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Musically Attracted

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Musically Attracted

- Chaeyoung Focus

Word Count: 1511

Making your way downstairs, you held onto your lunch bag in one hand and a stack of papers in the other. Lunch break was your favourite time of the school day because you could go ahead and use the music room however you wanted, as long as you didn’t leave food or trash anywhere. Ever since you were young, you enjoyed the sound of classical music. And as you grew older, you had decided to join the school’s band and take private piano lessons. The joy of creating music was far greater than listening. That’s why you were in the music room every lunch break, playing piano right after you finished eating.

Today was no different, you took your sheets of music and arrived in the music room five minutes after the lunch bell rang. Plopping down on the bench, you placed your lunch down on the ground and set up your music sheets on the piano stand. Faintly, you could still hear the rest of the school laughing and talking loudly from upstairs. Although you had your music to accompany yourself, you sometimes craved for another to share your interest in music with. The only one that you really wanted to share this with was Chaeyoung, a beautiful girl from your math class. But, after realizing that she likes rap and hip hop music, you decided that she probably wouldn’t enjoy listening to classical since the styles were so drastically different.

Stretching your fingers and hands a little, you started to warm up by playing some scales. No one ever heard you since the rest of the school was so loud, and even if they did, they’d disregard the music and continue to do what they were doing before. Not that you minded, of course. After you figured that your fingers were ready, you began to shift through some sheets of music until you picked out a classic from Mozart. Your fingers danced across the keys, and the music echoed in the entire room so strongly that it reached the ears of Chaeyoung who had come downstairs to use the washroom.

What’s that sound? Sounds like someone’s using the music room… I thought no one was allowed there during lunch time. Maybe I should go see what’s up. Chaeyoung thought to herself as she made her way downstairs. She paused her music and popped out her earbuds. Huh, it’s that guy from math class. I didn’t know he played piano, he’s always so shy. He’s pretty good too. I wonder if he has special permission to be in here? I don’t want to interrupt though.

Chaeyoung stood at the doorway and watched you play from there. After you had finished, she politely knocked on the door.

“Hey, are you supposed to be in here?” Chaeyoung asked as she walked on over to you.

Caught off guard, you almost fell off the piano bench.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m always here. The teachers know, it’s fine.”
“”Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you. I heard you playing earlier and I didn’t want to interrupt so I kept quiet until after you finished.”
“No, no, it’s fine. It’s just that I wasn’t expecting anyone.”

Chaeyoung nodded and turned to leave.

“Wait, hey, did you like the piece I just played?” You asked quickly, catching her attention once again.
“Yeah… it was nice. I kind of prefer more modern music though, but it still sounded superb. I didn’t know you could play piano.”
“I really enjoy classical music, so I decided to learn piano from a very young age. No one is ever here to listen to me though, I guess classical isn’t that popular with everyone.”
“Really? Well, maybe you’re right, but I’m sure lots of people out there enjoy listening to jazz, rock, classical, the oldies.” Chaeyoung said, smiling.
“Thanks. Anyways, uhm, I’ll see you in math class?”
“Yeah, of course. Maybe I’ll drop by again sometime and you can play an entire recital here.” Chaeyoung commented before leaving.

You gave her a smile before turning back to the piano. Chaeyoung is so pretty, I wonder what it’ll be like if she sat with me during lunch breaks. We could have so much fun together, but I know she doesn’t like the kind of music that I do. I wish that Chaeyoung would actually come and listen to me play during lunch breaks. Wait, why not? Just because she likes pop doesn’t mean that I can’t incorporate that into piano… I can learn make some ballads of her favourite songs! As you became more and more excited about the possibility of having Chaeyoung listen to you, you completely forgot about how you were going to get her here in the first place. The lunch bell rang a second time, signalling the end of the lunch break which also meant the end of your piano playing for the day. Math class is next, I’ll find some sort of way to attract her. Should I just ask her out straight up? No, no, that’s rude and way too direct. Maybe I can ask her to meet up after school or something? Nah, that’s confusing for her and maybe she won’t show up. What about a note? Yeah… something subtle and discreet. I can just pass along the note, I won’t have to put myself out there and I can tell what her response is just from her reaction! Perfect. Now, to put it into motion.

Passing by Chaeyoung’s desk, you realized that you had to somehow make your way all the way to the front without looking weird or awkward. Since your desk was so far away, you definitely had to create a distraction of some sort. I’ll just throw my eraser there or something and as I go get it, I’ll drop off the note to her. My god, that’s so cheesy but it’ll work. Hopefully. Alright, time to write the note. On a small scrap piece of paper, you wrote down your message to Chaeyoung.

Hey Chaeyoung, its (Y/N). I was wondering if you wanted to come down and listen to me play piano again. I know that classical music might not be your favourite, but I’m sure that I can surprise you if you come again. And… maybe we can get some food sometime? I sincerely hope that you come, because I think that you’re really beautiful and your appreciation for music is something I truly admire.

You reread your little blurb over and over again until you could memorize every single word. This is never going to work. Still, I’ve got to try at least. Determined, you grabbed your eraser and tossed it near Chaeyoung’s desk which was located at the front of the classroom. There, now I just have to make my way over there. You got up from your seat quietly, with the piece of paper hidden in your palm, and made your way there quickly. As you leaned down to pick up your eraser, you rested your hand on Chaeyoung’s desk for support. When you stood up again, you left the note on her desk and speedily returned to your desk. Looking around the classroom, you snuck peeks toward Chaeyoung who had opened up the note and started reading. Under your desk, you had crossed your fingers and prayed that Chaeyoung would give you a chance. From your perspective, you could tell that Chaeyoung was joyful, but you couldn’t tell if she was laughing at your note or actually happy from your note. Then she made it clear to you. She turned around, smiling, and gave you a wink. You were so relieved that you almost melted into your chair.

As soon as the last bell rang, you rushed through the crowd and raced yourself to the music room. Chaeyoung was already there, sitting on the piano bench, lightly stroking the piano keys.

“You’re here?” You asked while panting for air.
“Yeah, of course, you said you wanted to show me something right?” Chaeyoung replied as she rotated her body around.
“Oh… uh… I didn’t exactly prepare for that yet… I was going to-”
“Don’t tell me, I’ll wait. How about that second part of the note?”
“The second… part?”
“The part where you said you wanted to grab food with me? We can go today, and while we do that, I can expose you to my kind of music.” Chaeyoung said, grinning widely.
“I’d… like that. We might want to wait for the rest of the school to clear out first.”
“Good idea, come here, we can listen to my music while we wait.”

Chaeyoung moved over a little and let you sit beside her on the bench. She put one earbud in your ear and the other in her own. As her music played in the background, you slowly turned to face Chaeyoung, trying to catch her expression. Her eyes were closed, and she slowly rocked her body and head to the rhythm of the song. You smiled and began to do the same.

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t know what kind of situation to write about until today. I wanted to make it as interesting and unique as possible. Ninth! And so far, I only have one more pending request and I still have a few days of break left so send me requests guys! Either that, or I could just come up with some of my own again, although those might take a bit longer to write.

- itsmomorin

bismuth headcanon

“okay guys im gonna go see connie!” 

and bismuth hands him a brown paper bag with a smile “i made you lunch!” steven opens the bag. it’s just rocks. handfuls of rocks. pebbles, stones.

bismuth is beaming. “they make ya big and strong! like me!”


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did this real quick too. I’m deathly afraid of cockroaches and am in love with my van shaped lunch bag. I don’t carry much. Also the overlay makes my hair look red in this but its brown I assure you


Upset by his shy son’s inability to make friends in school, Dominic has spent the last three years creating fantastic artwork on his lunch bags as a conversation topic. Additionally, every month Dominic teams up with HastagLunchbag, which is a nonprofit organisation that provides lunch bags to the homeless in Los Angeles. 



Bento bags/boxes

WHAT IT IS: something to hold your lunch in

AGE GROUP: any who go away from the house during the day

SUMMARY: basically just a cute lunch box with dividers in them. You can also get a Bento bag, which is usually super cute.

I Think I’m Yours

Request: “Eye colour Soulmate AU (where people are born with heterochromatic eyes, and they only revert to their genetically inherited colour when they interact with their soulmate.)”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None

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Newt sifted through his writing, letting out a long, tired sigh as he looked for a certain paragraph that he had forgotten to edit. His eyes, one blue and one green, flitted across the pages lazily, only half-heartedly putting effort into the search.  

“Newt!” A voice called. “Order for Newt!”

He jumped to his feet, running a hand over his face in an attempt to push away the creeping tiredness. Editing his manuscript was such a monotonous job that even now, in the early hours of the afternoon, he longed for his bed. He came before the little lady who held out the paper bag containing his lunch and a cup of coffee. She looked up to him, doing a double take as she spotted his eyes. Then she cast a sorry gaze upon him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. Newt took the meal, ashamedly hanging his head lower as he walked back to his table. Not many people noticed, but once up close many could tell the slight significance in the hue of his eyes.

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[march study challenge] • 23/03/17

Day 23: what’s in your backpack?

I was hoping for this post to have a little more in it, but I honestly don’t put much in my schoolbag as now a lot of my work is done electronically and I also have a pretty long commute to school (where I have to stand up because it’s so crowded!) so I try to minimise the load I have to bring. I genuinely only have my laptop, my planner and pencil case (both of which have featured in the 2 daily challenge posts before this so I decided to leave them out!) and a few reading books in my backpack, plus I always carry my phone around so I added it in the photo. Of course I always have my lunch in my bag as well, but it is 11pm at the time of writing this and so my lunch is currently nonexistent.

The 2nd photo obviously has nothing to do with my backpack but it’s a picture of one of the buildings in the Sydney city area and I thought it complemented the other photo perfectly, so it’s been thrown into today’s post :-)

i miss being in elementary school and going on field trips and packing lunch in brown paper bags and trading snacks with friends and just being a child

I do not think I will ever tarry with the stars. I do not think I will ever have a garland. I do not think ghosts will whisper erotic messages in my warm hair. I will never find a graceful way to carry a brown lunch bag on a bus ride. I’ll go to funerals and they won’t remind me of anything. It was years and years ago that F. said: Each day you get lonelier. That was years and years ago.
—  Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Losers
Don’t Touch Her

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Yelling, upset reader

Request: Request in season 3b with the nogitsune and he is really protective and possessive over of you and it’s the scene where he has duct tape on his mouth and he starts screaming at them and stuff whenever they get near you and basically giving them a look like “touch her again I dare you”


The nogitsune was entrapped in a duct tape hold, sitting on the McCall’s couch, his dark eyes shooting daggers at everyone in the room. The silence was thick in the room, no one knowing exactly what to do with the possessed pack mate. Just as the silence reached a deafening crescendo a knock echoed throughout the house, Melissa opened it revealing you and several bags to takeout. “Hey.” you say as you walk into the room, observing the silent atmosphere. “I bought lunch.” You say, lifting the bag. Your voice was hoarse, the last couple of days having been extremely tough on all the pack, you and Scott especially. It wasn’t easy when your best friend (and boyfriend in your case) was possessed by an evil fox spirit, the both of you had been losing sleep ever since Scott called you in panic, saying Stiles was missing. It hadn’t been the same since.

You passed out the various takeout boxes, the familiar scent of Chinese food drifting through the room, you avoided looking at the void, but you could feel his eyes burning a hole into your back. As you passed some food to Aiden you tripped on the edge of the carpet, the toe of your shoe catching as you stepped forward. A gasp escaped as you toppled forward. But Aiden’s enhanced reflexes stopped you, one hand on your waist and the other on your shoulder, stopping you from falling any further. The room was silent as you righted yourself, giving Aiden a small smile and quick “Thank you.” Just as you fully righted yourself you noticed Stiles. The nogitsune screaming from behind his duck tape, his entire body fighting to get away from the sticky bonds. It was intense, the normal comforting eyes filled with intense anger as he fought against the bonds. Even with the duct tape preventing the nogitsune from reaching full volume the yells still reached the ears of everyone in the room. You squeezed your eyes shut, turning away from the boy you loved, still hearing him screaming as he thrashed on his couch. You wiped a few tears from your eyes as you walked out of the room, not being able to look at the nogitsune possessing your boyfriend’s body.

As soon as you left the room, your shoes clicking down the hall as you escaped to the kitchen, needing some relief from the situation. As you left the nogitsune instantly calmed, his yells and thrashing subsiding, his chest heaving against the duck tape as he tried to regain his breath. The room fell back into silence as the pack stared down at the void, confusion filling their gazes as to what had caused the fox to act out so suddenly. The void lifted his hooded eyes, his gaze meeting the packs and opening a pit of unease in there stomachs. He couldn’t speak, the duct tape preventing his lips from forming the words that his eyes were so easily communicating.

“Don’t touch her.“

A/N: I feel like I haven’t written anything in ages, but I need to get back on that horse and now seems like a good time. Holidays have ended so I’m back at School now and updates may be a bit slower. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Lots of love xxx

Little Sister

For an anon who requested “Can I get a one shot where the reader is like Tony’s cousin or sister and he forgot his lunch so she brings it to him and Gibbs and reader take a liking to each other when they first meet?”

You tossed the bag down in front of Tony, watching his head snap up in surprise and you smirked at him, arms crossed over your chest.

“Had I know how much of a struggle it was to get in your building I would have taken it to work and eaten it myself.” You laughed, sitting on the edge of his desk and looking around, “So this is where you work? Not bad, when you were little we were just hoping you learned how to hold a pen correctly.” You teased and Tony glared, opening his bagged lunch and glaring.

“You took my tasty cake.” He accused, rummaging through his bag, “Two fruits and no pastry? What do I look like to you, (Y/N)?”

“Someone who could use more fruit in the diet and less tasty cake obviously.” You grinned, and Tony looked more then ready to argue back when you were interrupted.

“Tony who’s this?” A woman with an accent asked, and you cocked an eyebrow at Tony, causing him to send you a dirty look, “New… girlfriend, we should know about?” You spun around, both you and Tony making nearly identical faces of disgust.

“Girlfriend?” He repeated, “No, this is my sister, (Y/N), (Y/N) this is my team Ziva David, and McGeek.”

“My name isn-” Tony didn’t even bat an eye.

“Abby is downstairs, you’d like her, and Ducky is our ME. Then there Gibbs, he’s our boss, and trust me he might look like a hard ass but he’s-”

“He’s what DiNozzo?” Tony paled slightly and struggled to get back to looking like he was doing something productive.

“A great boss and and great man?” Tony offered and you laughed out loud. This was great, watching someone besides you putting Tony in his place.

“Tony you’re being incredibly rude, introduce me.” He muttered under his breath before spinning around again.

“Boss, this is my little sister (Y/N) She has all of the devilish good looks of the rest of us DiNozzos and half of the charm.”

“Hey!” You glared, punching his arm.

“(Y/N), my dear, lovely sister, this is Gibbs. My boss.” You considered giving Tony the finger, then also considered the fact that you were an adult woman, in a federal building, so you settled for an eye roll before extending your hand to Gibbs.

“I’m sorry you got stuck working with my ever so charming brother.” Gibbs took your hand and shook it, chuckling slightly.

“Well, while I have to agree with the devilish good looks part, I find it hard to believe that you’re the less charming sibling.” Woah was that a blatant flirt? You blushed slightly and laughed, looking at your very very uncomfortable looking brother.

“You don’t seem like too much of a hardass either. My dearest brother must just be really bad at describing people.” You joked, ignoring the huff from behind you. Gibbs nodded in agreement, not even sparing his surprised looking team a glance.

“Well if you’re free sometime we could always do coffee, introduce ourselves in our own words.” He offered.

“Sounds good to me, Gibbs.” You smirked.

“Call me Jethro, please.”

“Well then it sounds good to me, Jethro. But I’m running late so I’ll..” You grabbed a piece of paper from your brother’s desk and jotted down your number, handing it over and grabbing your bag, “Call me later,” You swooped and kissed your brother’s cheek before waving at this team, “Nice meeting you all!” You called before seeing yourself out. Everyone was silent for a moment, unsure of what exactly they just witness.


“Yes boss?”

“Get back to work.” 


Circles - Scott McCall

Summary ;; kira has arrived and doesn’t know it but is slowly destroying scott and y/n’s relationship with her trickster tendencies.

Warnings ;; angst, implied sex at the end, that’s it really

Words ;; 2,882

Published ;; 4th december 2016


Stay safe + ily🚿

*   *   *

It’s been four weeks since Kira decided to join the pack. It’s also been four weeks since she had stolen your seat next to your boyfriend at the lunch table. Four weeks since she had managed to bag your ride to school on the back of your boyfriend’s bike so that you now had to ride with Stiles and Malia, who weren’t afraid of showing some serious PDA. Four weeks since you had started spending Friday nights alone instead of having your weekly movie night with your boyfriend.

Four weeks since Kira had ultimately started to drive your boyfriend of around two years, Scott, away from you.

“Sorry (Y/N), I can’t tonight. Maybe tomorrow.”

“I’m really sorry, I promised I’d help Kira study, maybe some other time.”

“Do you mind if I’m Kira’s ride tomorrow morning? She’s still new and doesn’t want to go with Stiles because she doesn’t know him that well.”

“Hey, about our date tonight- yeah, sorry, can I get a raincheck?”

You mentally curse your quiet and submissive personality when it came down to it because you were 100% sure that if you had an outgoing and loud personality, you would have told Kira to piss off when she asked to sit in your seat that you had claimed since the first day of freshman year.

But no, that’s not the case, and now you sit on the end of the table next to Malia who always steals your food and thinks she’s discreet about it. She’s not.

“You know, glaring at her won’t make her disappear,” Lydia raised her eyebrow over at you, snapping you out of your daze.

“I wasn’t glaring, I-I was observing.” You frowned, your eyes drifting back to where Scott and Kira were smiling and laughing with each other, you didn’t want to admit it, but you couldn’t help but notice how happy and carefree Scott looked when he was around her. He never looked at you like that anymore.

“He doesn’t like her like that and you know it,” Lydia started, placing her hand on yours in a friendly gesture. “He loves you.”

You tried to smile at your best friend - she was only trying to make you feel better, she knew it’d been rough for you these past couple of weeks and as much as you loved her for trying to cheer you up - it really wasn’t working.

“What if he, you know, doesn’t love me anymore?” You looked over at Lydia, your bottom lip was slightly trembling and you felt tears brim in your eyes despite the fact you were desperately trying to push them back down, the lump in your throat getting bigger every second.

The thought had been haunting you like a ghost for a while now and you just couldn’t get rid of it. You had reminded yourself that you were being stupid, of course Scott still loved you, you were just going through a rough patch; it would be over soon and everything will eventually go back to how it was before.

Except, there’s a huge difference between saying it and believing it - and you just didn’t believe that was true anymore. You wanted to believe it, all you needed was a little hope, a sign, something - anything, that told you that Scott still loved you or that he still wanted to be with you, at least.

Your eyes flickered back over to the two, Kira had her head resting on Scott’s shoulder as they continued to laugh at whatever they were happily chatting about. You swallowed, your eyes finding a sudden interest in the floor before you picked your bag up.

“I-I gotta go,” You whispered to Lydia as you shot out of your seat, trying to get out of there as fast as possible as you weaved in and out of passing students. A part of you deep down hoped that Scott would run down the hallway and stop you from leaving, but as you glanced back at the doors of the cafeteria with glassy eyes, you knew that your hope wasn’t enough, because he wasn’t there and lately you’ve been feeling like he never will be. 

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anonymous asked:

How would you see victuuri's separation?

Hmmm…. I believe its too early for this question since we’re only 4 episodes in but based on the ending credit, I think it’ll go ‘fine’.

And by fine, I mean a total train wreck. This is my own headcanon okay? While walking to the station, Yuuri helps Victor carry the stuffed poodle that accompanied them in the competitions as a replacement for makacchin. The train ride from hasetsu to the airport is alright. They’re sitting opposite each other and victor is talking about all the things he’ll miss in Japan. Yuuri reminds him when the important dates for festivals are if he ever comes back to visit. Victor smiles warmly and says he’ll take note. Getting off the train, they make small talk about skating, maybe about Yurio and whatnot.

At the airport, Victor checks in his bags and they go for lunch. Yuuri is still smiling and joking around with Victor, not wanting to admit the dread he feels at the bottom of his stomach. Two hours pass by like its nothing. Yuuri walks Victor as far as he can before the pre-gate entrance and they say their goodbyes. Yuuri tells Victor to take care of himself and Victor does the same. There’s this tension between them as they shook hands. They know its not enough but neither makes a move for the hug.

Yuuri smiles sadly and waves Victor goodbye. Victor smiles back and turns to walk to the staff checking the boarding pass. After that gate, there will be no go backs. He remembers Yuuri’s face and knows that he couldn’t just end it like that. Just before its his turn, Victor clenches his fist and runs back to chase after Yuuri.

Yuuri stops when he hears Victor calling his name but he doesn’t turn around. Victor catches his breath and says he still wasn’t done talking yet.

“Yuuri… Before I go, I want you to know…that I’ll miss you. So much. I’ll miss practicing with you, skating with you. I’ll miss our baths together, our trips to the beach. I’ll miss your laugh and your smile. … I’ll miss you Yuuri.”

Victor watches as Yuuri’s body trembles and when Yuuri turns, his eyes were red and tears had already trailed down his face. With a hoarse voice, he smiles, “I’ll miss you too, Victor.”

Victor feels his heart tug painfully at the sight of Yuuri’s agony. Victor holds his arms wide open with a warm smile, “Then what are you waiting for? Come here.”

And they just– hug like they never hugged before. There’s this crushing weight on their shoulders because they didn’t want to let go. Victor tears up a little because he never expected to love and cherish Yuuri as much as he did. And he can’t believe he has to leave Yuuri, so he whispers all his promises to come back to Japan. And he revels in the small choking laughs Yuuri does when he talks about taking Yuuri to Russia again.

It takes them 10 minutes to let go. And when they do, they’re teasing each other’s red puffy eyes and wiping each other’s tears. Victor kisses Yuuri on the forehead lovingly, sealing his promises. When he walks pass the gate and beyond, he turns to see Yuuri waving at him, smiling happily this time.

They’ll be alright. And no, they weren’t surprised that the Nishigori family had followed them and the newest upload on instagram by the triplets was a heartbreaking shot of Victor and Yuuri’s hug at the airport followed by a thousand likes in the first minute and up to a hundred comments filled with crying emojis.


A/N: I loved this story so I’m just re-posting it. 

Originally posted by toyboxboy

You waited for the elevator doors to open, you held on tight to the brown bag containing Spencer’s lunch. You had never visited him at work, but there was a first time for everything. 

The doors opened and you looked around not recognizing a single face. Spencer had told you so much about his co workers but you had never met them. You walked through the glass doors catching Penelope’s attention, she stopped looking at your visits batch, “Hello, you’re a new face, are you looking for someone, I know every one” she said excitedly. 

This was her Penelope, you could recognize her from everything Spencer had told you, “Yes, I’m looking for Spencer” you said looking lost. 

“Reid, Spencer Reid, you are looking for Reid?” she said confused. 

“Yes, Dr. Reid” you confirmed. 

“Who are you” she said suspiciously. 

“I am Y/N, Spencer’s girlfriend, you must be Penelope” you said excitedly. 

Penelope looked even more confused, “I’m sorry his what” she said almost laughing, “You’re his girl friend!?” she said in shock. “Oh my, follow me” 

You followed her orders, she walked hastily towards the conference room. Everyone turned their attention to you, “Guys this is Y/N” Penelope gestured towards you “Spencer’s girlfriend!” she said always yelling. 

You looked around the different faces confused as to what was going on, did they not know Spencer had a girlfriend, did they know who you were?

“Pretty boy’s got a girl!?” Morgan said surprised. JJ couldn’t take her eyes off of you. Finally a face you recognized, Spencer, “Y/N” he said just as confused as everyone else looked “What are you doing here?” 

You finally realized what was going on, none of them knew who you were, he had never told them. You ran through the doors as fast you could, embarrassed. Spencer hadn’t told anyone about you guys, why? Why would he do that? 

After several missed calls, and text messages you heard your door open, you suddenly regretted giving him a copy of your apartment key. “Y/N” he said calling out for you. 

You refused to respond, “Y/N” you heard he was getting closer. 

“What?” you finally called out. 


“Seriously? You didn’t tell them? You didn’t tell them about me!? We’ve been dating for months!” you said angrily. 

“Y/N’ Spencer said his voice full of remorse, “I’m sorry I know this looks awful” 

“Am I not good enough for you?” you questioned him “Would your friends not think me being a doctor is enough, would they think I’m not enough for you Spencer” 

“Y/N, it’s not that, you are more than enough. I didn’t want to mix my life with you, and my job, it gets complicated, it’s tough Y/N, I wanted to protect you” 

Your eyes continued to fill with tears, “So you’re not embarrassed of me?” 

“What!? No way, I could never be, I love you Y/N” he said hugging you tightly. 

“And your friends?” 

“My friends will love you once they get to know you, besides Morgan already thinks you’re too hot for me” 

You burst out in laughter, “It’s true you’re way too hot for me” 

Special Delivery

The black cat meowed with equal parts annoyance at being discovered and demands, immediate and unknowable.

“And you have wings, too? Ah, that must be how you got in there.” The Netherworld Post carrier gently stroked the cat’s small face and was rewarded with a deep, rumbling purr. “Don’t worry, my little shadow, I will get you home.”

The undead postal worker continued his route, casually chatting with every ghost and monster he came across, asking if any recognized his stowaway. Claws gently and affectionately tickled the small cat, tentacles hugged it lovingly, and nearly everyone had a bit of lunch to share.

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