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DannyMay Day Twenty one: Pain/Rest

…It’s finally over. Pariah is back in the sarcophagus of forever sleep, the town is out of the Ghost Zone and all the ghosts are back in their own lairs. He’s so exhausted not even his Ghost Sense could wake him from his slumber.

Even if the ghosts were inside his room watching.

They could finally return home. All was well in both worlds. They wanted to visit their favorite ghost punk and thank him for saving the Ghost Zone, in their own special way. By causing mass chaos and wrecking havoc throughout the town. However, when they passed the portal’s threshold the house was empty. No sign of the hunters. The only sound was the snoring coming from upstairs.

Phasing through the lab ceiling, the hoard of apparitions make their way to the brat’s room. The snoring is so strong the doorknob rattles. They exchange puzzles glances. The boy should have made an appearance by now. They turn to the door and Ember slowly reaches for the knob. Glancing at the others she opens the door. What greets them is not what they were expecting. Sprawled every which way is Danny sleeping like a log.

“Awww, the poor dearie is exhausted!”

“Who cares, wake the welp. I have a new weapon to test”

“Shut up Skulker, the dipstick wouldn’t be much sport if you hunt him while he’s whipped out”

“Besides, he looks so cute when he’s sleeping! I just wanna cuddle him!”

“Hey! You’re my girl. I’m the only one you get to cuddle”

“Oh shut up Jonny, I didn’t mean anything by it”

“Hmmm, the punk still owes me ten thousand years regardless if he saved the Zone or not”

“Oh hush you! He just saved the world! Don’t be such a bully, give him a break”

“What I want to know is how he can live in this pigsty, ewww!”

“Bertrand, that is hardly the issue here, the real issue is why a kid would need so much NASA memorabilia? I wonder how miserable he’ll be if we destroy it?”

“I think it’s cool! Space is way cooler than a pirate! I’m gonna be an Astronaut next!”

“Why is he not cowering in fear of me? I AM THE BOX GHOST!”

“Quiet you fool! You’ll wake the young whippersnapper!”

“I do believe it is time for us to take our leave. The boy has long wished for a good night’s rest. It’s about time we grant his wish”

Desiree waves her hand and in a puff of green smoke the denizens of the Zone return to their lairs. Danny none-the-wiser, turns over and continues his well deserved full nights sleep.


you’ve all heard of ghost hunger, now get ready for ghost dining, ghost snacking, ghost feasting. Ghost products and services. Ghost consumerism. Mass ghost food corporations. Ghost capitalism

Headcanon that might've been done before.

Because Danny was hit with the energy of the ENTIRE ghost zone when he became a halfa, he potentially has all the powers of every inhabitant of the ghost zone. But the thing I’m excited for are the little traits he’ll pick up because of this once he’s older and more developed. Maybe late twenties when his powers are in full maturity but a touch of youth still.

He suddenly has an interest in how his parents’ tech works. Every circuit, every button. People think it’s because he’s their son, or maybe Tucker? But no. It’s Technus.

He tends to give out amazing and specific advice because he understands how the average person’s brain works or thinks. Was it because of Jazz? Nah. Spectra knows how the mind works like the back of her hand.

He gets overly competitive during gym sometimes. Now he doesn’t hold back as much and doesn’t TRY to lose at anything. Was it Tetslaff? Dash? Nope, it’s Skulker.

He needs attention. He’s very emotional and needy. Whenever someone gets upset with him, he’ll try to fix it immediately. Did it come from his sister being so smart and achieving her goals while his grades are in the shitter so he has to be reassured and get constant confirmation that he isn’t a bother? Haha not even close. Klemper.

He takes a slight notice in botany now. Everyone assumes it’s to impress Sam, but by this point it’s apparent that Undergrowth is to blame.

Somehow he manages to recreate any melody he’s heard. Whether it’s tapping his pencil on his desk or fiddling with one of the band geeks instruments, he can make amazing music. Hidden talent or was it Ember?

While he struggles to fit in, he isn’t afraid to take charge and lead when necessary. However, he isn’t always the leader with a iron fist (though at times he can be). He often is understanding and guiding. A mentor but also a calculating machine. Where’d he get this? A combination of Paraiah Dark, the Ghost King and Frostbite, Leader of the Far Frozen.

He gets into interior decorating as well. Setting up the rooms so the furniture matches the paint’s accents. He loves drawers and closet space. Lowkey Box Ghost…

Speaking of, he’s like the lunch lady because he can cook up a storm. He makes the kitchen look like a natural disaster but the food is SO WORTH IT!

He never needs a GPS. Whenever going on long road trips, he somehow has a strong sense of direction. Animal instinct? Or an Animal’s Instinct? Wulf, mi amiko.

He’s stubborn. Sometimes playfully, sometimes painfully. Whenever he sinks his teeth into a thought, he won’t let it go. He’s such a dork sometimes. But he’s cute even if its annoying. Cujo.

He knows manners though. And when he’s talking to a superior he listens with the upmost respect. Its like he is afraid to so much as put a toe out of line. Fright Knight and Walker.

So he’s amazing at things like cooking and interior decorating but he isn’t any less masculine, because he still knows how to fix machinery and cars like magic. But it isn’t magic. It’s Johnny 13.

I havent been sitting on this for years btw. It just sorta flowed outta me.

The Signs as Danny Phantom Villains

Aries: The Lunch Lady Ghost

Taurus: Desiree

Gemini: The Box Ghost

Cancer: Vlad Masters/Plasmius

Leo: Valerie Gray

Virgo: Walker

Libra: The Sphinx

Scorpio: Nicolai Technus

Sagittarius: Femalien

Capricorn: Skulker

Aquarius: Ember McLain

Pisces: Danielle “Dani” Phantom

creativenostalgiastuff  asked:

I know at this point you haven't watched/analyzed this far, but as it relates to ghosts and their obsession, how do you think Box Lunch works? Can ghosts be born from two parental ghosts, or is her obsession the parents and that's why she exists as such a strong combination of the two? I'm just generally curious about your thoughts on her since she's such a random character creation (in my opinion).

Box Lunch is one of the weirdest and most confusing things the show has ever thrown at us, even more than a lot of things in season 3. Her mere existence raises so many questions. Like…ghosts can procreate? How does that work? Why does that work? Why did the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady wanna do that? Did Box Lunch exist in any form before she was a ghost? Can she age, or did she come into being as a little girl? There are a lot of confusing things in that special, but none nearly as much as her.

The only thing I can think of is, well…ghosts are able to indulge in things that aren’t part of their obsession. Ember has her hatred of adults. Kitty has her relationship with Johnny. Even the Box Ghost’s fascination with boxes is just part of his personality and not something that’s part of the core of his being.

So…maybe both the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady wanted to have kids in life, but never got to. I imagine there’d have to be a way to indulge that if that’s something a ghost regretted about their life. There’s gotta be ghosts who have something like that as their obsession.

Box Lunch does seem to be a combination of her parents’ personalities as well as their looks, so maybe ghosts can create offspring in a way that’s similar to how minions and Level 10 ghosts come into being. The ghosts in a sense create them as an extension of their consciousness, but instead of one ghost, it’s the combination of two ghosts, which allows the offspring to develop their own consciousness like how Level 10 ghosts do?

I don’t know. Those are just guesses based on the theories and headcanons I already have. I can’t imagine ghosts reproduce the way living things do, but we never see anything else like Box Lunch in the series, so it’s hard to figure out how this stuff is supposed to work. What’s more, she’s from the future, and we don’t see the Lunch Lady at all, so all we know is “at some point in the future, this is a thing that happened somehow.”

I plan on doing a post on her when I get to that point, but yeah. I agree with you. She’s very random.

The signs as Danny Phantom Villains

Box Ghost: Pisces 

Vlad Plasmius: Aries

Desiree: Aquarius 

Johnny 13: Sagittarius 

Fright Knight: Capricorn

Evil Danny: Scorpio

Walker: Leo

Skulker: Taurus 

Ember Mclain: Virgo

Technus: Cancer

Lunch Lady Ghost: Gemini

Sidney Pointdexter: Libra

Why I Don’t Think Sam is Well-written and How the Show Sidelines Her Faults

Part 1


There was a post before this on headcanons that would compensate for her ‘sucky’ canon and I got into a discussion with someone in the notes. I had a general dislike towards Sam Manson as a character before I replied to them but, the more I explained what I thought, the more I realized how broken Sam Manson as a character is. I used to look up to Sam when I was 12-16 or so years old but, now being 22 years old with a whole 10 to 6 years of hindsight, the influence she had on my thinking was pretty awful. This essay is to merely analyze what is wrong with Sam Manson as a character throughout the entire course of the show and go through all the details.

If you think I’m going to heavy hit Sam through the entire post, not to worry. I’m going to also tackle details in which Sam was portrayed well and will give a pat in a backs for the writing when I deem it as appropriate. I will bold the bad points, italicize the good points and strikethrough potential setups so that you can read certain parts you are after or try to see what I think of her portrayal and the circumstances around her in the show. You’d be surprised how much I actually praised her in one episode.

Bad points will mostly likely be:

  • Sam being a Karma Houdini… I think this pretty much sums up my entire problem with Sam.

Good points will most likely be:

  • Her redeeming qualities and flaws like a normal human being
  • Her role and influence in the story and Danny’s life

Extra Note: This might actually be a series of posts because I have a lot of feelings on how Sam was handled.

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anonymous asked:

any idea what val's body shape is supposed to be like? her hunter gear makes her seem so slimmed out yet she's got a rather chubby face/body-shape in civilian-mode so...?

I personally always saw her as just being thick but muscular. Considering all the constant rigorous workouts and hunting she goes through it doesn’t really make much sense for me to see her as still chubby. At least when you compare her to other notably heavy characters like Jack, Lunch Lady and Box Ghost… Val’s body honestly seems alot more average in size and mass imo. 

Also having a chubby/round face doesn’t automatically mean the person’s entire body is the exact same shape too… I mean, just look at Ember:

Her face is probably the roundest of all the DP girls yet her body is still more of a slim hourglass. So I think the same could apply to Valerie that she’s just a slightly thicker-than-average but still generally fit girl (with her suit probably just being very tight & form-fitting).