. “Here, you can have this.” You take it gingerly, tentatively settling down next to him.

If he was going to eat you, he would have done it by now.

He sighs. “I apologize for scaring you all earlier. I’m not normally…” he trails off. “ that. I should have waited until later to do that.” 

“Why did you eat her?” you burst out, immediately covering your mouth. You hadn’t meant to say anything.

“Why? Oh that’s right, you wouldn’t know.” He gives you a thoughtful look. “Several people here are working for a very bad person we don’t know much about. I was supposed to come here and… take care of them.” 

He gives you an amused look. “The sandwich isn’t poisoned, by the way. You can go ahead and eat it.”

You mumble an apology, unwrapping the sandwich and taking a bite of it. It’s good. Apparently satisfied, he continues his explanation.

“That’s why I called Tana up to the front.” He shows you his wrist - unmarked, unlike the skin of the others she’d used her powers on in the past. “Her power wasn’t really what everyone thought - it was similar to my own abilities.”

“And I knew that one of you guys couldn’t possibly have an ability like that. So I acted. I suppose it could have waited till later, however. And I didn’t have to eat her.” You notice that she’s still moving, entranced by the sight.

“Well, that’s that. It’ll probably happen again, so be warned.” He notices where your attention is directed. “You can touch if you want. I don’t mind.” You look up.

“You really don’t? It doesn’t seem-”

He grins. “No, and I don’t think her opinion matters much at this point. Go ahead.” You reach out, touching the taut flesh. It’s surprisingly warm, and you unconsciously snuggle closer. He makes no move to stop you.

You just sit like that for a while, awkwardly close to a person you just met and just watched eat someone. But that’s fine.

It’s sure to be an interesting year.

Full announcement goes like this :

Morning PS.23 it’s your truly Alfred F. Jones waterboy extroinear, here to give you the news for today. First my wallet would personally like to thank all of the lovely ladies on the volleyball team for making him just a tad bit heavier by completely obliterating the St. Tabatha’s Raves, 13-7 at Friday big game.

Second I would tell yall about the lunch menu but, what’s the point really? We all know that we’re just going buy that staple alternated lunch of pizza and fries.Third Homecoming is this upcoming Friday tickets will be on sale 30 mins before and after school and during lunch breaks. Ticket booths are located in the commons area.

Speaking about dances I just wanted to ask my good friend hopefully soon to be boyfriend Arthur Kirkland if he would accompany my sly-self to said Homecoming.

And lastly I would like to just highlight to Mr. Brown that I totally personified my wallet earlier in my morning address and think that such overachieving eagerness to use what I learn deserves at least a 10 point  bump in last weeks literature vocab test. Or how ever many points I need to not be failing.


Back story 

During Hgihschool 16 year old Alfred thinks he would fallow the example for a 80’s portagitist in a teen romance and ask his best friend/first love out to the up coming dance during the morning announcements.

This leads to all kinds of issues like being alienated by his once liked peers, Arthur rejecting his proposal  (he’s not gay) but continues their close friendship making everyone think that they are dating.

Ivan (who had his own little crush on Alfred but never acted on it because he though Alfred was straight ) starts bulling Alfred because he’s jealous and wants his attention. 

This also starts Carlos and Matalin become sexually active and will cause in a teen pregnancy of Mattie 

*Fun fact St. Tabatha is the privet school that all the younger kids in this AU go too*

The Eternal Summer I Spent With You~ Goodbye, Pyunsuke~
Free! Seiyuu Event Drama CD
The Eternal Summer I Spent With You~ Goodbye, Pyunsuke~

My Drama CD arrived yay! This Samezuka track is absolutely hilarious LOL. Enjoy~

Momo: The eternal summer that I spent with you— goodbye Pyunsuke.

Momo: *crying*

Nitori: Hey, Momo-kun, don’t cry!

Momo: I’m done for!

Nitori: Momo-kun, you’re not done for! It’s fine!

Rin: Hey, practice is starting.

Nitori: All right c’mon, smile smile!!!

Rin: What’s wrong?

Nitori: Rin-senpai, help us out!

Rin: What the hell is going on? And what the hell is this and that thing by your feet?

Nitori: Eh? Oh, it’s the little case to raise the stag beetle in.

Rin: Stag beetle case? Why the hell did you bring that crap to your dorm?

Nitori: Ah well you see, it seems like the stag beetle that we’ve been raising in our dorm has gone to heaven. Whenever we call his name, he usually comes out of his dwelling, but he hasn’t been responding since yesterday.

Rin: Well, it has been getting colder recently too…**

Momo: PYUNSUKEEEEE *balling*

Nitori: Momo-kun! Come on I’ll give you my lunch tickets. That way you can eat some delicious food, right? You’ll definitely feel better that way!

Momo: Food…*cries*

Nitori: Ehhh??

Momo: I’ve always been putting a lot of attention with feeding the stag beetle, such as giving him stag beetle jelly and food, so when you mention food it just makes me…remember…all those…precious memories…

Nitori: *sigh* I guess instead of making him feel better I made him worse…

Momo: But you don’t understand because I’ve raised Pyunsuke ever since he was a small larvae, and he’s basically like a son to me since I’ve watched him grow up! And whenever he would appear I would be so happy and forget about my tiredness after coming back from swim practice, but then— but then!!! *sobbing*

Rin: Hey uh, why don’t you just drink some nice sweet juice and calm down. You like that sweet juice thing, right?

Momo: Sweet…juice…? *wails*

Rin: Wtf did I do now?

Nitori: What did you remember just now?

Momo: I wanted to try to emphathize with stag beetles, so I tried drinking sweet juice to be closer to them. I thought maybe I would be able to understand them better!

Rin: Uhh…THAT’S why you’ve been drinking sweet juice?

Nitori: Maybe we should just let him be…

Rin: But we can’t just leave him here…*sighs*

Momo: *crying*

Nitori: C’mon, Momo-kun don’t cry! Please!

Sousuke: Hey Rin, there’s something I wanted to ask you about the training menu…What the hell is going on?

Rin: Oh, Sousuke…you came at the right time.

Nitori: Yamazaki-senpai, please help us!

Sousuke: Mikoshiba, what’s wrong with you?

Nitori: The stag beetle we’ve been raising in our room suddenly stopped responding to us so…

Sousuke: Well, Autumn is coming soon so…

Rin: C’mon Sousuke, say something to him!

Sousuke: Why does it have to be me?

Nitori: I beg you as well! If it’s Yamazaki-senpai, you’ll definitely be able to do something, because after all, you and Pyunsuke share the same name— “suke”!

Sousuke: Didn’t you just randomly name him that though?

Rin: THAT’S RIGHT! Sousuke and Pyunsuke— you’re practically family.

Sousuke: Wtf?

Nitori: Yamazaki-senpai!


Sousuke: God what a pain -_-

*dramatic music starts playing, Sousuke pats Momo*

Sousuke: Hey, Mikoshiba…

Momo: Yamazaki-senpai…Pyunsuke has…

Sousuke: Uhhhhh……I heard the news from Rin…

Momo: All I did was care for them so much…so much…

Sousuke: Ah, yeah…

Momo: And I planned to give them to Gou-san…

Sousuke: Err…right…

Momo: And at one point you even tried to take him from me!

Sousuke: Oh uh…right…sorry ‘bout that err…

Momo: But I named him Pyunsuke because of YOU! I wanted him to be like you, manly and strong and super macho…

Sousuke: Hey, listen up Mikoshiba. If you said you wanted to raise the stag beetle to be like me, then that’s fine. Of course, you can’t ever bring back the time when he was alive, but at least he was able to receive all the love he could from you, so I think that alone is enough for him. He has no regrets.

Momo: But how would you know! How would you even know about his feelings?

Sousuke: I know! Of course I know because…we are connected…by the “suke” in our names…

Momo: Yamazaki-senpai!!!!! *hugs Sousuke*

Sousuke: Hey don’t cling onto me like that…jeez.

Nitori: Yamazaki-senpai, that’s kind of stretching it but err…

Rin: *bawling* It’s fine because that was…so beautiful…

Nitori: What Rin-senpai, you’re crying?!?!

Rin: I’m not crying!

Nitori: You’re totally crying…hey what’s that?

Rin: What? *sniffles*

Nitori: It seems like Pyunsuke started moving!

Momo: WHAT?!?!?!

Nitori: Look! He’s moving!



Momo: Ah, that’s right! It’s because this pool is a bit warm for you, right? When the water is warm, stag beetles don’t really move as much and also hide in the dirt.

Rin: What the fuck…

Nitori: Hey, um…before you go celebrating maybe you should err…apologize…

Momo: Huh? To who?

Sousuke: Yeah, that’s just peachy, isn’t it Mikoshiba

Momo: Why are you pulling such a scary face, Yamazaki-senpai? You should er…be happy that Pyunsuke is alive, right? YEAH!

Sousuke: That’s right. I’ll take all the stag beetles you have and return them all to the mountain!

Rin: Um…perhaps we should start practice now…

Nitori: Yes, you’re right…

Rin: Let’s go, Ai.



Translator’s Notes: **Stag beetles are more of a summer beetle, so they’re known to usually die when it gets too cold.

Also, I’m guessing this happens after Sousuke’s shoulder problem is revealed, so that could probably be why Rin got so emotional LOL.


60 DAYS OF 汉语 // 2017 年 7 月 8 日  // 北京

I visited the Great Wall of China, which was incredible! Our hostel organises trips to the Mutianyu section, which was less crowded. The trip included breakfast, lunch, transport, and entry ticket. It cost extra for a cable car ride to the top, and a toboggan ride down the mountain. 100% would recommend.

anonymous asked:

okay so there's a dance at aglionby (there allowed to invite girls from other schools) and at first it seems like none of the gangsey is going to go but Ronan being the dork he is low key wants to take adam


  • so maybe like a little flyer gets mailed to every student (henry cheng is on the dance committee so obviously that shit is advertised in 15 different ways)
  • and ronan gets his and he sees it and makes a face and chucks it in the bin
  • but then throughout the day he finds his mind wandering…places
  • adam in a suit and adam drinking shitty punch and adam laughing at the decorations and adam whispering sarcastic comments in his ear about tad carruther’s hair and adam dancing and adam dancing with him 
  • he practically dumps out the entire bin trying to find the flyer
  • now he has to do this strategically because, well, dances really aren’t exactly their Thing 
  • but he’s like “if i can get sargent to see this she’ll bring it up and gansey will be sure to mention taking her”
  • so the nerd fucking starts putting it places he thinks blue will see it; the counter in the kitchenbathroom, gansey’s desk, gansey’s bed, the couch, the pool table
  • until finally he’s desperate and-
  • “why is there a flyer for a dance in your fridge?” 
  • blue isn’t even a little suspicious though because i mean come on they have a fucking toilet in their kitchen
  • gansey takes it from her puzzled and she asks him if they’ve ever gone to a dance before 
  • he laughs and says “nope, never really had the interest-” and then he smiles and *eyebrow wiggles* “-or anyone to go with.”
  • she rolls her eyes but he catches her smile
  • meanwhile ronan is like listening on the other side of the door with bated breath
  • “well jane, would you go if i asked?”
  • “maybe dick, but the others should go too. i’d feel like something was missing without them.“
  • ronan is like dancing a fucking jig and silently fist pumping when gansey whacks him with the door as he’s leaving the kitchen
  • the next day gansey brings it up to adam and ronan in the pig on the way to school
  • “…and it would mean a lot to jane. so what do you guys-”
  • “i’ll go!” ronan says it louder and quicker than he means and both gansey and adam turn to stare at him like wtf
  • then adam says quietly “well i dont think $25 a ticket is in my budget right now, you guys go though, please don’t abstain on my account.”
  • gansey doesn’t offer to pay for his ticket because he knows adam wont take it but he frowns none the less
  • but ronan’s thought about this small, sad detail and of course he has a plan
  • he finds himself wandering into the line for dance tickets at lunch and then chickening out
  • he does the same thing the next day and the next day until a day before the dance he gets all the way up to the front
  • henry cheng is like *eyebrows raised in shock* “wow lynch, never thought i’d catch you buying one of these”
  • “two actually.”
  • cheng’s eyeballs practically pop out of his head and the next thing ronan knows he’s walking away with two tickets clutched in his sweaty hand
  • that night he’s driving to adams and the whole way there he’s rehearsing like a loser
  • “okay parrish, fucking, willyougotothedancewithme?”
  • “parrish, dance, you, me”
  • oh hey, is that dance tomorrow? completely slipped my mind. it’ll probably be stupid HAHAHA but well fuck it we should go. together.”
  • “lets go to the dance, but not, not like seperate, like as a- a uh….unit
  • he paces outside the apartment muttering to himself for like 45 minutes until finally he goes up
  • adam turns his attention back to his homework at his desk after he lets ronan in
  • ronan gulps and god why is he sweating so much 
  • he walks up behind adam and with shaking hands puts the tickets on the desk
  • adam frowns at them and doesnt turn “what’s this?”
  • “okay parrish, here’s the deal. you cant go because you cant afford it, but i want you to go. i- i want to go with you. and yah know, its traditional to buy your dates ticket so it wouldn’t be charity and-”
  • he pauses and adam stares at him all wide eyes
  • “are you fucking with me?”
  • “wha- what no, jesus, im being sincere and shit i really- i really want to go with you parrish and its fine if you dont want to its stupid i just-”
  • “yeah, alright ill go with you”
  • and ronan is just like O_o
  • he gets all blushy and adam is smiling at him hesitantly and its a little awkward but ronan has never been happier in his life
  • until he sees adam in his suit when he picks him up the next night
  • until adam grabs his hand and smiles at him nervously when they walk into the decorated school gym
  • until adam whispers a joke in his ear so that he can be heard over the shitty pop music
  • until adam drags him out onto the dance floor
  • until adam looks up at him while he sways in his arms to the slow song
  • until adam closes the gap between them, right there, in front of everyone

Today is insane already :D

I started my day at half past sisx. My mom’s workplace hosted a huge event for half thousand people, and she asked me (because I am already an event organiser) to help her with the kids (165 kids :D ) So I became leader of the kid caretakers and the leader of the forenoon children program.

Also had to make namecards, 500 lunch tickets and had to fold twice that much papers before the whole thing started. 18 caretakers were under my control, and I must say we nailed the forenoon, but it was so terribly exhausting.

I was basically walking around with a baby in my arms, pusshing the trolley of another from time to time, helped at least 40 kid craft some instruments, ran around to guide the other caretakers, and occasionally stop to take over kids who were crying for their moms.

I love these events, because I adore kids, but I am so tired now :D

Little one shot fic - I guess this could be called a modern Lieutenant Duckling AU? 

Counting Down (the weeks, the days, the hours)

His dad was drunk again, crawling into the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels and setting up fucking camp there.

Killian shrugged on his battered leather jacket and was out the door before his old man could say a word, bent over his glass and a cigarette at the kitchen table, staring at nothing with rheumy eyes.

He knows he’ll come back later to find him slumped over in the chair, passed out cold with a new burn mark scorched into the wood from where the butt would have missed the overflowing ashtray.

Or maybe, he’ll come back to find the whole apartment burned to the ground.

(sometimes…he almost wishes for it.)

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Summary: I mean, it’s a Valentines fic. White Rose, Bumblebee fluff.

Words: 3,462

I wrote this in one day so it’s rushed.


            A sigh. Weiss absently sifted through her salad with her fork, supporting her cheek on her open palm.

            “I wonder where those two have gotten off to,” she said to no one in particular.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering what do you think about Sony Pictures intentionally exploiting feminism to promote the new Ghostbusters. Ignoring or outright removing any criticism towards the movie except for those few misogynistic voices, shaping the public opinion to make it seem like sexism is the only reason to criticize this movie. Are we supposed to fall for this and support this corporate product only because it stars women? I'm a feminist and I don't feel good about this whole thing.

Well you can’t really consume media that isn’t packaged and fed to you a certain way in order to make money. There isn’t such a thing. GOT is despicable and disgusting because they’ve learned that people buy shock value and the more blood they show, the more money HBO makes. Wes Anderson’s movies are cute and quirky and keep using the same famous actors, because that formula works for a certain audience and it will sell tickets. Everything is filtered through capitalism. Sure, maybe you can watch a small indie film that someone made for the pure love of the art, but even they had a target audience in mind when they made it. And, if Ghostbusters was that kind of movie and it genuinely celebrated feminism, it still wouldn’t be available to a wider audience. Kids don’t go see indie films. I probably never would have known about it.

Ghostbusters is a movie targeted primarily at me. I don’t get a lot of movies in a year for me, because capitalism and Sony Pictures knows that I, and the other millennial women in their twenties, are cynics without a lot of money. The bigger audiences are 14 year old boys (see: Marvel) and older married couples. So when capitalism decides to take it’s aim at me, and give me a movie that features four extremely talented female comedians, that ignores, pokes fun or sidelines male characters, that has the potential to really matter in some young girl’s life where she can can go grow up playing Ghostbusters - then I’LL TAKE IT. I will take that shit and I will run with it because even if Sony Pictures is a money grab and their interest is feminism is fake, the potential effect of the movie is very, very real.

Look at it this way. Mulan came out in 1998, when I was 7 years old, and it changed my life. I remember so vividly buying the VHS and watching the I’ll Make a Man out of you scene over and over and over again, watching Mulan make it to the top of that pole to throw down the arrow at Shang’s feet. My memory is pretty shit, but that I remember like it was yesterday. At the box office, Mulan made Disney about 300 million dollars, and that doesn’t account for all of the merchandise that they are still selling to this day. Disney has consistently used my emotional attachment to Mulan, and other characters, to sell me merchandise, DVDs, lunch boxes, Disney park tickets, tickets to other movies, etc, so I guess you could say that, when I buy a Mulan T-Shirt, I’m letting the corporate product win. But does that make my love for Mulan any less real? Didn’t that scene still shape who I am today? That might be fucked, but it’s true - I needed someone to look up to and Disney, even for money grab reasons, was able to give me that.

So Sony made money on Ghostbusters. So they don’t want us to notice the problems with the film (although! if you ask me! ghostbusters is supposed to be silly and not make that much sense so who the fuck cares) and to make this a ‘woman thing.’ But isn’t it kind of special that we are a strong enough market now that we can have a woman thing at all? Just ten years ago, it wouldn’t have been marketably viable to make a movie like Ghostbusters 2016 and yet here we are. We’re worth targeting. We get media made for us now. And, more then that, there are little girls in the world who want to grow up to be Jillian Holtzmann, who are checking out engineering books from the library and buying yellow tinted glasses and spending their afternoons hunting ghosts, and that, my friend, is pure and beautiful. 

July 28, 2015
  1. Aries
     Shaved ice

  2. Libra
     Sticky tape

  3. Sagittarius

  4. Aquarius

  5. Scorpio
     Bonus items

  6. Leo

  7. Virgo

  8. Taurus
     Curry rice

  9. Gemini

  10. Pisces
     Department store basement floor
     Light blue

  11. Cancer

  12. Capricorn
     Iced tea

Hello! I am an editor at Lunch Ticket Magazine, and I was wondering if you would share our information with your followers. Lunch Ticket has an emphasis on social justice, equity and community activism. We are currently open for submissions until April 30 this year for our June publication in all genres (fiction, nonfiction, flash prose, poetry, YA lit, translation & multilingual texts and visual art). There is no fee to submit. The links to our website can be found on our blog (www [dot] lunchticket [dot] org). Thank you! 

A not so kid friendly welcome...


Being the 17-year-old daughter of 2 celebrities made my life a living hell sometimes, but other times it was fun.

Today I was glad of it, because I had called my aunt Selena during lunch and got tickets for her highly anticipated new movie premiere for me and my friends! Selena told me to ask our parents if we could go first though, since she couldn’t reach them and it was easier for us to do it, so as soon as Danny, my annoying 13-year-old kid brother, and I got back from school we went searching for our parents.

“MOM? DAD?” I screamed as soon as I had dropped my bag in the front hall.

“Anyone home?” Danny screamed from behind me, shutting the front door.

“Maybe they are in the studio?” I said, “Come on!”

We ran down the hall to the basement stairs and went down to the home studio…. But they weren’t there.

“You sure the security guys said they were here?” I asked Danny, considering he had actually thought of asking them when we were let through the gates at the bottom of the drive.

“Yup! He said they hadn’t left all day… so they must be somewhere around here…” He replied.

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