lunch pale

Morning Rush

“Kids, I’m not gonna say it again, let’s go”, Shawn yells while zipping up each lunch pale. He looked down at his watch and sighed, they had fifteen minutes and they need fifteen hours!

“Daddy! Jax keeps hiding my stuff”, your youngest daughter, Summer, yelled down to her father.

Shawn, whom the stress was really piling on today, rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of frustration, “How does Y/N do this”, he whispered before pinching the bridge of his nose, “Jax! Give your sister her stuff! And where’s Cecilia? And Hunter”, he referred to your high schoolers.

“Right here”, Cecilia said while tapping away on her phone.

Shawn’s eyes went wide as he looked up at the sight of your daughter in a mini skirt and a crop top.

She saw his expression and spoke, “Mom lets me wear this”, she shrugged.

“The hell she does! Go change, now! And while you’re at it, grab your siblings”, he shook his head and she made her way upstairs.

“What Dad”, Cecilia’s twin brother, Hunter, sighed dramatically.

“We need to leave”, Shawn sighed again, “Your mom is gonna kill me.”

Hunter let out a laugh as Cecilia made her way downstairs with only Jax, “Got ‘em”, she said, still on her phone.

“Where’s Summer? Give this to me”, Shawn snatched her phone and put it on the counter, “Summer? Baby are you okay”, Shawn called to your youngest.

“No”, she cried.

Everyone’s eyes went wide as they looked up the stairs.

“What’s wrong”, he asked uneasily.

“Mr. Unicorn is in the toilet”, she sobbed as the other kids started laughing.

“Guys”, Shawn started while looking at his other three kids, “I’m coming! The rest of you, in the car now”, Shawn told them before running up the stairs.

“There we go baby, let’s just put it in the washing machine and dryer for a bit”, Shawn opened the washing machine, tossed it in, and got it started, “Now let’s go”, he washed his hands before grabbing his youngest daughter’s hand again and leading her down the stairs.

He opened the car door and buckled her in as Cecilia was face timing someone, “And her 'Mr. Unicorn’ got stuck in the toilet or something”, she rolled her eyes.

“Who are you on the phone with”, Shawn asked while sitting the driver’s seat, buckling up, and starting the car.

“Mo–”, she began.

“Shawn Peter Raul Mendes!” He winced as you yelled into the phone, “Put your Dad on, now!”

Cecilia passed the phone to Hunter, who passed it to Summer, who passed it Jax, who held it up for Shawn.

“Yes babe”, he asked while giving his attention to the road.

“If I get another call saying that the Mendes kids’ are late again, I will lose it”, you said while rubbing your temples.

“I think you already lost it”, Shawn mumbled as your kids busted into fits of laughter, a smile painted Shawn’s face at their reactions as he waited at a red light.

“Shawn”, you stated calmly into the phone, “I am coming back tonight. If I come home to messy rooms, kids, a dirty house, everyone, undid laundry”, you groaned at the thought, “Everyone is grounded! Including you Shawn!”

Shawn pinched the bridge of his nose as everyone soon followed, they got it from their dad.

“A-alright babe, love you”, he tried to keep a smile on his face as he hung up and the phone was handed back to Cecilia.

“Well”, Shawn pulled the car into a U-turn, “Looks like the Mendes kids aren’t going to be late again, they’re taking a 'sick day’”, he announced as fits of 'woo hoos’ and 'yays’ erupted through the car.

cleverlittlefox23  asked:

Could You do a Michael Mell x shy reader. Like maybe the reader is always made fun of by Michael just because she stutters and carries around a cat doll,and one day Michael takes it too far,so after that day the reader comes back to school,but different, and Michael becomes guilty and worried.

Stuffed Cat (Michael M. X Reader)

a/n: no happy ending this time. michael is kind of a prick.

w/c: 1,116

You hugged your stuffed cat close to your chest, a small frown on your face. You watched as Michael Mell pointed you out to Jeremy Heere, laughing slightly. You looked down as Michael approached, staring at your feet.

“Beginning of the new school year, and that’s the kind of reputation you want? The little girl who carries a doll everywhere and stutters?” Michael teased, making you frown and walk away.

“Jerk.” You mumbled, looking at your stuffed cat once again. It was the only thing you had left from your father, who had died in battle. His death had ripped away your childhood, which resulted in you acting like a child at age 17. Your therapist said he couldn’t do anything about it, and that this phase would go away eventually. You looked up from walking in the hallways, heading towards the lunch room. People were pointing and laughing at you, but you didn’t care. As long as you had your stuffed cat, you would be fine.

You stopped walking once you reached the cafeteria doors. You slowly looked around at the tables and frowned. All of them were full, or had some people. You wanted to sit alone. You shuffled back out of the door, your lunch in hand. You snuck out of the school and decided to eat in the woods. Sure, it was slightly weird your school had a trail into the woods. (a/n: mine actually does its really pretty back there)

The dirt on the ground was slightly wet and mushy as you took small steps. You walked for only a few minutes, discovering a bench looking out into a small pond. (a/n: we have this too 👌🏻)

You sat down on the bench, propping your cat doll next to you. You crossed your legs and set your lunch pale on them, opening it slowly. You pulled out a turkey sandwich and started eating, realizing how hungry you actually were.

“I hate school already.” You mumbled, rolling up the plastic baggie and shoving it into your lunch pale. You leaned forward for grab a rock and toss it into the water when you heard familiar boys laughing. You spun around and went to grab your stuffed cat, your eyes growing wide when you realized it was already gone. Your eyes darted up to see Michael laughing at it, ready to throw it.

“M-Michael! Give that back!” You cried, watching Michael throw it around with Jeremy.

“Aw, c'mon, you baby, let loose!” Michael laughed, chucking the doll to Jeremy. Jeremy threw the doll, and it plummeted towards the muddy ground. Michael laughed and picked it back up, ready to toss it again. i

“G-Give it back!” You screamed, making the boys stop throwing your stuffed cat. You had tears in your eyes and you were desperate. Michael felt a twinge of guilt, but he pushed it aside.

“Ok, Jesus, fine.” Michael tossed the doll at you without warning. He may have thrown a little too hard, because the doll landed behind you, in the water.

“No, no! M-Michael you idiot!!” You screamed, violently turning towards the water and dropping onto your knees. You heard whispering and footsteps slowly  coming towards you. You were trying to reach out to grab it as it sunk. Tears started streaming out of your eyes as you stared at the ripples where your doll wanna under.

“L-look, I’m sorry, okay? I can buy you a new one, if you wa-” Michael started, fidgeting and sounding genuinely sorry.

“Get out of my face.” You whispered, anger growing inside you.

“Uh, what?” Michael mumbled, stepping closer to you.

“Get out of my face!” You cried, standing up and shoving Michael. Jeremy ran forward, going to help Michael up. You ran out of the woods, tears pouring off your face. You were sick of being teased and pushed around. You were sick of being stared at, laughed at, and mocked. On your way home, you decided it was time for you to change. ‘Get ready for the new me.’

The next day at school, Michael had looked for you everywhere, but he couldn’t find you. He wanted apologize and give you a hug, but that wasn’t going to happen. During lunch, there were a bunch of people crowding around a table and laughing. He got a peek through the crowd, and saw you. You had changed completely. You had (curled/straightened) your hair, and you were wearing makeup. You had a tight short sleeve t-shirt and very short, ripped shorts. You also had a red flannel wrapped around your waist. Had you gotten a spray tan?

Michael turned red, and thought you looked hot. He couldn’t help but feel guilty that he did this.  He had the biggest crush on you but he didn’t know how to act, so he teased you instead of showing affection. ‘I took it too far, I always do.’ Michael sighed and sat at his normally full, but now empty lunch table. He stared at his lunch, not hungry at all. The only thing he felt was guilt. You changed yourself completely, all because he took a joke too far. It wasn’t even a funny joke! Michael didn’t look up until someone sat across from him.

“Jere-(y/n)?” Michael blurted, shocked. He figured it would be Jeremy, not you.

“Yeah, hi. Just so you know, fucktard, that doll was from my father.” You snapped, crossing your arms. 'Did you just swear!?!? ..My god had you changed.’ Michael nodded, waiting for you to go on.

“He’s probably dead. He went missing in action about, meh, seven years ago? Yeah. That was the last thing I got from him, ever.” Michael froze, guilt making want to him cringe.

“Look, I didn’t know okay? I have a crush on you, and I didn’t-don’t know how to talk to you.” Michael pleaded for forgiveness with his eyes. You frowned and crossed your arms.

“You ruined all your chances, Michael. I’m probably overreacting, but I don’t forgive you. You ruined the old me. Get used to new me.” You snapped, standing up and walking out of the lunch room. Tears gathered in Michael’s eyes as he watched you walk away. He had just lost his crush, the girl he had liked since middle school. He could only hope you would forgive him someday.

“Bye (y/n),” Michael whispered, putting his face into his hands and holding back tears.

(a/n: oh god this is a horrible ending)

I Want

Dear Future Girlfriend,

I want to take you out on a date, somewhere you have never been before, just to surprise you.

I want to go laser tagging with you, and light you up!

I want to go to a museum with you, and learn a bunch of crap.

I want to take you fishing, just because I think it would be fun.

I want to put notes in your lunch pale, just to make you smile while you are at work.

I want to play in the rain with you, just to play in the rain with you.

I want to throw a snow ball at you, and start a snowball fight.

I want to open doors for you.

I want to go see a movie, and just spend the entire time making out in the back row.

I want to do Pinterest projects with you, and fail miserably at them.

I want to watch football with you, whether you know what is going on or you don’t, either way I am going to love every second of it.

I want to sit around a bonfire with you, a cold beer in my hand, and just live in the moment.

I want to hold your hand on long car rides, or swipe my thumb across your thigh.

I want to kiss your temple when you are having a bad day.

I want to be your support person, someone you can rely on, when you need me.

I want to make you smile.

I want to kiss away your tears.

I want to cuddle you until we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I want to share a glass of wine with you over dinner, while we talk about our day.

I want to go out and have drinks with our friends, and just enjoy the night.

I want to see you in my sweatpants and my oversized hoodie, just because I know you will look incredibly adorable in them.

I want to make you chicken noodle soup when you are sick.

I want to eat a hot and ready pizza, by candlelight, in our pillow fort.

I want to go on a hike, and lay underneath the stars just holding you.

I want a beach and watch the sunset with you.
I want to walk hand in hand through a flea market, picking out crazy decorations for our house.

I want to bring you flowers home from work and give them to you, just to see you smile.

I want to hold you when you are having a bad day.

I want so many things.

But, I can’t have them until I have you.

So, I guess I should have started this letter with:

I want you.


meggimed  asked:

Kuroken with Kuroo having a very bad day overall, and now a pounding headache now that he's home, drenched by the heavy rain.

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic if you’re sure you’d like to continue reading!

Kuroo didn’t like labels.  They made things feel deceptively permanent, falsely mutually exclusive, and generally excessively dramatic.  Thus, he tried not to label his days as being “good” or “bad.”  Today, however, was an exception.

Although he hadn’t woken up on the wrong side of the bed, per say, he had woken up on the floor, and with a terrible crick in his neck at that.  Which sucked, but at that point he was still able to convince himself that it wasn’t a bad enough to be a Bad™ day yet.

Then he realized he’d woken up an hour and a half late and he decided that it at least had potential.  

He rushed to get ready, knowing he’d miss first and second period at the very least, but hoping to make it to third period on time since he had a Statistics exam.  The getting ready went pretty smoothly, and Kuroo started to think that maybe the day would get better.

Needless to say, he was wrong.

There was no food in his house.  None.  He’d forgotten to get the groceries last night, and this was the result.  He slammed the cabinet door shut, losing his cool a bit before reminding himself to stay calm.  He managed to do so, right up until he saw the unread messages on his phone screen.

From: Kitten
Time: 6:45 am
where r u

From: Kitten
Time: 6:53 am
r u coming

Call from: Kitten
Time: 6:55 am

From: Kitten
Time: 7:02 am
we r gonna b late

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:02 am

From: Kitten
Time: 7:03 am
im gonna skip if u do

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:03 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:04 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:04 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:04 am

Call from: Kitten
Time: 7:05 am

From: Kitten
Time: 7:05 am
mom’s making me go

“Shit!”  He couldn’t help it.  This time he shouted out loud.  One good thing was that his parents were out of town, so nobody heard him, but it didn’t really make him feel any better either.  By the time he texted Kenma back his hands were shaking and his head was pulsing vaguely behind his eyes.

To: Kitten
Time: 9:24 am
Kenma I am so sorry I totally overslept.  Hang in there.  I’m on my way.

And then he was, as he had told Kenma, on his way, begrudgingly taking with him a headache instead of breakfast, but on his way nonetheless.  He was forced to make a large detour due to a new construction site’s cropping up.  He scowled.  Not only was it inconvenient, but they’d already cut down his favorite tree.  It was where he’d met Kenma.  And now suddenly it was gone forever.

By the time he got to school, it was already 20 minutes into third period.  Kenma still hadn’t responded to his text, Kuroo couldn’t stop thinking about how his favorite tree was gone, his head still hurt from having been unable to eat, and his neck still hurt from having fallen off his bed.  Basically, he felt like crying.  Instead, he shot Kenma another text and went to take his test.

To: Kitten
Time: 10:30 am
I’m sorry Kenma, I really am.  I’ll see you at lunch, okay?

During the test could barely focus.  He was so hungry, and the combination of the crick in his neck and his mild headache was really starting to get to him, making it hard to remember material even though he’d stayed up late memorizing it.  Still, he was nearly finished when the teacher stopped them.  Five minutes early.  Kuroo couldn’t believe it.  When the teacher came by he started to protest.

“Excuse me, but I believe we should have another five minutes?  I’m almost done, and-“

“Well, Mr. Kuroo, maybe you should have thought of that before you came to the test 20 minutes late.”

“But-“  The teacher took his papers.  Kuroo sighed and relented.  It wasn’t like he really had a valid excuse anyway, and he was truly too exhausted to argue any further.

He slunk to the cafeteria, scrolling through his non-existent new text messages in a daze.  He wondered how angry Kenma was.  

Angry enough, he soon discovered, to avoid sitting at their usual table.

“Damnit,” he mumbled, wanting to kick himself.  He shook his head.  Kenma could be anywhere.  At the moment, however, Kuroo felt like if he didn’t eat, he would pass out, so he got in the lunch line.  It wasn’t until he was at the register that he realized: his wallet was gone.

As his hand searched his pocket, which had nothing in it but a hole, his face paled.  The lunch lady was glaring at him, tapping her fingers impatiently.

“I, uh,” he stuttered, still searching his pocket in disbelief even though he knew he wouldn’t find anything there.  His throat got tight in that way it did when he wanted to cry but refused to do so, and he opened his mouth to explain what had happened.

Just then, a small figure popped up beside him and stuck a wad of cash into his hand.  Kuroo looked down in surprise, then let out a breath of relief.  It was Kenma.  He was pouting and aggressively avoiding eye contact, but he was there.  Kuroo smiled, paid for his food, and then followed Kenma as he stalked away.  They ended up underneath a tree.  Kenma sat down with his back to it and started eating, just a bit.  Kuroo tried to sit next to him, but Kenma immediately scuttled to the opposite side of the tree so that their backs were to each other.

“Kenma…”  Kuroo spooned some of his lunch into his mouth.  Despite how hungry he was, he couldn’t appreciate the food when he was so worried about his best friend.  Hoping it would help him think more clearly, he made himself eat anyway.

“The teacher called me out for being late,” Kenma mumbled, not looking up from his food.

Kuroo’s throat tightened again.  He knew how much Kenma hated being the center of attention, and this time it was Kuroo’s fault that he’d been made the focal point for his entire class.

“I’m sorry, Kenma.  Really, I am,” Kuroo apologized, not knowing what else he could say.  He didn’t think telling Kenma that he’d been called out for being late, too, would help matters, and yet it felt like his brain was short-circuiting, only capable of looping through the day’s regrets and sending him sharp bursts of physical and psychological pain.

They ate in silence for the next fifteen minutes.  Then Kenma spoke up again.

“They cut down the tree.”

Kuroo looked up, hearing that Kenma’s voice was much closer than it had been before.  Sure enough, the smaller boy was now next to him.  He could see the slight crease in Kenma’s brow that meant he was upset.  Kuroo hated that Kenma was upset, but he was glad that the tree meant something to him, too.

“I know, Ki- uh, Kenma,” he corrected.  Kenma looked up from his game and gave Kuroo a long, bland stare.  Then he shrugged and turned back to his game.  They didn’t say much else before the bell rang and they had to go to class.

The second half of Kuroo’s day was nearly as bad as the first.  He was assigned group projects in all three of his afternoon classes.  He hated group projects with a passion, because it always meant working with idiots.  It didn’t help that his headache had yet to go away, even though he’d been sure to eat more than enough at lunch.  He scowled, and tried to be nice to his group mates in spite of their infuriating stupidity.

He had at least been looking forward to practice, but when he got to the gym it was empty.  Then he remembered that the coach was out of town dealing with a family emergency and had cancelled practice.  Normally the team would meet anyway, but quite a few of the other team members had other events to attend today anyway and were taking advantage of the time off.  Kuroo pulled his phone out to text Kenma to ask where to meet him so they could walk home together, but could hardly believe the message on his screen.

From: Kitten
Time: 2:52 pm
im in a hurry, so ill go home ahead

Kuroo rubbed his temple.  Kenma was never in a hurry, so he must still be angry.  He’d thought they were on okay terms after lunch, but maybe he was wrong.  The thought only made his head hurt worse.

To: Kitten
Time: 2:58 pm
Are you still mad at me?  Kenma, I’m really sorry.

To: Kitten
Time: 2:59 pm
Be safe on your way home.

To: Kitten
Time: 3:00 pm
Text me when you get there?

Kuroo sighed.  He couldn’t force Kenma to respond, and he knew his friend wouldn’t answer his phone if he tried calling, so he stowed his cell in his pocket - the one without a hole in it - and started walking back, slowly, and with his eyes trained on the ground.

It was, of course, only fitting, then, that he would be surprised by a sudden downpour about five minutes into the 25 minute walk.  He looked up at the sky for a moment.  Normally he would curse it out, but at this point he didn’t even have enough energy to do so.  He just blinked a few times and trudged on.

By the time he got home his new shoes were ruined, he was soaked to the bone, and his head was positively pounding.  It was so bad that he was having trouble seeing.  Nausea turned his stomach as he stumbled around his house closing all of the blinds and trailing water everywhere.  Finally, he made it to his room.  It was only when he was in his bed, curled up (still wet) around an empty trashcan and shaking like a leaf, that he allowed himself to admit that it had been a Bad™ day.  His phone pinged, but Kuroo was on the verge of falling asleep, so he half-subconsciously muted it and drifted off.

“…’uro.  Kuro, wake up.  Kuro, please.” Kuroo awoke to a soft voice.  He only just had time to recognize it as Kenma’s before his stomach flipped viciously.  He panicked for a moment, but fortunately the trashcan was still in his arms.  He sat up, ducked his head into it and was almost immediately being sick.  The act only made his head hurt worse.

Kenma made a strangled, shocked noise, but caught his friend as he dipped sideways, dizzy and half blind from pain.

“-uck,” he mumbled, and then heaved and threw up again.  He blearily looked at the mess at the bottom of the trashcan and instantly vomited two more times at the sight of it.  When he was finally able to pull away, Kenma was looking at him with wide eyes.

“Kenma, I’m-“ Kuroo rasped, intending to apologize, but Kenma cut him off, a shaking hand wiping residual sick off of his face with a Kleenex.

“Are you sick?”  Kenma asked bluntly.  Kuroo shook his head minutely and winced.

“Migraine,” he muttered.

Kenma blinked at him and nodded.

“Kenma, why…?”

Kenma frowned.  “You didn’t get my text?”

Kuroo’s eyes darted to the desk stand where his phone lay, and Kenma scooped it up without any hesitation.  If he’d been 100%, Kuroo wouldn’t have made the mistake of looking at it in the first place.  If he’d been even 70%, he would have reacted much more quickly, quickly enough at least to get it out of Kenma’s hands before he read anything Kuroo didn’t want him to see.  As it was, he felt like he was dying a torturous death, so he ended up protesting only after Kenma was staring at the screen.  In fact, he reacted just as Kenma’s eyes widened marginally, expression otherwise unreadable.

Kenma showed him the screen.  Sure enough, there it was.  That “From: Kitten.”  Kuroo’s face flared red in embarrassment.

“Kenma, I can expl-“

“I got your wallet.”  Kenma stated suddenly.

“What?”  Kuroo started to frown in confusion but a stab of pain to his head forced him to relax into a neutral expression again.  Kenma showed him the screen again, and Kuroo scrolled through his notifications in amazement.

From: Kitten
Time: 3:29 pm
coming over

From: Kitten
Time: 3:30 pm
found your wallet

Call from: Kitten
Time: 3:30 pm

Call from: Kitten
Time: 3:31 pm

From: Kitten
Time: 3:32 pm
is your phone broken

From: Kitten
Time: 3:42 pm

From: Kitten
Time: 3:43 pm
let me in

From: Kitten
Time: 3:44 pm
u shouldnt leave the door unlocked

“Kenma, did you really…?  In the rain?  You found…?”  Kuroo could hardly speak his throat was so tight with tears on the verge of spilling.  Kenma handed him his wallet.  It was soaked through, but it was undeniably his.  His credit card was there, his student ID was there, his insurance card…

He only barely prevented himself from sobbing, and only did so because he feared it would make his head hurt worse.  Then Kenma spoke up again, quieter this time.

“And… You can call me Kitten if you want to.”

That was it.  Even as it intensified his pain, Kuroo dissolved into tears.

“Kuro!”  Kenma tensed up and made to examine his friend for any further signs of pain or injury, but Kuroo held up a hand.

“’s okay, Ken- Kitten,” he mumbled, and then laughed.  “’s just been a really long day, and you made it so - hic! - so much better,” he explained.

“Kuro…”  Kenma whispered, reaching out a hand.

Then the nausea got the better of him and Kuroo lurched for the trashcan, retching painfully until he burped up the rest of his stomach contents.  Kenma made a face, but still wiped Kuroo clean before taking the trashcan away.  He moved to stand up, presumably to clean it out, but Kuroo grabbed his wrist.


Kenma hesitated.  “I have to-“

“I’ll clean it later.  Actually, I’ll just throw it out.  Please, Kitten?”

A funny expression crossed over Kenma’s face then.  Something gentle, something vulnerable, maybe even emotional.  Kuroo couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was before it was gone, but it didn’t matter, because Kenma nodded, and then crawled into the bed.

It didn’t take long for Kuroo to fall asleep after that.  As he did so, he thought about what an incredible day it had been.  He smiled.

This was why he hated labels.

“Maybe Tomorrow” (Elorcan Fanfic) [Chapter 3]

I hate make excuses so I’m just gonna say SORRYYYYY. If you guys didn’t know, I’m writing these chapter by chapter, and my lack of planning sometimes makes it hard for me to figure out what direction I want this series, and the characters in it, to go in. I’m also participating in Booktube-a-thon this week (or at least trying to) so I’ve had little to no time to write. Regardless, here is chapter 3. Enjoy Ducklings :)) I also updated my master list for you guys, so that should have everything I’ve written so far, including chapter 3 of “Maybe Tomorrow.”

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Elide knew it would take time to get used to Orynth High, it always toke time to adjust to a new school and their student culture. From the relatively laid-back teachers to the deeply rooted political activism, Orynth High was already throwing Elide for a loop and she wasn’t really sure when she would get used to all of it.

But the lunch room, the lunch room, without a doubt, would take the most getting used to.

She had thought the hallways this morning were busy, but it was nothing, nothing, compared to this.

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SasuSaku Month - Day 16: That Day || [Fanfic] In Sickness and in Health

Title: In Sickness and in Health

Rating: K+/PG

Notes: No, I haven’t forgotten about Day 15, but I had to change the order in the Prompts so they could fit the story. At first, I was going to go with the original order, but nothing I wrote satisfied me (besides this, I suddenly came up with an idea for the prompt inspired by an unexpected information about snakes that I came across on a book but I couldn’t match it with my original idea…). So, I decided to swap them and finally, the chapter started to have some sense.

What happens to Sasuke here is loosely inspired by ch. 9 of one of my favourite josei manga, Hapi Mari by Enjouji Maki. It’s a good reading in case you’re intersted in the genre and haven’t taken a look at it yet (≧∇≦*)

Also, as I said before that I would do, I want to tell you that this is the second to last chapter of this story. Finally, Sasuke and Sakura will get their ending on the next instalment (I hope to finish it on time for the end of the SSM, since tomorrow I’m having a very busy day…)

As always, if there’s something wrong (spaces, brackets…), please, tell me. I hope you enjoy it :)


-white miso: a type of paste to make soup. There are three kinds of miso, the white one is soft and slightly sweet.

Words: 5821



With great care, Sakura put the crystal and silver flower hairpin on the side of the braided bun she wore that day and secured it, looking in the mirror of the changing room to check that it was in the perfect place.

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Control (Pt 7)

Pt 1

Sean was finally able to shut his eyes. He let his head droop down to his chest, and the moment he shut his eyes he was greeted with peace.

“Now vat?” The Doctor asked Chase.

“I need to find the kids. They’ve got to be hiding somewhere,” Chase’s mind wandered to what his two children were doing. In his mind, they were probably hiding alone in the dark. Sam is afraid of the dark, Chase reminded himself. He knew that Sam always hated to hide from Anti. It made them feel alone.

That was, until Grayson became a part of their lives. He slowly became Sam’s idol, and Chase loved to think about how much they did together. One of the many things he was proud of was a conversation he overheard them having before dinner one night.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked.

“I’m hiding!” Grayson giggled.

“From what?”

“Who cares! It’s like a game,” Grayson would tell them, “And you wanna know the best place to hide from the bad guys?”

Sam’s eyebrow scrunched up with curiosity. Chase had always loved when they did that.


“In the dark!”

Sam let out a small gasp.

“No! The dark is where they are,” Sam argued.

“That’s why it’s the best hiding spot. If they think you’re afraid of it, they’ll never look.”

Grayson was the ideal image of an older brother. All he wanted was to keep Sam safe, and after all of this Chase was sure he would hold him to that.

Chase thought about the smells of his kitchen. He remembered the salty aroma of homemade pepperoni pizza. It was Sam’ s favorite.

He remembered how when Sam was little, they loved the idea of balls. Chase had collected a small lunch pale of rubber bouncy balls, and one day Sam got ahold of it and tore it open. They both ran around the living room screaming, “The balls are attacking!” and “I love balls!” as the walls and ceiling were dented due to the harshness of the rubber.

Chase remembered how enthusiastic Grayson had been to create a garden, and how well he took care of it. He loved the honey-like scent of lilacs always drifting through their little house. He loved how often they would end up using fruits and vegetables that Grayson had planted in their recipes.

He loved them.

Tears began to swell up in Chase’s eyes.

“How has Gray been doing?” Schneep asked.

Chase wiped his eyes with his shirt.

“Better. I can never thank you enough for what you did.”

“Don’t mention it,” Schneep nodded, “It is my job. After all, who would keep you idiots alive if I vas gone?”