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You’re first of your line to be born into this balloon of dust people call a city. If one wants to get technical, your family’s of the third Sand line in Nam Định; but to be quite honest that doesn’t mean much. You just call yourself a concrete witch. Your grandma calls you a waste. Both for the concrete thing and the art student thing. Your best friend’s a composite wizard; you like to imagine how mad your grandma would be if she knew that. 

You go by Sa, both online and between friends. You’re a young lady, twenty years of age, who hasn’t seen her family in more than six months. You’re a concrete witch, and bureaucracy is your biggest enemy, just like anyone else’s in this city.

some random ideas for an urban fantasy thing set in Hanoi. 

Love isn’t Blind

Request:  Can you please write something around Bucky meeting, falling for, and dating a blind girl?

Pairing: Bucky x Blind!Reader


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Having coffee at my favorite coffee shop when I am feeling stressed out is always my go to, you can almost always find me there at around lunch time. Like today.

My guide dog, Buchanan starts whimpering, and that usually means someone is around him and is attempting to pet him. Which is fine, you know they say you’re not supposed to touch service dogs, but you can touch Buchanan. He knows when he’s in this vest and he has to guide me, he’s working.

“Hey there, pretty guy.” I hear the voice of the person petting my dog, it’s deep and smooth. I can almost picture what he looks like.

“What’s his name?” I smile, turning to face his direction.

“Buchanan.” He chuckles, like it’s the greatest thing he’s heard all day.

“Seriously? That’s my middle name.” I laugh, too. Reaching down to pet my German Shepherd fur baby.

“Really? That’s funny, you don’t see that very often.” I hear the chair next to mine squeal with the pressure of being pulled from the table.

I jump, and the stranger must have noticed, because he speaks in a soft, tender voice. As not to stardle me, I assume.

“I-is it alright if I sit next to you?” I smile. He’s nervous, must not have met very many blind individuals before.

“You can, I don’t mind.” I hear commotion of Buchanan jumping onto his lap. The stranger laughs.

“Besides, I think Buchanan likes you.” He hums.

“Well I know your friend’s name here, but I’m still needing to know yours.” I chuckle.

“My name is (Y/N).” He sets something heavy down on the table, whatever it is it’s made of metal.

“My name is James, but as I said earlier my middle name’s Buchanan so everyone usually just calls me Bucky.” I laugh now, resting my elbow on the table in front of me, carefully setting my head in it.

“That’s cute, I like that. Bucky.” I can feel the curiosity radiating off of him, one thing being blind has taught me, is it’s easier to sense when someone wants to ask you a question.

“You can ask me, you know. I don’t mind.” I can hear him gulp, he must be embarassed for having been called out.

“Y-You’re blind.” If I was a smart ass I would have scoffed and said no shit, but I can hear he is genuinely curious.

So, instead I opt to chuckle.

“You’re observant, Mr. Bucky.” He chuckles now.

“I-I’m sorry. But I was watching you from the line when I was ordering my coffee and I was just-” He cuts himself off.

“I’m sorry, I’m making a fool of myself.” I smile, reaching out to grab his hand, and I’m shocked to feel cold. He pulls it away quickly, the force of his pull so hard it pushes his chair out slightly.

“I-I’m sorry.” He apologizes for the too many’th time. He begins to stand up, gathering his things.

“I-I should probably-”

“Wait!” The commotion of him moving stops.

“Please don’t go…you did nothing wrong, and I don’t get many people who actually want to talk to me.” He sighs, before slowly bringing himself down onto the chair again.

“O-okay.” I reach out again to touch his hand, and it’s once again cold.

“You have a metal hand.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement, as I can feel his fingers move.

“Y-Yeah…my whole arm is metal.” I can tell he’s nervous about it…like he’s worried I’ll freak out or think it odd.

“That’s awesome.” I slowly drag my fingers up his arm, feeling all the little grooves in his arm, until I meet T-shirt.

“C-can you feel that?” He chuckles.

“I can feel pressure, but I can’t feel your skin.” I nod, before pulling away.

“I-I’m sorry, it must be so weird to have someone feel up your arm. You must forgive me.” He hums again, it must be his way of expressing neutral feelings.

“Don’t apologize, doll. I’m just as fascinated about you.” I smile. Doll? That’s some old time slang, but I could get used to hearing it.

“H-how did you…” He trails off.

“How did I become blind?” I can hear him gulp.


“I had cancer when I was a kid, in order for the cancer to be removed, they had to do surgery, but they couldn’t save my eyes.” He grabs my hand with his flesh hand

“I-I’m so sorry that happened to you.” I smile, it’s just how it is now.

“I like you, Bucky…we’re both perfectly imperfect.” I grab his metal hand and hold it in mine. He chuckles.

“Perhaps there is someone out there for everyone after all.”

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Some ordinary day - some ordinary, stupid Tuesday - and the ringing of his desk phone interrupted Greg Lestrade as he reached for his first coffee of the afternoon. He picked the phone up, and tucked the receiver between his ear and his shoulder.

“Lestrade,” he said, as he raised the coffee to his mouth.

“Listen to me carefully,” said the voice - and as Greg recognised it, his heart lurched into his throat. “We have only moments. You are about to meet some people I would rather you not, but I am powerless to intervene. You must tell them nothing.”

Greg’s blood ran immediately cold.

“What the hell’s going on?” he asked, his breath tightening. Mycroft had never called him at work before. “What d'you mean, some people you’d - ”

“Do not talk.” Mycroft’s voice hardened with sudden severity. “I need you to listen. To understand. You have encountered me only through your association with Sherlock, a small number of times, and we have exchanged no more than the shortest of polite conversation. The topic has been my brother. Nothing but my brother. Nothing whatsoever. Do you understand?”

Greg didn’t dare breathe. “W-Why?”

“Do you understand, Greg?”

“Y-Yeah.” Greg’s coffee was burning his fingers through the mug; he couldn’t move his arm to put it down. It had locked into place. “Yeah, I… but - what’re you - ”

“They may detain you for some time,” Mycroft said. Greg realised he could hear traffic; the sharp slam of a car door. “My team are working at speed. We will come for you. Tell them nothing, Greg.”

Holy shit.

“Myc, you’re - you’re starting to fucking scare me.” Greg swallowed. “Who’s coming for - ”

The door of his office suddenly cracked open.

Two men in suits entered the room - men with earpieces. Men in gleaming, polished black shoes.

“Inspector Lestrade?” one said, as the other swept Greg’s coat without a word from the door. “We’d like you to come with us, sir. This won’t take long.”

Greg pulled his focus back to the phone, heart beating hard.

The line had gone dead.

He quietly put the receiver down, and drew a breath.

“On… whose authority am I coming with you?” he asked, staying in his chair even as his coat was carried quickly towards him.

“That’s not something you need to know right now,” said his visitor. He looked into Greg’s eyes - and Greg glimpsed within that stare the cold efficiency of someone who considered himself just a servant - a part of a much greater machine - an agent who’d been sent to fetch Lestrade and was not prepared to fail. “Your co-operation will make this easier,” the man added, sleek.

Greg wondered briefly what would happen if he resisted - how far this would go.

They couldn’t physically haul him from the building… could they? Half of Scotland Yard would see. Surely there were limits to what these people could actually do.

But he’d never heard Mycroft sound like that.

Greg had heard him in quite a few situations that other people didn’t. But never once like that.

If he was about to pretend he knew nothing about anything, he had no good reason to dig his heels in and fight. It was only going to look suspicious if he did.

Greg bit the inside of his cheek, coming to his split-second decision. He hoped it was the right one.

“Fine,” he sighed, feigning weariness. “If it won’t take long… is my sergeant coming? You know she’s out on her lunch, right?”

He was guided into his coat with worrying speed.

“No, inspector,” said his new friend, with a cold flash of his eyes. “Only you.”

Chapter 2: September 1, 1985 First Day of Hawkins Middle

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El’s eyes shot open that morning at 7am. She rushed out of her room and into the kitchen where Hopper was groggily cooking eggs and bacon, a cigarette clenched between his lips humming along to the Jim Crow vinyl he had playing softly in the background.

El bounded into the kitchen and whipped open the freezer grabbing a box of eggos. It should be noted that the majority of the freezer was filled, overflowing rather, with boxes of eggos and few TV dinners. She pulled two frozen eggos and popped them into the toaster, staring into the slots as they glowed red and orange.

“Hey kid, I was making—,” Hopper protested before the eggos popped up from the toaster and El juggled them between her hands.

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What I Really Mean When I Say "I Love Traveling"

1) I love researching a city’s landmarks, shopping areas and restaurants before my trip.

2) I love shortlisting hotels after reading reviews online.

3) I love hearing tips from friends and family who have been to the place I’m about to visit.

4) I love designing my itinerary.

5) I love shopping for clothes and shoes to wear on my holiday.

6) I love packing my luggage.

7) I love connecting my laptop to the free airport WiFi and looking at memes as I wait for boarding.

8) I love having an aisle seat on the plane so I can easily move around.

9) I love listening to music and watching movies on the in-flight entertainment system.

10) love airplane food and drinks.

11) I love feeling the plane land.

12) I love looking at the immigration officer, whose face usually seems very foreign to me, reinforcing in my mind that I’ve arrived in another country.

13) I love checking all my messages as I wait for my luggage.

14) I love finally spotting my luggage in the carousel. Always makes me smile.

15) I love seeing my name on a sign at the Arrival hall.

16) I love the mini sightseeing tour the driver gives me on the way to my hotel.

17) I love hearing receptionists pronounce my name with their different accents when I’m checking in.

18) I love staying at old hotels. They have a certain charm to them.

19) I love seeing my hotel room for the first time and then unpacking my things.

20) I love befriending the locals and hanging out with them. The people are always a huge part of the experience.

21) I love the hotel buffet. I always eat about three plates of breakfast food, dessert excluded.

22) I love seeing the buildings, palaces, monuments, parks and museums that I’ve only ever read about in school.

23) I love listening to my tour guide talk about legends and myths and the drama that is history.

24) I love having lunch with my tour guide and hearing about his or her personal life.

25) I love eating local food. Spain’s paella, Italy’s gelato, Greece’s moussaka, and England’s fish and chips are my top four.

26) I love getting back to my hotel to rest after a full day of tours…

27) …and then getting out again to explore the nearby area alone.

28) I love chatting with servers and baristas. They’re among the coolest people I’ve ever met.

29) I love shopping for souvenirs.

30) And lastly, I love looking at photos I took and others took of me. They remind me that my dream destinations are no longer just a fantasy, but a beautiful reality right in front of me. Or behind me. 😂

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Can you do a headcanon of the kbtbb men meeting & going out with mc in high school


He has inherited a celebrity-like status in your high school. Most of the girls in your school have a massive crush on him and he has a flock of besotted fans that follow him about everywhere. You have never particularly liked him, from the few small interactions you have had he had came across arrogant and manipulative.

You were the envy of every girl in your year when your history teacher sat you next to him. You however were not best pleased. For most of the year Eisuke treated you terribly. Whenever the pair of you were assigned a task together he would make you do all the hard work whilst he sat back and twiddled his thumbs. You hated him.

However near the end of term you started to warm to his arrogance and cold attitude. To your horror you felt yourself become attracted to him and you would find your cheeks growing pink when he spoke to you. You even started to become jealous of his entourage of girls which in your mind you could hold no comparison too.

Then one day after school he decided he’d walk you back to your room. He hadn’t asked you, Eisuke never asked he just decided. When you reached the doorway of the girl’s dorm your arrogant crush paused. A small smirk played on his lips and your cheeks flushed scarlet. “I make you blush don’t I?” He cocked an eyebrow. You shook your head yet he continued. “Well good thing I’ve decided you and I are going to go out.”

“You’ve decided? Do I have no say?” You exclaim.

“No. Even if you did, you’d say yes anyway. But I’ve had enough of listening to you now.” He says with confidence, before grabbing your face with both of his hands and pressing his lips into your yours. You resist for all of one second before you realize that this is exactly what you want and you quickly settle into his hold.


He’s always in the library. Sometimes you find yourself staring at him and into his cold yet mysterious eyes. You’ve heard the other girls whisper about him - how he is the dangerous grandson of a Hong Kong mafia boss, how he is destined to one day take his grandfather’s place. The knowledge of his dangerous family put you off at first, but the more you see him sitting alone in the library with only the company of a book the more you begin to feel sorry for him.

One day, when you’re feeling particularly brave, you decide to ask him what he’s reading. With shaking hands you make your way over to the desk that he’s sat at. You plonk yourself in front of Soryu. He’s very tall, maybe the tallest in your year and his hair is raven black - you wonder if it’s as black as his heart. He looks up at you with curiosity, those cold eyes filled with confusion. “What is it?” He hisses.

“I just - I wondered what you were reading.” You stutter, instantly regretting your decision to talk to him.

“One of the Sherlock Holmes books.” He speaks quietly after a while, his voice muffled. You think this is a strange choice for a future mafia boss, but you don’t question it. “They’re really good you know.”

“I’ve never read them but I’ve always wanted to.” You say, and that’s how it begins. Soryu finds the first one for you to read and before you know it each week you meet in the library to discuss detective novels. You begin to love him over time.

Then one day you go to the library and Soryu is there already. His cheeks grow red upon seeing you and the minute you sit down he, completely out of the blue, slams his lips against yours. Taken by shock, it takes you a while to realize what is happening, but you eventually kiss him back, slipping your hand on the side of his face. When you pull apart both your cheeks are scarlet and from his mouth an uncertain voice echoes. “I - I love you ______ .”


He’s a complete womaniser but you don’t care. Even after Baba makes it official between you and publicly declares you as his girlfriend he still, often subconsciously, flirts with other girls. Although at first it made you feel very insecure, you are used to it now and know that you are the only one that he truly loves and you feel blessed to have him.

You remember how you met. You were being bullied by some girls in the corridor and they were shouting horrible things at you. Baba had came along and picked you up, metaphorically and literally. He’d called you his beautiful princess and although you had never said it aloud you saw him as your knight in shining armour. You had begun to hang out after that, Baba walking you to all your classes to protect you from bullies.

He started to hold your hand. Then after that he took you to a little cafe and asked permission to kiss you. Blushing you had accepted and he had kissed you with such care. From that day forth you were inseparable. Walking down that same corridor where you had met the pair of you linked hands. “I’m so lucky to have you my princess.” He whispers in your ear, clutching your hand tighter.

“Not as lucky as I am.” You grin back. 


You find yourself failing art and in a desperate bid to get a good grade you ask your teacher to recommend you a tutor. That’s how you meet him. He’s two years above you and his skill with paint intimidates you. He is a good teacher. He spends every lunch with you, guiding your hand so that the paintbrush moves in just the correct way to apply the paint to the paper. He never does it for you. He just helps you to do it yourself. He seems so passionate about art and you begin to feel very passionate about him, though you would never verbalize it. 

You wonder if he notices your red cheeks when he stands behind you and watches you paint, when he tells you that you are doing well and that you are improving. When the year is over and you look at your finished painting you are both relieved and upset - upset that you no longer have a reason to see Ota again. “It’s wonderful. You are certain to get a good mark for this.” He smiles.

“It’s all thanks to you Ota.” You sigh. He notices your lack of enthusiasm and leans back onto the desk, his gaze focusing in on you. “I’ll miss you.” You finally say.

He laughs. “Why would you miss me?” He begins walking toward you and before long his face is inches away from yours. “You and I shall be seeing a lot more of each other if you say yes.” His voice is soothing.

“Say yes to what?” Your cheeks grow hotter by the second

“Yes to going out with me of course.” He grins before placing a quick kiss onto the tip of your nose. Your heart fills with warmth and joy at the gesture. You grin back up at him. “So what do you say?”

“Yes! I’m so happy you asked!” 


You are still in your last year of high school when you meet him. He’s one year into his police training course. He’s older than you, a lot more experienced and much more mature. But despite the age difference you love him and you’ve known that since you first met him. You were walking down the street when someone who bullied you at school started physically abusing you on the street. Mamoru had caught sight of this and rushed to your aid. After calling for backup to arrest your bully he had chided you. “You are a lot of trouble ain’t you kid?” 

He’d asked you to go for a drink with him and he had taken you to a fancy bar - much more fancy than any place you had been before. Jazz music had played in the background as you had chatted away. It had been fun and you had grown to love him even then.  Now a few months later you couldn’t be happier. You were walking home from that very same bar that night. “I’m tired sweetheart. All this dating nonsense takes it out of me.” He smirked. A yawn escaped from his mouth. 

“You are so lazy Mamo.” You struggle to keep up with his quick pace. Mamoru stops in his tracks to let you catch up, a warm smile on his face, the tiredness in his eyes however threatening to overpower it. When you get to him he covers your head with his hand and presses a kiss into your hair. You put your arm around his waist and smile. “What was that for?”

“Because I wanted to, why else?” He narrowed his eyes. “Now enough hovering about kid. I need my beauty sleep and you certainly need yours.” 

You roll your eyes and continue chasing after him down the road. He’s the laziest and most difficult man you’ve ever met but you love him regardless. 

Surprise (Joe Sugg Imagine) - requested

Surprise (requested)

Anonymous asked: could you do an imagine where y/n surprises joe in south africa? it’s kind of like josh, oli and caspar’s surprise for joe and if it’s possible, could you make it like how caspar surprised his mom? like josh and oli take him to the beach or something cause he was missing you then caspar picks you up at the airport and by the time you get to caspar’s house, theyre all by the pool and you push joe in the pool and stuff? thanks!

A/N: I must say I am very sorry it took so long! I have been so busy lately, with PPEs and coursework and just life in general, you feel. I will try to be quicker, but there’s a big chance that won’t happen.

I just hope you guys like this! :)

“Is everything in place?” You asked into the phone.

“Yep. Oli and Josh convinced him to go to the beach with them tomorrow, so you’ll be fine,” Caspar replied.

“Okay, good. So, my plane lands around lunch Cape Town time, you’ll be there, right?” You also asked.

“Yeah, Joe thinks I’m running some ‘errands.’” You could tell he was putting quotation marks around the word ‘errands.’

Your boyfriend, Joe, had gone to South Africa with Caspar, Oli and Josh for New Years and you couldn’t go as you were busy with your job. Caspar, Oli and Josh decided to fly you over when they heard you got a few days off as Joe had been missing you badly. You couldn’t lie; you had missed him a lot too and you were thankful the three boys were so kind and had decided to fly you over. You couldn’t wait to see your boyfriend of 2 years as you hadn’t seen him in days.

“Okay, that’s good. Well, I’m gonna let you sleep now. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said, smiling into the phone. You had also missed the other three boys as you were so close to them. They were all like brothers to you and you couldn’t wait to be reunited with the four of them.

“Bye, Y/N! Have a safe journey here!” Caspar exclaimed into the phone. You laughed and said bye and then hung up the phone.


Joe’s POV

“Why are you guys forcing me to the beach again?” I asked, completely annoyed they were making me go with them. I had more important things to do; like stay in bed while going through pictures of me and Y/N.

“Because, you’ve been sulking all week and it’s annoying, so we’re going to the beach to have fun. It’ll only be for a while,” Oli replied. “Oh, come on, Joe. Stop sulking about Y/N, you’ll see her again soon,” he also said, nudging me.

“But-” he never let me finish as he put his index finger up to shut me up.

“No buts. We’re going. Go get ready. We’re leaving in 10.” I rolled my eyes but went against arguing. I guess going to the beach might take my mind off Y/N.


Your POV

You had just got out of the airport in Cape Town when your phone went off, signalling you had a text. You didn’t look at it straight away; the lovely South African sun was distracting you. You breathed in the fresh air as you closed your eyes and looked up at the sun. You smiled softly as the sun’s heat radiated on your skin. It was relaxing and so beautiful in Cape Town; you’re surprised this is your first time here.

A sudden grip on you pulled you out of your thoughts.

When you opened your eyes, you saw Caspar crushing you in a hug. You laughed and hugged him back.

“Caspar! Oh my god, I missed you!” You exclaimed as you both pulled away.

“Y/N! I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed you too!” He uttered, excitedly. He grabbed your suitcase and you smiled in thanks. He started leading you to his car and you followed shortly behind.

The car ride to his house consisted of you telling Caspar how boring it was in London without them and Caspar informing you of how the holiday was so far. You found out that Joe had spent most of the holidays sulking over you. It was sweet at first but then you got upset because you were the reason Joe wasn’t having fun on a lads holiday. But at least all was to change once he saw you.

By the time you got into Caspar’s house, it was around half 1 and the other three boys were about to leave the beach to come back for a late lunch. Caspar guided you upstairs into his room for you to wait while he got Joe to go by the pool.

The plan was that once everyone was by the pool, Caspar would make sure Joe wasn’t facing the house and then come get you. You would sneak up behind Joe and jump on him so that you both fell into the pool. While he was trying to reappear from under the water, you’d go behind him and wait for him to turn around. When he did, you’d shout 'surprise’ and hug him.

It was a good plan and all. Joe wouldn’t see it coming. Well, he wouldn’t know it was you; he’d think it was Caspar, so that’s why it was such a great surprise.

The front door slamming shut pulled you out of your thoughts. The house started filling up with the voices of the four boys. It took all of your will power to not just run down and jump into Joe’s arm right here and there.

After about another 15 minutes, you heard Caspar running up the stairs.

“Come on, Y/N, it’s time!” Caspar exclaimed, running through the door. You took a deep breath in and trotted down the stairs.

Just before you were about to go outside, Caspar stopped you. You furrowed your brows as he quickly went into the kitchen.

“Okay, we may continue,” he whispered as he got the camera ready. You chuckled, lightly. Of course Caspar would be the one to film it all.

You slowly opened the door that led to the pool area. You saw Oli and Josh sitting by the side of the pool. Oli was the first to notice you. He smiled, discreetly and went back to talking to Joe and Josh. Josh then saw you and tried not to grin. You laughed, silently, and kept walking slowly towards Joe.

Your heart still skipped a beat when you saw Joe. Even if it’s just the back of him. Just him in general made your heart swell and beat faster than normal, even after 2 years of being together and another 4 years of knowing each other.

After you were about two metres from Joe, you broke out into a run and jumped on his back. That caused the both of you to fall into the pool. As you were underwater, you could hear the muffled laughter of Caspar, Oli and Josh. You quickly appeared from under the water and saw that Joe was still under. You quickly swam so you were behind him and Joe jumped up just in time for you to be behind him.

“What the fuck was that?” He yelled as he looked around the water. He looked up to see Caspar, Oli and Josh by the side. “What? If you guys are there then who pushed me in?” He asked, confused. He quickly turned around and saw you.

His eyes widened as you grinned.

“Surprise,” you said, grinning widely.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” He exclaimed and a massive grin appeared on his face. He pulled you into a hug and you laughed into his chest.

“Hi, Joe, I missed you,” you mumbled against his chest.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much, Y/N! I can’t believe you’re here! How are you here? I thought you were busy?” He asked as you pulled away from the hug.

“Well, I got a few days off and Caspar, Oli and Josh, being the kind people they are, flew me over to surprise you,” you explained. Joe turned around to face them.

“So, you guys are the masterminds behind this?”

Oli smirked as the other two just grinned. “Yep,” they all said in unison. Joe then turned to face you.

“I just can’t believe all this is happening,” he said. “But I’m glad it is,” he then added as he pulled you by the waist into a kiss. You giggled and kissed back.

“Now that Y/N is here, the party can begin!” You heard Caspar exclaimed as you kissed Joe. Water splashed all over you and Joe, and you pulled away, startled. Both you and Joe laughed when you saw that the other three boys had cannon balled into the pool.

“I’m really glad you’re here, love,” Joe whispered into your ear and you giggled.

You quickly pecked him on the lips and said, “I’m glad I’m here, too.”


On Wednesday (October 21st 2015) Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, accompanied by Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson Cartagena, visited a port city on Colombia’s northern coast.

The Crown Princess and Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson started the day in Cartagena with a visit to the Agency for Reintegration. The Crown Princess and Infrastructure Minister was given information about the activities and met former guerrillas and paramilitaries.

After that the Crown Princess Couple and Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson attended a discussion with Swedish companies participating in the Caribbean port conference, which this year takes place in Cartagena.

The last plank before lunch was a guided tour of Cartagena’s historic center on the theme in Adlercreutz footsteps. The tour began at the Plaza Santo Domingo and ended the Inquisition Museum.

The visit to Cartagena ended with a reception where the city’s mayor Dionisio Vélez was worth. The Crown Princess received the “city keys”.

Source:, Svenskdam

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Prompt: can you make something like Henry is in college and comes back for the holidays with his girlsfriend (who doesn't know about all the magic stuff) but when they get their E and R are fighting the latest treat and they all have to hide things for the girl and she ends up thinking that E and R are married or something.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Henry fidgets nervously as he drives his car over the town line. All he wants to do is introduce his girlfriend to his Moms. Simple right? 


Especially when his Moms are the go to pair for fighting off any magical threat in a town full of fairytale characters. 

“Relax Henry it’ll be fine,” Lizzy says chuckling at his nervousness. 

“I hope so,” Henry says, “My Moms will like you, I hope but the rest of town are a little weird sometimes. I’m just hoping everyone behaves.” He’s already warned them. No fairytale names. No magic. In a town like Storybrooke though chaos is around every corner. 

She smiles, “You make it sound like they’re all a bunch of naughty kids or something.” 

“Just wait and see,” Henry tells her as they park outside the mansion. He leads her up the path and knocks on the door. Emma answers to his surprise hiding behind the door, “Oh hi kid you’re early….”

“Ma what are you doing here?” 

“I um just came to discuss something with your Mom.” 

Lizzy raises a brow as Henry facepalms, “Can we still come in?” Emma nods letting them in after quickly using magic to cover up the various burn marks and scratches on her clothes from their fight with the Jabberwocky. 

“So where’s Mom?” Henry asks. 

“Just upstairs. Let me just go tell her you and …”

“Lizzy,” Henry says. 

“Right Lizzy. I’ll tell her you’re here,” she says before hurrying up the stairs to warn Regina before she comes down announcing battle plans and discussing magical strategies. 

Lizzy turns to Henry as Emma bounds up the stairs, “I thought you said they weren’t together?” 

“They’re not,” he replies, “Well not that I know of anyway.” 

They’re interrupted by Regina and Emma coming down the stairs. The two women share a look and a smile before facing Lizzy, “So nice to meet you dear,” Regina replies shaking her hand. She turns to Henry pulling him into a hug, “I’ve missed you.” 

“Me too kid,” Emma says joining the hug as Lizzy watches on. Does he really think his Moms aren’t together?! 


A few days later they’re in the Diner when Regina and Emma walk in deep in conversation. Lizzy watches as Emma gently brushes her hand down Regina’s arm wiping off some dust or something before smiling at her softly. 

“I’m glad you’re okay,” is all she can make out as Regina smiles back with a twinkly eyed kind of look. 


Across the Diner Emma brushes off the jabberwocky dust. “That thing came way too close to you.”

“We beat him Emma.” 

“Our magic does always work,” Emma replies, “I’m glad you’re okay.” 

“Me too,” Regina answers moving to squeeze her hand, “Our usual celebratory lunch?” Emma nods guiding Regina to a booth mindful of any injuries she may have got while they were battling the latest monster. 


“What is it?” Henry asks worriedly chewing his lip as he spots Lizzy watching his Moms. 

“Are you sure your Moms aren’t secretly married? They act like it.” 

He shrugs, “They’re always like that,” he replies. It’s true. They’ve been like it for years now. As far as he knows they’re best friends. He doesn’t know if they’ve ever gone any further than that but if they do he won’t be surprised. 

He makes a note to ask Emma about it. Right now his main concern is making sure his girlfriend doesn’t end up singed by a jabberwocky. 


“Do you think we should tell him?” Regina asks as she steals one of Emma’s fries. 

Emma shrugs, “We could. I’m surprised he hasn’t figured it out already.” 

Regina smiles, “His girlfriend thinks we’re secretly married and he’s playing some sort of prank on her by telling her we’re not.” 

Emma laughs, “Well we aren’t far off married.” 

Regina smiles, “If that’s your proposal it needs work dear.” 

Emma grins, “Let’s just try and get through the rest of his holidays without any more magical animals and then I’ll work on it. Besides with all this jabberwocky crap I haven’t even add a chance to ask her about his intentions.” 

“And I haven’t had time to bring out the photo albums,” Regina adds with a laugh. 

A Thousand More

If you had asked Faida whether or not she was avoiding Alec, she would have told you that she wasn’t. She just happened to never be at the same place at the same time he was, and if he just so happened to walk up to her and Shawn while they were together, she would find another person to talk to, or another task to work on. At first, she hadn’t exactly remembered what had gone on the night she confessed that she knew who he was, but as the memories came flooding back, she was horrified. She had thwarted all her plans by telling him who she knew she was. So, in typical Faida fashion, she tried to ignore the problem until it went away. But it was hard. Now, as they arrived in Paris and started to travel throughout the city, it was even harder, as both her, Shawn and Alec had been paired together for tour guiding purposes. She tried to stick close to Shawn’s side, but Faida couldn’t help it every time her gaze would fall to Alec’s profile when he wasn’t looking at her. She couldn’t help but know that she was going to have to deal with it sooner or later, and it would probably be a lot sooner than the latter. “We’re going to take a short break for lunch.” The tour guide spoke in a thick French accent. “Meet back here in forty-five minutes.” With that, the lady walked away, and Faida was forced to turn to the boys and look expectantly at them.Mainly, Shawn. “Well.”

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Best Friends Ex

“Holly will be there” Sue said in a sing song voice, trying -and on her way to succeeding- to convince Gail to go to some stupid festival.

The brunette had introduced her to Holly a couple of months ago and found that the two got a long greatly. Holly was one of the very very -very- few people the blonde didn’t hate. Instead she seemed to actually like the med student.

“I’ll think about it.” Gail said shortly.

“She’d be awfully disappointed if you weren’t there, I kind of told her you would be.” Sue commented lightly. She could practically see the brunette twirling a pen as she spoke.

She sighed and hit her controller off her forehead. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Gail wasn’t sure what she was doing, why she was letting this tiny little crush on Holly be so. . Consuming. She was letting herself be talked into things she normally wouldn’t be caught dead doing, all because if some chick. A really pretty, awesome, weird, funny chick. Just because she maybe had a small -tinny tiny when you look at it- crush.

I mean it wasn’t like she thought about Holly all the time, it wasn’t like she’d text her just to talk, and she definitely didn’t let herself be persuaded just because the med student would be there. And even if those things were happening nothing would ever happen, Gail wouldn’t let it. Holly was Sue’s ex and if she was one thing, she was loyal. It didn’t matter that they were good friends now and that they were together years ago. Holly was still her best friends ex and so she was off limits.

So what the hell was she to do about the butterflies in her damn stomach every time she even thought of Holly?!


“Gail” Sue yelled and waved her over from across the field.

It was hot, luckily the sun wasn’t too bright and mostly stayed behind the big fluffy clouds. But that didn’t stop the heat from boiling her skin. Summer was her least favourite season. It wasn’t the heat that really got to her, it was how it clung in the air and stuck to her skin. There was no cooling down, it was gross. But she did find one upside to it, and that was in the form of Holly’s outfit.

Gail’s system went into shock at the sight of the med student, slowing down her breathing and stride as she watched Holly take a long drink from a water bottle. Her blood shot right between her legs, making her heart race to keep up while she glazed over endless tan legs, revealed by very short shorts. Gail gulped, having created mass amounts of saliva during her ogling, and waved back.

“So, how long do I have to stay for you to consider me having attended” Gail asked when she got in ear shot.

“I don’t know Grumpous, how about I tell you when the time comes” Sue smiled up at the blonde as she approached the blanket.

“If I let you away with that then you’ll make me stay the entire time and I would rather let Steve beat me in C.O.D than do that.” Gail shot back and sat cross legged facing the other two women.

“Oh come on, Gail, it won’t be that bad” Holly chimed in, giving her that damn lopsided smile when she met her eyes. Her heart jumped at the sight and she couldn’t help but smile back.

Pushing those stupid crush-y feelings away she looked around for an example, which didn’t take long to get.

“Sure cuz listening to dude-bros chug countless beers from a funnel and yell around like the children they are, and having to dodge puking children, while the heat is doubled because of rowdy people is what I call a good time.” Gail dead panned.

Holly and Sue let out belly laughs.

The three sat in the grass for awhile, talking about what they wanted to do at the festival.

Once a point list was made they headed out to do said things, starting with getting a few drinks -mostly to loosen Gail’s mood- and then went to check out the vendor stands. Gail groan most of the time, reminding them how boring it was every five minutes.

Next was rides. Which were all lame, as predicted. But she did get to watch Holly laugh with glee as they span so fast the carny had to tell then to slow down, that one might have actually been fun.

Then after a few more drinks and a late lunch Sue guided them out to the game booths. Gail had refused to even go at first, those games were rigged to only let just enough people win that people would think they had a chance. They were money eaters and it was a waste of time. So she sat firm in her disapproval until Holly shot her a pouty lip and laced their fingers, tugging the blonde out of her seat.

So here she was, alone with Holly, while Sue went to make out with her boyfriend -who just so happened to work the first game they went to. Gail watched as Holly picked up another basketball and shot it at the hoop.

“Fuck yeah!” Holly cheered as she got the last one in. Turning to Gail she smirked proudly.

“Nice job, Nerd.” She congratulated, biting the inside of her lip to try and control her smile.

Holly bowed. “Why thank you.” She moved to stand beside the blonde and gestured to the plush toys. “Choose one.”

Gail corked an eyebrow. “I sat on this uncomfortable stool, you did all the work so it’s your choice.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” She winked. “Just pick one, Gail.” Holly nudged her shoulder.

Gail let out a smirk as she turned to the selection of toys. She turned her head from side to side, scanning to find the best choice. She was about I give up and just point at one when a dog caught her eye.

“That one!”

The bored teen manning the booth slowly stood. Pointing to an elephant beside the one she wanted, silently asking if that was the one.

Gail shook her head furiously. “Just to the left, the dog in the coat.” She ordered.

Once the kid passed her the dog she spun around to find Holly had left. Her stomach dropped, did Holly ditch her? Was she being so much of a downer that Holly got annoyed and left?

“Over here” a familiar voice called.

Turning she found the med student sitting at a booth a few games down. Now she felt stupid for letting such worries get to her.

“So what’d you get?” Holly asked as Gail sat beside her.

Gail plastered a proud, mischievous smile on her face as she placed the dog on the counter in front of them. She watched as Holly’s face lit up, making the butterflies in her belly flutter faster than they ever had before.

“Oh my god, Gail, how did you find a stuffy with a lab coat!?” The med student beamed.

“A stuffy? Really Dr. Stewart?” She was getting uncomfortable with the rush of feelings -and how comfortable she felt with Holly- the brunette was bringing her and she needed to tease or do something unpleasant.

Holly ignored the small jab  and continued to mull over the toy. “It’s so perfect I might have to keep it.”

“Because you were originally going to throw it out?” Gail mused.

The brunette giggled and playfully pushed on Gail’s arm. “No, I was giving it to you.”

Suddenly her cheeks got hot and she had to look down, wishing her hair wasn’t in a pony tail so she could hide.

After a beat Holly asked if she was ready.

“Ready for what?”

Holly motioned toward the booth they were seated at, and she noticed for the first time what it was.

“I’ve told you a dozen times today that I don’t part take in these money eating games.”

“It’s a gun, you shoot the thing.”

“I know the game, Hols, but I’m still not paying to shoot water at a target that I can touch standing here.” Gail explained with crossed arms.

“But I already paid, so you kinda have to play. Please?” And there she went with those damn eyes, Gail never stood a chance.

With a reluctant huff Gail grab hold of the gun. She heard a squeal escape from Holly at the motion and she smiled, again.

With a nod of her head the carny pressed a button and counted them down. The race was on! Gail was ahead until she glanced over to Holly and got lost in how adorable the med student was when she was concentrating. The bell shrilled, bringing Gail out of her trance and Holly jumped out of her seat cheering her victory.

“Pipe down Nerd, I let you win.”

She immediately stopped and faced the blonde. “What’re you talking about, let me win? Pff.”

“You really think you’d beat me at a game that involves shooting? I’m a Peck, born and raised cop, I’ve been going to the shooting range since I was ten.”

“If you’re so good then why’d you let me win, Peck?” Holly inquired as she took her seat again. The brunette’s playfulness had changed in an instant, going from causal friendliness to cocky flirt.

“Well Stewart,” she emphasized the name. “I let you win because I was paying back for Dr. Bones.”

Holly leaned closer, bridging on Gail’s space. “I never asked you for pay back. Dr. Bones,” she smiled at the name, “is a gift. So we are going to go another round, and this time try to keep your eyes on the game.”

Gail’s cheeks set ablaze, she was caught.


Gail had given up on Sue coming back, it’d been hours since she left and the lack of text response was putting her return to an all time low. Holly pulled her along, game after game, then food and drinks, and she even got the blonde back to the rides to go on the ones they couldn’t do with Sue.

She was starting to get worried about puking with the amount of fluttering her stomach had been doing all day. Gail never knew that feeling could go on for so long, over and over and over because of the same little things. It was insane. She was also surprised she hadn’t died of a heart attack yet either. The sight of Holly working up a sweat in her tank top and shorts, hair messily pulled up, was the biggest cause of the heart palpitations.

Gail could swear she was being punished her for all of her Gail-ness. Which she didn’t mind all that much, it was half a day spent alone with the brunette. Watching as the pile of stuffed animals grew, each won with a beaming smile and victory dance. How could Gail be upset about that?

She later found out the punishment.

When it was getting darker and the twinkling lights were their guide through the festival. When a chill had started to settle throughout the grounds making them walk closer together and their hands would graze, causing a ripple to shoot through her.

When they shared a cab ride back to Holly’s and all Gail could hear was her racing heart, because Holly’s leg kept brushing against hers.

The part where she was surrounded by everything Holly, her scent clung to the borrowed shirt. The part where Gail was helping to put sheets on the couch, when she was again hit with the brunettes intoxicating scent, causing all other scenes to almost shut down completely just so she could focus on taking in the sweet smell.

When good nights were being whispered but neither made a move to leave. When Holly brushed a stray hair out of her face with the gentlest touch Gail had ever felt. When she leaned in, forgetting the world and all thought lost. When she was sharing air with the brunette. When her eyes slipped close at the same time a warm hand found purchase on the bare spot between the hem of her boxers and tee. And then Sue jumped into her head, making her snap back to reality and pull away.

“I’m sorry” Holly gasped out. The brunette was obviously startled by the moment.

“I’m so sorry.” She repeated, not raising her eyes from the floor as she backed away. “I’m just going to” she trailed off at the end and left the room.

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