Awesome day today! I spent the day with a new friend AND it was sunny all day! ☀️ Now I’m planning out my food for tomorrow. Pretty sure I’ll have a variation of this for lunch. I have avocado, lime, and the last of my cilantro but no bread…do you think smashed avocado would do well on some corn cakes? 😋 Since bread delivery is tomorrow I might pop down to Heartspace and pick up a fresh loaf anyway! 🍞🐷😂

Lunch today was 😋🙌 sooooo good and super simple. Just (what I’m calling) curry fries, romaine, and a hummus dressing I made up. I’m actually super sad though because I used the last of my hummus so I can’t make it again until I go grocery shopping 😩 I also had a plum after this even though I was super stuffed. Gotta satisfy that sweet tooth 😜