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okay so. as someone who runs one of the very, very few ocpd-centric blogs on tumblr (not this one, i mean @thatocpdfeel ), its actually so upsetting how little people know abt ocpd, even here on tumblr amongst other mental health bloggers. not to say anything bad abt those bloggers!!! its just not spoken abt much. maybe thats because its not as common as, like, bpd or avpd, but its also because SO many ocpd symptoms are ENCOURAGED by society. i get so many tags on my posts saying “thats an ocpd thing???” or “thats not normal???” or “im not supposed to do that???” like so much of what is killing us from the inside are things parents, teachers, and guardians all think are positive attributes to have, but we internalize those things in such a twisted and intense way that we suffer and yet are idealized for our suffering.
ive had so many people with other illnesses, like depression, tell me how ocpd has its upsides because i can be productive and get stuff done when they cant even get out of bed. thats not how it works.
ocpd is not being perfect.
ocpd is NEEDING to be perfect because even the tiniest mistake means you are the scum of the earth and deserve to die.
ocpd is not double checking your work to make sure you got everyting right because you want a good score.
ocpd is perfecting the wording of a single sentence because if it doesnt imply the exact thought you are trying to get across then it means you have failed and even if it is still technically right and no points are taken off, inside you know that it was wrong and it COULD have been better and your personal standards are ten times higher than the official standards because you know that the goals you need to reach to be successful are leaps and bounds above what the average person needs, not because you are better than them but because you must strive to become better than them at all cost because second best is still a loser.
ocpd is not orangizing your work station before starting a new project.
ocpd is crying and screaming while you trash 42 different versions of the same attempted project and shoving everything off your desk and wanting to pull out your hair or bang your head on a wall because you messed it up so many times already and if you dont get it right this time you will never get it and you will be marked as a failure for the rest of your life, unable to accomplish literally anything and youre so terrified of that thought you take six hours to scrub at your desk and mop the floor and take a razor to that bit of wax thats been stuck on the leg of your chair for a week and half and meticulously organize everything into boxes, counting every ration you put in to make sure they all even out, and listing everything thats there and labeling the boxes then straight up leaving the work area and not thinking about the project for another month.
ocpd is not having a folder of all your important documents because you know you will need them some time.
ocpd is having six folders, each containing vastly different documents, some of which are important, some of which are just old receipts to mcdonalds, some are keepsakes from friends, some of which are just a scap of paper with scribbles that you dont remember what they mean but maybe one day you will, and the rest are just any paper youve ever come across in your life. theyre all just as important as everything else though because the thought of prioritising them is nearly incomprehensible because they are all important and you need them all for equally important things so when you need, like, that paper for your auto insurance you first must sift through six hundred pages of notes your friends passed back and forth in middle school over five years ago and you dont even talk to them anymore but you absolutely cannot get rid of them. its all so important.
ocpd is not being productive.
ocpd is waking up and remembering that you are an inherently flawed and imperfect being, but also that your worth in this world is defined by what you put into it, so even if you cant be perfect, if you make enough perfect stuff or do enough stuff perfectly, it will all give the illusion to others as well as yourself that you are perfect. so you push yourself to do whatever it is you do. regardless of your other illnesses, you work and and try to be as productive as you possibly can because thats your only chance. you go into work sick. you push yourself past your limits, past what you know you are physically/mentally able to do, and you suffer for breaching those limits but all that pain is WORTH it because you are temporarily overcome with a sense of accomplishement and SOMEONE is finally proud of you. you did something right FOR ONCE. so even if you go completely nonverbal, or lay in bed for the next week in pain, or end up in the ER, or seventeen other things didnt get done, there was the most brief sense of absolute euphoria even if its almost immidiately replaced by a sense of overwhelming anxiety about what you messed up, forgot, did wrong, or ignored to achieve that feeling and the cycle of fixing, fixing, fixing repeats itself. ocpd is not being bossy, egotistical, or controlling. ocpd is a deeply psychological understanding that even the most insignificant mistake will reflect back on you in the most exaggerated and horrendous way possible. its knowing that if you ask your friend to go get you a red pen, but they bring you a blue one, and you dont know they got blue instead, so if you write even the smallest mark in that blue ink, even if its technically okay to write in red or blue, you specified red, so the fact that its blue makes it wrong and unnacceptable so in your mind its better to drop what your doing and get the correct red pen yourself even if its right beside your friend and you are already focusing on something else. the concept of asking others to do something, not even something in a manner of helping you but just to divide up jobs evenly, its absolutely impossible. because if they do something wrong, it will reflect on you, then you did something wrong and we both know that doing something wrong is completely out of the question. you would rather multitask four things at once, but the sight of someone else just twiddling their thumbs while you bust your ass is so infuriating! why cant they do what you are doing? why cant they just read your mind and know exactly what you need, when you need it, and be helpful? thats what you would do if they were in your situation! if they were working like you, you would hand them everything. you would also probably go ahead and just put that back for them. well, you could also handle that too. and before you know it, their job is your job and there they are twiddling their thumbs and looking at you for a job to do. its the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself” taken to a whole other level. ocpd is so much more than what people think. were more than just a “type a personality” or “perfectionists” and its not just “mild ocd” either. ocpd is painful. please remember that.


Ten years, huh?

I started my blog shortly after Tumblr began.  I drew on my kids’ lunch bags for fun.  I took pictures of them because the kids threw them away.

My kids are a little too old for it now, but it was a lot of fun.  Now I post art projects of a non lunch-related nature.  

I learned a lot about drawing from this.  Look at that Squidward.  Ugh.


@litladiesnetwork‘s third event | woc in literature: mara amitra dyer

You’re the girl who called me an asshole the first time we spoke. The girl who tried to pay for lunch even after you learned I have more money than God. You’re the girl who risked her ass to save a dying dog, who makes my chest ache whether you’re wearing green silk or ripped jeans.


get to know our members: jo’s favorite characters [1/6]

↳ mara dyer // the mara dyer trilogy

You’re the girl who called me an asshole the first time we spoke. The girl who tried to pay for lunch even after you learned I have more money than God. You’re the girl who risked her ass to save a dying dog.

Triangle Translation

Triangle translation is a concept I randomly came up with when I was having lunch and thinking about language learning. It’s all about translating texts from one of your target languages to another language and helping others to do the same.

Here’s how it works:

Each “triangle” is a group of 3 people, person A, B and C. They can communicate in a group chat on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

Person A

  • a native speaker of or fluent in Language 1 (e.g. German)
  • intermediate in Language 2 (e.g. Polish)
  • beginner in Language 3 (e.g. French)

Person B

  • a native speaker of or fluent in Language 2 (Polish)
  • intermediate in Language 3 (French)
  • beginner in Language 1 (German)

Person C

  • a native speaker of or fluent in Language 3 (French)
  • intermediate in Language 1 (German)
  • beginner in Language 2 (Polish)

So let’s say Person A writes a text in Language 3, which would be French here. They post it in the group chat and Person C, the French native, corrects their mistakes if necessary.

Person A is a beginner, which is why the French text (that is now corrected) is easy to understand for Person B, an intermediate French speaker. Thus, Person B translates it from Language 3, French, to Language 1, German.

Now, the native (or fluent) German speaker, Person A, proof reads the German text.

Then it’s Person C’s turn: they translate the German text (Language 1) to Language 2, Polish.

Obviously, you can also do it the other way round and translate texts from your “beginner” language to your “intermediate” language, or you can use “intermediate” languages only!

To sum things up, everyone receives texts in one of their target languages, translates them to another target language, and corrects mistakes in texts written in their native language.


  • When reading and translating texts, make a list with unknown words and translate them. You can also add them to Memrise or an Anki deck.
  • Try to write about things you actually like to talk about - this way, you’ll learn useful vocabulary and you’ll really get to know the other people in the group chat!
  • If you run out of ideas, use some writing prompts.
  • Set a goal with your group: For example, try to write one text a week and post it on the group chat. If everyone does this you will have to write one text, translate two texts and correct three texts in one week.

How to find a “triangle” group:

If you’re very lucky, you already know two people whose languages match yours - if you don’t know anyone or you simply want to get to know new people, send me a message containing the following information:

  • Name and age (I can try to find partners who are about the same age as you. You do not have to tell me your age, but if you don’t, this will obviously not be possible.)
  • Contact information (tumblr/usernames on other social media/email)
  • Native language(s)
  • Fluent language(s)
  • Intermediate language(s)
  • Beginner language(s)
  • Other information

As soon as I find a partner for you, I will send their information to you and yours to them.

I hope you like this idea - if you have any questions, just ask!

It’s a Matter of Taste

This is my submission for the third prompt of the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon - Taste. Oliver asks Felicity to pretend to be his girlfriend for Queen Consolidate Board retreat. Also available on AO3.  Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing!

He could do this, he could totally do this. Oliver paced back and forth in his office. He had no fear staring down the bad guys as the Arrow but asking Felicity Smoak to be his fake girlfriend for a cottage weekend, THAT terrified him.

“So, when are going to tell me what’s going on?” Felicity stood in the door of his office. “Oliver, I could see you pacing for the last five minutes. Your walls are glass.”

“I have to ask you something and you aren’t going to like it.”


“So, if you could not use your loud voice I’d appreciate it.”

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This is not a success story

As I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, somewhere downtown Detroit, with a coffee to my right, a salad on its way to me, and a sweaty CrossFit session behind me this morning, let me share my candid thoughts with you.

Weight loss is hard. I actually forgot that little fact a few weeks back when I called my sister to declare I had re-signed up for My Firtness Pal; it had been two days and I saw my weight drop, and I remember thinking this will be easy.

It is not. 

I had been in Detroit for just over a month, and with the exception of mentally thinking about trying to lose weight, I had put no actual conscious effort into doing so. It was the usual: just wishing and hoping and obsessing, but not actually changing any of my habits.  Sure, I had signed up for CrossFit, but to say I was “half-assing” it would have been over stating it.

The mental toll of watching my weight increase was exhausting.  I had told myself when I arrived in this new city I’d have a fresh start to my weight loss voyage, but a month had passed and that wasn’t the case.  Then at some ungodly hour one morning, I wrote a very honest letter to myself; there’s something about writing that sets things in stone for me.  I can tell myself something 302 times, but if I don’t commit those thoughts to written words, I’m almost guaranteed to forget them the next morning.  I won’t go into the details of the letter, but I woke up the next morning ready to officially commit to something I so desperately wanted.

That was just over a month ago, and I have been amazed at how that letter somehow switched a light on from within. 


Since then I have been to CrossFit four or times each week. It’s been humbling getting back into it.  A 35lb bar is all I can handle right now. I’m the slowest by far in all the workouts, and the majority of the movements I have to modify.  

I am fortunate that a lot of the movements and my techniques from doing CrossFit in Melbourne were like riding a bike. And my new Coach here is exceptional.  This CrossFit focusses on quality over quantity (often the area where CrossFit gets a lot of criticism) and I am definitely thankful for that (I never really found a CrossFit I liked in Toronto because I thought all the coaches didn’t focus on technique).

If you follow along on my Snapchat you’ll already know this, but I’ve even been getting my ass up for the 6am or 7am CrossFit sessions. Last week I made it to FIVE early morning sessions and got a glimpse into life as if I was a morning person.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it got sooooo much easier each day, and I had significantly better days when I did exercise in the morning. 

I live in perpetual muscle pain these days, but it’s a good happy pain; one I missed. 


As we all know, you can’t out exercise a bad diet, and thus on that fateful letter-writing night, I decided to focus on calorie counting. Calories in, must be less than calories out.  I set my goal to “1 pound a week loss” which landed me at 1,800 calories a day.  Also making this the most generous number of calories I’ve ever aimed to hit.  (In my younger stupider days I’d always aim for 1200/1300 a day).  

I bought a little kitchen scale and hit the ground running. I measured and tracked everything. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  From the oil on my roasted veggies in the evenings, to milk in my coffee, everything was added to the My Fitness Pal app. I quickly got into the routine of it too, I became more conscious of labels in stores, and more aware of how quickly calories can add up.

One thing I didn’t expect from calorie counting, but am absolutely over the moon about, is how it released me from mentally beating myself up throughout the day.  I learned from counting calories that I wasn’t eating that badly before, but mentally I thought I was.  

If I ate a Turkey Tom Jimmy John’s sandwich (for Canadian friends, it’s like Subway but more delicious) for lunch (because it was free at the Lunch n’ Learn at work, let’s say) I would be so angry at myself the rest of the day, and think I completely (pardon my french) fucked up my diet that day, which in turn would lead to negative thoughts and not caring about dinner that evening, or worse, trying to hardly eat anything for dinner. 

From counting calories I saw that having that Jimmy John’s sandwich for 520 calories was a lot, true, however also completely manageable and normal and I could still easily end my day without going over my allowed calorie intake.  A huge amount of mental stress has been lifted from counting calories, and I saw very blatantly how negative I had been previously to myself for no reason at all.

I counted the tomatoes and broccoli and cauliflower and onions and asparagus too, and quickly saw how my current weight is where it’s at in large part because of healthy food. Portions! Portions! Portions! And my portions of healthy food were huge. With the oil on my roasted veggies (carrots / sprouts / asparagus / onions / etc) and half a sweet potato sprinkled with some feta cheese and a breast of chicken on the side, my dinner could and would get to around 600 calories. Yikes. And this makes sense. As I don’t eat McDonalds or candy or go through tubs of ice-cream. I am over weight because of portions. HEALTHY portions. 


This post is not a post about my success.  

Over the past four weeks my weight has been up and down and up and down and overall  I have stayed the same. It’s incredibly frustrating. I am trying really hard. I also have a smart scale which shows no Fat % loss, which busts the muscle weighs more than fat theory. 

My jeans, however, are fitting looser, but I also feel like they need a wash…  I tried on a dress yesterday which didn’t fit before Christmas, and said dress? Still does not fit.  I believe I only went over my calorie intake once, and yet here I sit, seeing no results. 

So Why

I made a Snapchat story a few days back on how frustrated I am, and a few of you kind people wrote back: 

Don’t count calories, look at macros
You’re now in your 30s. This is life. 
Eat the majority of calories in the morning
Eat more. Are you adding calories for CrossFit?
Do the Whole 30; it works
You have to wait longer. At least six weeks
8 hours of sleep, more water. 

Looking at the above list there is certainly room for improvement. I don’t pay attention to macros, I do eat the majority of my calories in the evening (although I really think a calorie is a calorie to your body, no matter when you eat it), I do not add my CrossFit calories to MFP (It would be about 600 extra calories a day! Which I think is nutty), and I could definitely drink more water.   I also side-eye Whole 30, as I don’t want a “diet,” but more of a lifestyle change; truthfully, I’m also nervous of binging on a “diet.”

I am working at being better at all of the above. Except, of course, I can’t reduce my age.  I remember people telling me it would get harder, but like with everything else (skin and cancer and terrible things) it won’t happen to me. I think it has.  


But I am not going to give up, because regardless of the number between my toes each morning, working out and eating better has helped my mental state a lot.  I am more confident, putting effort into dressing better each morning, and not beating myself up any more. 

So yes. There that all is. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed there’ll be some scale or fat percentage loss movement. Stay tuned! 

ailarii  asked:






Who said “I love you” first: oikawa. it was so out of the blue that bokuto had to walk away and collect himself, then he went back and reciprocated
Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: bokuto because oikawa uses his phone to take selfies (“dude, you have your own phone” “but your camera is better!” “oh, okay” they have the same phone
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: theres a permanent mark where they pressed their palms to the glass next to each other
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: bokuto buys oiks ailen merch and oiks buys bo every owl thing he sees
Who initiated the first kiss: oikawa was feeling sad after some volleyball so bokuto started kissing his hands, his palms his knuckles, the webbing between his fingers and then finally kissed him on the lips softly and then took him home and helped him shower and dried him off and tucked him in bed beside him and that was how they got together
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: bokuto, and sometimes they’re both late because the kissing gets pretty intense 
Who starts tickle fights: bokuto can’t keep his hands off oikawa and that’s how he discovered where he’s most ticklish, which is pretty much everywhere
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: oikawa because he loves when bokuto washes his hair. he’s got great technique
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: oikawa learns to cook just to bring bokuto food
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: both of them
Who kills/takes out the spiders: bokuto, while oikawa points and screams
Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: bokuto will start serenading oikawa in front of anyone and everyone


Who said “I love you” first: kuroo was too shy so he texted it to oikawa, then oikawa called him to tell him he loved him too
Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: oikawa. it’s of kuroo sleeping on the couch with their kitten on his chest
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: kuroo will write naughty stuff and blame it on the cat
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: kuroo has no sense of moderation when it comes to splurging on oikawa (this is probably the best sentence i have ever written) and the cat
Who initiated the first kiss: kuroo was cuddling with a different cat (at his job at the pet store) and oikawa got jealous so he kissed kuroo and it was scandalous
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: oikawa would, but he can’t find kuroo under all those damn pillows
Who starts tickle fights: kuroo but he regrets it immediately because oikawa pinches hard af
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: when they’re gonna bathe together, they take baths because, yanno, that’s more ~romantic~
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: oikawa loves the smile that lights up kuroo’s face when he brings him food so yeah he does it often
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: kuroo as hecc
Who kills/takes out the spiders: they dont have a spider problem because Cat
Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: kuroo. he fucking sings drunk in love. every time. oikawa never gets tired of it


Who said “I love you” first: oikawa is stubborn and so he refused to say it first even though he developed feelings first
Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: ushijima, but he sucks at taking pictures so all the ones he’s taken of oiks, including his current backgroud, are blurry af
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: ushijima is banned from writing on the mirror because the first time he did it, he wrote “u shud hv come 2 shrtrzw” and it wont go away
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: ushijima has no sense of what to buy people so oikawa has a fuck ton of random stuff ushi has bought him. his favorite, and most useful, gift is a telescope-shaped keychain flash light
Who initiated the first kiss: technically ushijima did, since he asked if he could, but oikawa kissed him in response so it’s a toss-up
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: ushijima gets up at fuckass oclock on the dot every morning and will kiss oikawa awake when it’s time for him to wake up
Who starts tickle fights: oikawa has searched and searched for ushijima’s tickle spot but has yet to find it
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: ushijima because he’s just that polite
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: ushijima. he takes this responsibility seriously, especially since he knows oikawa tends to overwork and underfeed himself
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: oikawa got a little drunk beforehand because nerves, and ushijima noticed and so they stayed in and watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch together
Who kills/takes out the spiders: ushijima takes them out because he doesnt want oikawa to kill them
Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: oikawa and he defaults to ushijima’s given name which is embarrassing as all heck if they’re in public

A Fool of Mine [3]

Originally posted by someone-like-robsten

Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 3/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,325
Summary: [ During your lunch date, you learn some rather interesting things. ]
A/N:  i’ve decided that like, yknow how belle’s color is blue
yeah reader’s is purple //  lol so what i was getting at in the early bit of the chapter was reader was wearing a headband, but they weren’t popular back then ok
Part 2 can be found here
Part 4 can be found here

As you went into town the next day, Gaston was nowhere to be found. Odd, considering he always hung out near the stone arch that led into town, and as you’d pass he’d let out some half-witted line about how absolutely stunning you were today.

You figured perhaps he was out, or maybe busy getting ready for later. You followed your routine, this time being sure to pick up a bottle of wine as you went along for your picnic in a few hours. After walking around the town (and stopping to smell the flowers as you did each day) you headed straight home - no time to read today.

The house was quiet as you entered.  Lonely, even. You hummed the tune you had heard at the tavern last night as you went along, preparing a small brunch and packing it away in the hand-woven picnic basket you had made years ago. After, you set your book on top, just in case you decided to take it. You then focused your attention on your appearance.

After taking a bath, you sifted through your wardrobe.


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Jealousy // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: Hello :) I would like to request a scenario of Eunwoo from astro. Angst + fluff. I would like it to be about Eunwoo getting jealous bc I spend to much time with MoonBin. If you see this thank you so much for doing this, you’re the best!!!! :) :) :)

words: 1464

category: sort-of angst + a dash of fluff

author note: you were my first request so thank you so much! sorry this is so short and messy; it was really hard to write angst for eunwoo but I hope you like it anyway!


Originally posted by moonbinny

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MC and RFA+V+Unknown having a crush on each other in high school



  • You were both in the same English class, and she couldn’t help to notice the cute girl sitting at the front
  •  You know her, she is super responsible and serious.
  • So whenever she saw you on the corridors, she tried to keep it cool and maybe wave at you.
  • But on the inside she was is dying and blushing… Maybe she was blushing on the outside too.
  • She was the favorite of the principal so whenever she could, she read all the “oficial” information the school had about you. 
  • She didn’t know how to approach you, so she figured the most she knows about you, the easier it would be to talk with you.
  • One day she thought “screw it! I’m talking to her!” And she approached you by saying “how is your sister, Lisa?”
  • What
  • “How does she know my sister’s name?” 
  • She just run away without giving and explanation.
  • She was really good in English so whenever you were having problems, she awkwardly gave you her notes and tried her best to help you.
  • You were oblivious of her feelings, and Jaehee didn’t get it? I mean, she tried to hide the fact that she had a big crush on you but she knew it was obvious for everyone, well, for everyone except you.
  • She even bought you lunch when you forgot your money.
  • Do you even love, MC?
  • One day she gain the courage she needed and organized a plan: she would stay after classes to tide the classroom and ask you for a date. She already knew your schedule by heart, so she was aware that you always stayed a little bit more in the classroom to clear your doubts about English.
  • When the clock hit 15.40, Jaehee was already outside the door waiting for you.
  • “Hey! You are Jaehee, right? Thank you for the help with my English report, you saved my ass” you said laughing.
  • Jaehee smiled at you and took a deep breath. “I can help you more if you want too, maybe we can go for a coffee and study?”
  • “Like a study date?” You asked and she nodded. “I thought you would never ask”
  • Jaehee learns that day that you had a massive crush on her as well and you only faked being bad in at English so you could talk to her.
  • Oh Jaehee…


  •  Yoosung is really shy and so innocent so of course he, being a freshman here, fell in love with a senior.
  • And it’s not even funny for him, he thinks that he has no chance with you so he is just a lost puppy that only has eyes for you.
  • He would stare at you at lunch… all the time… It was pretty weird when you noticed and just made visual contact with a tomato Yoosung.
  • He would try to get the closest he could possible be with you, but he is too shy to talk to you, and even if it hurts, he prefers to watch your from “afar”
  • One time you waved at him in the corridors and he fucking lost it, he started blushing like crazy and just froze. He couldn’t even wave back, he was so shook,
  • His friends would always say things like “MC… yeah she is pretty hot”, and Yoosung would agree but tell them to shut up, because that’s not the only good thing about you.
  • You really liked Yoosung, even though you never really talked, there was something about this cute boy that made you feel comfortable. He was a trustworthy looking guy.
  • So, as he never took the first step, you decided to just go for it. You finished your meal and walked to Yoosung’s table.
  • He didn’t notice you were there until you spoke.
  • “Hi” you said taking a seat in front of him. He looked so scared like a deer in front of some headlights. It made you chuckle.
  • “H-hi” he said trying not to choke on his lunch.
  • “What’s your name?” You already knew his name, but he did seem nervous so you thought that making small talk may calm his nerves a little.
  • After talking with him all lunch you learned how amazing and wonderful Yoosung was, so you invited him to hang out that weekend in your house.
  • You know what I mean: video games and you could even cook together!


  • Okay, Zen was something else. He was a senior and you were a freshman. 
  • He had always had a thing for you, he would not admit it at first because his friends said that you were too young for a relationship and with a senior? No. You know… The Beast™.
  • It made sense in his head… He didn’t want to corrupt you. He knew you personally and thought about you as this innocent flower that has to be protected.
  • But oh boy, don’t let any guy near you because that would lead to an epic death glare from him.
  • Sometimes he gave you a ride to your house after school, which you found really nice and charming.
  • You always had a crush on him… But, as he was a senior, you always though as him as this kinda popular guy who you would never have a chance with, so you just enjoyed the little moments you two had.
  • I am a truly believer that Zen would have sent you anonymous love letters, flowers and that kind of stuff.
  • And you would be so surprised, because no guy has ever made a move on you. (Thanks Zen)
  • But the letters were just that. Letters saying you were the most beautiful princess on the whole kingdom (school). That’s when you realised who the fuck was sending this things.
  • You dumb white haired man.
  • You actually run to him and tackled him with a hug.
  • He was blushing on the ground trying to recover his breath but you just squeezed him harder.
  • “I hate you so much, you foolish prince” you said.
  • That’s when he put his finger on it. Omg how could he have been so dumb?
  • “So… I think it’s fair to say you are going on a date with me?”
  • You weren’t really friends though, you knew each other, but that’s it.


  • Jumin didn’t know how to cope with emotions or feelings.
  • Whenever you tried to talk with him, he would just go away or just not answer anything you said.
  • He did feel warm and fuzzy when you were near though, and he didn’t know why? It was so strange, he never felt this way.
  • Eventually you stopped trying to be friends with him, he was a little bit rude with you.
  • So when he was expecting you to approach him during lunch and you didn’t even look at him in the eyes, he was confused.
  • He felt like a his heart had been stabbed.
  • It hurt? What the hell?
  • That’s when he realised he liked you. He had a crush on you.
  • Omg this is terrible.
  • He would never approach you right away, you know the story of his father and women. Not good.
  • He enjoyed watching you from afar, since you were in the same class.
  • He even bought a few things for you that he planned to give to you later.
  • But you were still hurt about Jumin’s attitude, so you didn’t even dedicate him a single glance.
  • One day he got tired of that situation and just sat next to you at lunch. You looked at him like “what”
  • “Um… what are you eating?” He asked out of the blue.
  • “Fried chicken…”
  • “Fried what?”
  • Jumin didn’t know what fried chicken was?
  • You just put some in his mouth without any warning… and okay it was indeed a violation of his personal space, but he couldn’t just not know what fried chicken tasted like!
  • He was taken aback by your actions but swallowed the food and smiled a little.
  • It was good.
  • “It’s good” he said smiling. “Did you make it?” You nodded and ate another piece.
  • “I can make you some of you want, come by my house tomorrow and I can make dinner for us!”
  • Jumin blushed a little but was able to hide it from you. He was feeling excited.
  • Is that a date?
  • “Will you be preparing fried chicken?” You laughed and nodded. “Then, yeah, it would be nice”


  • He just saw you in class and got dumbfounded.
  • You two had just started freshman year and you were awkward and young.
  • But he did know he liked you.
  • He obviously would show it doing the best (worst for you) pranks ever.
  • You know when a little boy is mean to a girl, and everybody says that’s because he likes her. Kinda like that.
  • He would hide your homework, only so you would stay a little more in the classroom and he could help you find it.
  • Obviously his pranks would never be cruel or anything like that.
  • He just wanted to spend more time with you!
  • And ofc: bad puns everywhere.
  • You found seven cute and funny.
  • He would offer to help you with your calculus homework, and you would agree.
  • He was a cheeky little shit, so he would take any chance he had to touch you innocently.
  • Like whenever you two were studying together and you got an answer right, he patted your shoulder and would say “that’s right, smart lady”
  • One day you were looking for your homework again, and Seven was obviously helping you.
  • Suddenly, Seven exclaimed he found it and gave you one single paper with something written on it: “Girl my love for you goes on like the number pi”.
  • You looked at him blushing, he was flustered too.
  • He smiled at you and you gave him a big hug.
  • This dork…


  • The first time he saw you. He got desperate to know you, but he made sure to make it as smooth as possible.
  • You looked so nice and delicate, he didn’t want to scare you off.
  • So one day during Literature class, he asked what book was your favourite.
  • And when you replied, he was so thrilled, it was his favourite too.
  • That’s when he got super excited about you. You were this big mystery that he certainly wanted to solve.
  • He was just starting to get into photography and you were his secret muse. So untouchable and unattainable.
  • He took a lot of photos of you, you actually were his first photos taken “professionally”… You never noticed he was doing that, but they his most precious treasure.
  • He was so nice with you, always doing tiny little things that made your day better.
  • Like that time when he tied your laces without you asking for it.
  • Or when he brought you one of his books so you could read it.
  • One day you caught him taking a photo of you while reading during lunch. He was so embarrassed; pink cheeks and shaking like crazy.
  • You asked him why was he taking your picture and he replied that it wasn’t something creepy or weird, and that you were his inspiration.
  • You believed him.
  • The next day, he gave you an album full of pictures of you, and at the end there was a photo of you and him.
  • You started dating since that day.


  • Just like Jumin, he wasn’t a big fan of emotions. 
  • His situation at home was terrible and even though both twins were suffering, Saeran was a little bit more expressive about his pain.
  • He doesn’t talk to anybody but his brother, occasionally.
  • Don’t get me wrong, he certainly noticed that cute girl from his class.
  • But didn’t approached you. He never would.
  • He was so terrified or people hurting him, so he acted all tough so he would never be harmed in any way.
  • You were intrigued by him, though.
  • You noticed right away that he loved ice cream, as it’s the only thing he eats during lunch.
  • So one day you sat right next to him. Seven just smiled and picked on you two but eventually he left to another table to give you a little more privacy.
  • Seven was sure about Saeran being interested in you. You know when they say that twins have a special connection… Well, Seven hacked into his brother’s computer and saw that his little bro was doing a little bit of research about you.
  • Yep… that’s what Seven did.
  • Saeran was ready to ignore your present, but as soon as he looked into your eyes, he couldn’t.
  • You looked so hopeful and small. Your eyes could light a whole room.
  • So he took the ice cream from your hand and ate it without saying a word.
  • He was a blushing mess, obviously.
  • It took a lot of time, but eventually, you gained Saeran’s trust and you two became best friends.
  • He would go to your house everyday after school, and Seven was invited too, but he didn’t want to intrude.
  • But your favourite place to hang out was a little park near school. You used to sit in a bench, eat ice cream and talk all afternoon.
  • “You always pick only vainilla” You said licking your ice cream.
  • He nodded. “Is that wrong?”
  • “No, it’s just that sometimes if you pick vainilla and another flavor, the ice cream can be way better” you answered blushing.
  • Saeran smiled and looked into your eyes. “I guess you are right, tomorrow I’m going to pick vainilla and chocolate, your favourite flavour”
  • And he did. You were so happy that when he talked again you almost didn’t notice.
  • “Is this a date?”
  • “You want this to be a date?”
  • “Maybe.”
  • “Then, this may be a date.”

Why is it in most high school AUs that Armin’s the goody two-shoes who constantly prioritizes his grades?

Why can’t I see a high school AU where Armin says stuff like: “I did two things today. I explained the theory of relativity to someone in the lunch line and learned how to make a pipe out of an apple.”

Veterinary Hygiene

Ah, veterinary medicine will provide you with ample opportunity for hands on experience, and the associated smells on your hands. To get straight to the point, here are some of my tips to keep those smells from permeating your every waking minute.

  • Wash in cool water first. Hot water will open your pores and allow some scent molecules to be trapped with you. Wash in cool water, then when you have the bulk of the ‘substance’ removed, wash in comfortably warm water.
  • As I’ve mentioned before, citrus like lemon work really well for removing cadaverine, or the smell of death. Lemon scented things work well, and remember to wash hair if the scent is lingering with you. Gentlemen, this includes arm hair.
  • Those nifty little refresher towels from KFC are great on hot days between livestock calls, particularly for your face. You will get all sorts of ‘mud’ splatter on your face. 
  • Yeast ridden dogs have the most clingy, permeating odor. You can actually smell a bad ear infection as it walks in through the door. Washing your hands with malasseb shampoo, even if you don’t have time to let it soak, goes a long way towards stripping through that smell where normal soaps wont.
  • Itchy dogs with prickly skin, like shar peis and SBTs sometimes make me come up in a rash. Washing with chorhexidine is actually soothing for me, and if that’s not enough neocort works wonders.
  • Double glove for enemas. Use one pair of gloves that is larger than the others. You will often get splash into the larger pair.
  • On a related topic, learn to perform your rectal exams with your non dominant hand. Whichever hand you usually use to bring your lunch to your face, learn rectal exams with your other hand.  
  • Check your elbows. Its surprising how much stuff ends up on your elbows.