I can’t believe I haven’t made a giant photo dump for my Tucker cosplay yet?? Like omg Tucker has already been so special to me but this was my introduction to halo cosplay NO REGRETS. I honestly made so many new friends because of this cosplay who I still get to annoy.

Cosplay: Tucker - Red vs Blue

Worn: MCM October 2014 - Friday and Saturday

Photography: The ones with the red background were from League of Extraordinary Cosplayers who I’m super in love with! And the last one was taken by RTUK and featured on their page. The rest were various ones from people on the floor or at the meet!

Made out of Cardstock, wood glue and material, so survived the two days but unfortunately quite damaged now. This one is retired but I plan to make Tucker again out of foam and even better!

Once again, any questions or comments are of course welcome!! I literally love answering questions from people, probably too much like I love answering surveys for some reason.

I don’t plan on using this method again but eh everyone’s gotta start somewhere.