lunavagant replied to your post: “When will you get back to actually being a witch tips blog and not a…”:

How dare you be both! Tbh i prefer my witchy blogs to have a bit of personal. I like to get to know the person vs a face telling me stuff about witchcraft

Right? I try to keep it to at least a ratio of 1 personal post for every 10 witchcraft posts which frankly isn’t hard to do but forgive me for posting a picture of my dogs once in while

@lunavagant said: Idk if it’s just me but if RULES PAGE in your bio is supposed to be a link for mobile users it doesn’t work or is click able.

Unfortunately it only works for certain versions of the app and there’s little I can do to improve that, it doesn’t work for my own either. All I can suggest is taking a moment to use the phone’s browser to peek at the rules, rather than the app.

- Magpie