lunch is the best meal always duh


had the best food luck today when I ran into my very favorite food truck at the exact moment I actually felt super hungry.cinnamon snail can do no wrong in my book and today’s sammy was no exception.

I ate the seitan al pastor with seitan, grilled pineapple, chipotle mayo, greens, and beer battered jalapeños on baguette. so silly delicious. 

So after mentioning two days ago that The Cinnamon Snail just may be my favorite place to eat in nyc I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Luckily, I had a morning doctors appointment in Manhattan and stopped there after for lunch!

I tried the special and it was totally amazing and filling: Korean smoked chili seitan sausage and potato sub, with arugula, kimchi and pickled mango aioli on grilled baguette