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I got this idea when I was driving home from the post office lol. It was originally gonna be a short ficlet but scenarios just kept popping into my head that I HAD to make it multi-chapter.

Just a little pearlapis fic where Lapis is a fast food worker and Pearl is a busy college student that runs food errands for her roommate Amethyst. Not that she’s complaining.

Anyway, here’s a preview!

“Peridot! Peridot!!” Lapis dodged her co-workers and a confused manager to get to her friend. “Let me take this one!!”

“Hi welcome- wait, Lapis?!” Peridot covered her microphone in time to shout the last bit.

“Let me take this one!” Lapis repeated while attempting to grab at the green haired girl’s headset. She was met by a face full of cold plastic.

“Ow! Peridot! No using your robot hand!” Lapis shoved aside the appendage and resumed her seizing. Peridot, insistent that she would not let her friend distract her from her job, continued working.

“Welcome to BC Burgers, how may I-” Peridot was interrupted, however, when she felt her headset being ripped off her head.

-Meanwhile, on the other side-

“Welcome to BC Burgers, how may I- *scratch* HEY! Lapi-*scratch* GIVE IT- hello! Welcome! How may I help you?”

“Uh… Hi. Can I… just get the Double Boardwalk Combo, medium please?”

Sure! Would you like any sauces?”

“Um, no thank you.”

Great! Will that be all for you today?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Alright! Your total will be $4.69 at the window please. Thank you!”

Pearl nodded to the speaker, but at the last minute regretted to because they wouldn’t even be able to see her. She drove around the bend of the restaurant, adamant to get Amethyst’s food and go home so she can continue studying.

That was probably the weirdest food order I’ve gotten.

She was greeted at the pay window by the usual green haired girl with the prosthetic hand, but looking grumpier than usual.

Her voice over the speakers certainly does not fit her mood.

Pearl passed her the money and handled the change she was given back. If Pearl wasn’t in a hurry, she could have heard what the girl had mumbled before she drove away. Finally at the order window, she was expecting to see the cute, little blue haired girl give her her food, but today it was a pre-pubescent boy with braces and a lisp.

Pearl physically deflated in her seat.

She accepted her food with slight disappointment and went on her way.

Maybe tomorrow…

-On their break-

“Dammit!” Lapis slammed her cup of soda on the table, startling the few customers that still remained after lunch rush. “I missed her today!!”

Across from her, Peridot sipped at her water cup, “Well you could have seen her if you weren’t so spassy on your way back to your window.”

“Ugh, I should have looked where I was going..” Lapis grumbled, scowl obvious on her face. “I can’t believe the manager forced me to pick up ALL the fries that fell on the floor.” Lapis’ frustration was short lived when she suddenly beamed at Peridot.

“So! What was she wearing? Did she do her hair today? Was she alone?”

“Yes, 7, and the capital is Ottawa.” Peridot deadpanned. She then flicked her straw wrapper at her blue haired friend, spurring her on even more.

“I swear you’re bordering creeper status with this girl. If you keep this up, she’ll think you’re weird.”

“But I have to see her! It’s what I look forward to in the day! They say constant exposure to someone will make them grow fond of them more.”

“Yeah that only works if you’re NOT a fast food worker. This is the last place to start a romance.”

“Oh pipe down you fart monkey-”


“-My plan will work. My plan has to work.”

I’m thinking about calling it, Love in the Fast Lane, ahaha get it? Cuz, fast lane is… yeah..