Hormones - Dean Ambrose Imagine

“There’s a difference between a crib and a bassinet, Dean.” You huff, shuffling inside your shared flat.

“(Y/N), Darlin’, either way the baby will be sleeping in one of the two. I don’t understand why you can’t just pick one.” He sighs, sliding his leather jacket off and placing it onto the hook.

His open response sends a slight nip in your flow causing your reply to come off strong. “Oh sure, why don’t I just pick one. Why don’t I just be concerned about what our child sleeps in.”

“(Y/N), I just had to sit through an hour car ride with you debating on damn bassinets and baby cribs. I think I’ve had enough time of consideration” He retorts.

The response hits you harder than it was intended too. Being 26 weeks pregnant wasn’t exactly amusing and with your hormones sprinting around all over the place didn’t exactly make it trouble-free either.

“Oh, I’m sorry you had to be attentive to my constant bitching about what our child should sleep in.” You reply.

“Jesus Christ, you’re more of a lunatic than I am.” He mumbles, brushing past your presence and making his way into the kitchen.

His statement pierces your patience resulting you to waddle your way behind him, being cautious with your pace. “Once again, I apologize for being the lunatic that seems to be the only one to care for anything involving our baby.” You counter harshly.

Dean lets out a breathy laugh, turning his figure towards yours. “So now this has turned into me not caring?” He questions before continuing on. “I’m the one going on food runs at 2 in the morning to satisfy your cravings, I’m the one helping you get your damn shoes off because you can’t reach your feet, I’m the one holding your hair back when you’re hurling over the toilet every damn morning. Don’t sit here and tell me I don’t care.” He states.

Frustration blankets your entire body as your only response is to cry causing Dean to perplex. His shoulders that were once tight begin to loosen up as he pulls you into his arms, gently rubbing your back.

“Baby, no..” He mumbles into your hair, embracing your petite frame.  "I’m sorry..“

Despite Dean’s comfort, your weeping continues on; more so of the fact that you felt bad. Sure, you had been snippy from the hormones but it was no excuse to hound him. He did tend to your every need and never questioned twice about it.

His hands soothingly trace down your back, as your tears subsided into heavy eyelids and quiet yawns. It was no secret that the hormones exhausted you, Dean knew it himself.

Cautiously sweeping you up bridal style, he carries you to the bedroom stamping a few kisses to your forehead. "I swear (Y/N), if I didn’t love you so much..” He begins only to be interrupted by your faint snores causing him to smirk and take in more of the love he has for you.

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Headcanons for the Mukami boys and how they react to a s/o that as a lot of stretch marks and feels insecure about it, please?

Ruki - He immediately notices how his lover stares disapprovingly at her stretch marks in the mirror. He wouldn’t try telling her not to trouble herself with it and to stop being so critical to her own body, knowing well enough that words won’t change a woman’s mind so easily. Instead, he would gently caress the places when stretch marks have appeared during their most intimate moments together, complimenting her on how beautiful and astonishing she looks.

Kou - When she shyly shares her concerns about how she looks with him, he would tell her she is silly, worrying about such a minor and unimportant thing. He kind of likes it, how the stretch marks look like tigers stripes on her skin like if she’s a kitty. She really is his beautiful M Neko-Chan, with or without the marks to prove it.

Yuma - Similar to Kou, he would laugh her insecurities off, telling her to stop worrying about something he doesn’t care about. She is his Sow, he likes her for her, and wouldn’t want her any other way.

Azusa - Why don’t like such beautiful scars? When she tells him about the way he doesn’t like her stretch marks, he would really understand. Then how does she feel about the marks he had left on her body? He would try to assure her somehow that he loves her the way she is, the marks only complementing on how beautiful she herself and her skin are.

Happy Birthday Dev!

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Pairing: LPxBH (because it’s Dev’s favorite pair)

 Prompt: THERE IS NONE! DEV WOULDN’T TELL ME WHAT SHE WANTED AND I HAD TO MAKE IT UP AS I WENT! (I’m just kidding Dev, your like my bestest friend on Tumblr and i hope you have a great birthday and I hope you enjoy ❤️)

 I rolled over to find Psyker next to me. Light shined down on his face, illuminating each of his little features. His mouth propped open gently, his chest rising slightly every few seconds, his usual spiky hair now matted to his face. I spend time examining the Psyker, and I gently run my fingers along his lips. His response, fucking biting me.

 I fall out of bed holding my finger, it wasn’t hard or anything, just surprising. A small chuckle is heard from Add. “Elesis… come back..” His voice husky, tired, sexy. “Not after you bit me!” I wanted to get back in bed with him, but I also wasn’t going to let him win. He rolls over and his beautiful purple eyes meet mine. He licks his lips.

“I guess I’ll have to come get you myself then.” Add swings himself out of bed, he only wore his underwear. God he is hot.. I crawl away, not to well I guess because in a matter of seconds I’m being lifted into the air still in my crawling pose.

 He throws me back onto the bed and climbs on top of me, taking a seat on my hips so I’m unable to move. My hands become tied down by his dynamos and he starts to kiss my neck, running his fingers down my sides.

 “Hnn- Add.. let me up..”

 “You say that, but you don’t mean it.” He’s right.

 My tank top becomes ripped off within seconds, exposing bare flesh. Add looks pleased as he wraps his big hands around my breasts. He starts to fondle them and grabs a nipple with his teeth. It hurts a bit, but then he swirls his tongue around it bringing pleasure.

 A small moan escapes my mouth. I look down to see his hardened member wanting to be free. He notices me looking and he smirks, “pervert.” With that, his gets up and pulls off his underwear along with my underwear. I squirm around awaiting to feel the pleasure. I want to touch him, but his dynamos don’t let up.

 “Add..” I breathe out shakily, “Let me touch you.” My face burns, my entire body burns. His dynamos release my hands and I wrap my arm around his neck pulling him back down into a kiss. My hand makes its way to his member, I start to rub it and i can feel him become more excited. His breath hitches, and I feel a small twitch as I rub. Before I can go on with my torture, my hand is removed and he slams into me hard.

 Pleasure engulfs us both, moans fill the bedroom, and our bodies become more like one as we move in sync. Add pleasures me all morning. It was surely the best way to wake up, and I’m glad he didn’t let me escape.

 -end of fanfic-

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Here’s to celebrating hopefully the start of a new generation of inspiring films in Filipino cinema! I’ve nothing but complete respect for Jerrold Tarog, the entire crew, and of course, John Arcilla, who played the brazenly blunt yet poetic Antonio Luna. (ᵒ̴̶̷̤́◞౪◟ ᵒ̴̶̷̤̀ )



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the ‘You deserve it’ chant