S2E04, Luna Eclipsed – Deleted Scene

Starts off with a pretty overdone concept, but I liked the rest of it enough to want to do this.

How long has Tumblr allowed uploads up to 2 MB!? This is awesome! 

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S3E06, Sleepless in Ponyville – Deleted Scene

Sometimes, when the gods argue, you get cool stuff.

Use one of the mirrors (or click it through to the Deviantart version) for better quality! (Imgur, Gfycat)


Click here for a way better version. It’s bigger and has all the colors instead of, like, five.

A crossover made in honor of the CCCC, an event pitting four reddit communities – including r/mylittlepony and r/adventuretime – against each other for charity! And prizes, I guess.

(Once I found r/adventuretime had emotes I knew I had to do something.)

S5E04, Bloom and Gloom – Deleted Scene

Don’t worry. Guillotines aren’t a huge deal when you’re already a floating head.

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Animation – Delivery

Watch this in one piece over at DeviantArt, or use this GfyCat mirror! Much better quality!

Spawned off this exchange with meditonsin. My craziest endeavor yet, but I’m very proud of the results! I hope you enjoy it!

Animation: The Dating Game

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

Inspired by and mostly pilfered from this thread by /u/SnickyMcNibits! Contributors include /u/Lunas_Disciple, /u/Dr_Zorand, and /u/Madoka-Kaname!

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