lunatic moon

okay alright so you know the new terraria 1.3 update added this douche of a boss to the game, the Moon Lord

so i designed a small arena space so that fighting him is a little easier.


And here’s how it works!

  • made of solid blocks to stop his eye lasers
  • heart lanterns, honey, and a campfire to regenerate health super quick
  • four heart statues connected to one-second timers to spawn more hearts

my recommendations for use are

  1. use the Solar Eruption to deal a lot of damage from a safe distance
  2. use the Stardust Dragon Staff because that thing does a lot of damage as well
  3. have ironskin and regeneration, maybe some lifeforce potions at the ready
  4. have AS MANY BUFFS AND DEBUFF IMMUNITIES AS POSSIBLE! (my character has the ankh shield, charm of myths, papyrus scarab, celestial shell, and star veil, but whatever works for you might be fine.)

this particular design has you use the rod of discord in order to get into the health box, but as long as it follows this particular design or improves upon it is perfectly fine.

das it das my guide to defeating the moon douche now have fun getting your endgame stuff.


The Moon on Lunation Day 22 - Oct 23, 2016 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Coral Towers Observatory using a SKYnyx 2-2 Mono camera and 16-cm Astrophysics Apochromatic Refractor on a Software Bisque PME I Robotic Mount. 1000 frames Average seeing conditions.

There was this glitch where Junko was invincible during her nonspell if you bombed right when Hecatia’s spellcard Moon “Lunatic Impact” ended. The bug was fixed in the 1.00b version of the game.

If you saved a replay of the glitchy version and you watch it using the ver 1.00b it will appear normally, without any glitch. Junko will have a lifebar during that particular nonspell as she is supposed to.


Celtic Tattooed Face Coin from Jersey, Armorica, Struck Circa 80-50 BC

The obverse of this coin shows a lunate aka “moon” head with a triadic tattoo on his cheek, a “horn” above with a “bent nail” and a pellet in an annulet in the lower right. The reverse shows an ornate running Celticized horse with a sun-scepter above it and a lyre-shaped object below between two suns.

Armorica (map) is the name given in ancient times to the part of Gaul (France) between the Seine and Loire rivers, that includes the Brittany peninsula, extending inland to an indeterminate point and down the Atlantic coast.

Although this type has traditionally been attributed to the Abrincatui tribe (neighbors of the Coriosolites), there has been little evidence to support this. These coins are found on the Channel island of Jersey and in the area around St. Malo. Most likely they were minted in the environs of St. Malo and found their way to Jersey, a primary stopping place for ships on the trade route to Hengistbury (Dorset), England. The discovery of coins like this provided evidence for expanding trade networks between France and England during the late iron age.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Tarot Spread

Hi all, I thought I would share a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot spread that I have come up with. The spread itself, is a pretty standard Full Moon spread, however, I have tweaked a couple of questions, and have added my own questions as well. This spread uses 9 cards, which I feel is super appropriate since we are in a triple 9 vibration all month long.

I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow during our Eclipse, and I hope you all enjoy it as well!

There is also another fun Tarot reading that you can do during this Eclipse, which involves finding The Moon card in your deck, and seeing which card is behind it. The card behind The Moon is what is presently being eclipsed in your life, or what your shadow is at this point. I would recommend using The Moon as opposed to The High Priestess, since The Moon card is associated with Pisces, which makes sense since this lunation is happening in the sign of Pisces!

Enjoy, and many Eclipse blessings to you all!