lunaxy said: Q.Q (also your sasuke gifs are always on pointee ayy)

ty bb, i work hard

lunaxy said: ALSO XIUHAN OMFG YES I SHIP KAISOO and yeah cali weather x.x it was like over 90 degrees yesyerday and now its raining and cold wh at

I AM FREEAKING READING KAISOO RIGHT NOW and my feels are way too open and hurt at the same time.

lunaxy asked:

hii~ i would love to see more screenies of your watered silk dress o: its so pretty *-* (and i havent seen a cast fem wear one ingame yet haha)

you mean the last one here? aw, that’s just the basic dragonsilk one, i haven’t had any luck with loot boxes yet ;-; +20 boxes and nothing, my rng is crap

lunaxy asked:

ayyfhyeerjakavs if you notice im not in friends list its cause i transferred to hw xD (probably gonna transfer back though ;-;)

I was going to ask… if you moved or not because it was weird to not see you online I’M DEPRESSED yes comeback TR misses your butt already ; - ;

lunaxie asked:

~shoves a slice of pizza in your pocket~ ^ 3 ^

i'mma make my pocket bigger so you’ll fit the whole box next time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)♡