lunate crowns


Here is a list of my musings on the spells :D.

Bufu – Many people say that it derives from bRhattuhinazarkara which means “full of great lumps of ice.” I personally think that it perhaps derives from Bufera di nevre which means snow storm
Absolute zero – Absolute zero is the lower limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale
Niflheim - from Norse mythology. The realm where Hel ruled; a realm of primordial ice and cold
Diamond Dust (P2 IS and EP) - ground-level cloud composed of tiny ice crystals
Blizzard Breath (P2 EP) - refers to blizzards (severe snow storms)
Cocytus (DDS) - refers to a river in the Underworld in Greek mythology. It also appears in Dante’s Divine comedy and is described as a frozen lake.
Fimbulvet (DDS)- refers to Fimbulvetr/ Fimbulwinter a harsh winter (three winters without a summer) before the events of Ragnarök. It means great winter
Hima Alaya – Himalaya composed of hima, snow, and alaya, dwelling-place

Agi -from the fire god or noun of fire in Sanskrit - Agni.
Trisagion - Trisagion is a standard hymn in Orthodox and Catholic churches
Ragnarök - in Norse mythology this is a great battle, various disasters, the submersion of the world in water and the renewal of the world with two human survivors.
Magma Axis -magma is molten or semi-molten rock, volatiles and solids that is found beneath the surface of the Earth
Kurikara Kokuryu (Soul Hackers)- references to Fudou Myouou’s sword Kurikara
Laevateinn (DDS) - Lævateinn is a weapon mentioned in the Poetic Edda poem Fjölsvinnsmál
Pyriphlegethon (DDS) - Phlegethon or Pyriphlegethon was one of the five rivers in the Greek mythology. Described by Plato as a stream of fire.

Aqua - water in Latin
Acid Rain caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids
Waterspout - waterspout is a vortex that occurs over a body of water.

Garu – derives from Garuda
Senpu Jin - senpu means whirlwind
Panta rhei -means everything floats and is an aphorism created by Simplicius and Plato however it originated as a thought of Heraclitus

Magna - magna, magnus means great
Tera - from terra (earth) which can refer to the Goddess as well as our planet Earth (an astrological name of our blue planet is also Terra)
Avalance – a snowslide
Titanomachia – the epic fight between the Olympians and the Titans which the Titans lost
Landslide(DDS) – landslip that includes ground movements

Vayavida (DDS) - Vayavya means north-west in Sanskrit which is ruled by the wind god Vayu

Zio - Zio is another name for Tyr a god of law and glory portrayed as one handed in Norse mythology.
Zio was a more used by the Germanic tribe, the Teutons. The second day of the week, Tuesday is related to the name of this god.
Shuuraigeki and Sanraigeki (Persona)- scattered and concentrated lightning strike
Keraunos (Persona Q) -means thunder in Greek
Jupiter’s fury (DDS) -Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus who uses thunderbolts
Meru Thunder (DDS)- refers to Mt. Meru
Narukami (Persona 4 and DDS) -another name for Raijin, the Japanese thunder god

Medigo – refers to Mt. Meggido

Hama - derives from 破魔 hama to exorcise/break demon. There are also hamaya/hamayumi (demon breaking arrows)
Samsara - the repeating cycle of of birth, life and death
Nirvana - Buddhist name for moksha (breaking out of the Samsara cycle)
Hieroglyphein (Persona 2, already appeared in Persona however as non elemental)- hieroglyphs the formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians
Xanadu (DDS) -Xanadu/Shangdu the capital of Kublai Khan’s Yuan dynasty in China, before he decided to move his throne to the Jin dynasty capital of Zhongdu
Seraph Lore (DDS): refers to seraphim

Recarm – reincarnation

Dia – Spanish for day and in Greek mythology the name of the wife of Ixion who is also a lover of Zeus. There is also the Dea Dia a Roman goddess of growth who had a three day long festival. Dia might also be a shortened form of medical.
Kanzeon Redemption (Soul Hackers) -Kanzeon is the Japanese name of the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion, Guan Yin.
Soma Gongen (Soul Hackers) - soma was a Vedic ritual drink. It is frequently mentioned in the Rigveda. The name Soma is also connected with the moon god Chandra. Gongen is a dual entity composed of a buddha and a kami.
Amrita - means “immortality” which is the equivalent of the Greek ambrosia in Hinduism, thus a drink of the gods.

mudo means silent in Spanish

Medigo – refers to Mt. Meggido
Kamikaze – refers to the Kamikaze pilots
Big Bang – refers to the Big Bang Theory
Antichthon - means Counter-Earth and refers to the counter earth theory
Morning Star –Lucifer/Helel
Death Flies (Nocturne) -refers to Beelzebub being the lord of flies
Fire of Sinai (Nocturne)-Mt. Sinai is where Moses received the Ten Commandments
Pestilence (Nocturne) -Pestilence is how the White Rider is sometimes called.
Beast Roar (Nocturne) -The Whore of Babylon rides a beast
Sol Niger (Nocturne) -means Black Sun and fits Alciel/Aciel since he is called the Black Sun.
Freikugel (Nocturne)- Freikugel, according to legend is a flint bullet made by the devil that never misses its aim. Six shoots never miss, the seventh is directed by the devil (called Samiel in the opera).This term comes from the opera Der Freischütz by Carl Maria von Weber.
Serpent of Sheol (SMTIV) -Sheol is a decription for the realm of the dead in the Tanach
Vaikunta (DDS) -Vaikuntha is the place in which Vishnu rests with the snake Shesha along with his consort Lakshmi. From this spot he descends as an avatar. Vaikuntha for worshippers of Vishnu/vaishnavas is the aim and spot after obtaining moksha this means after breaking free from the cycle of samsara. It’s on Mt. Meru and consists of gold and jewelry and the river Ganges flows there.
Bhairava (DDS)- Bhairava, (the terrible or fearsome) is the destructive/ annihilating incarnation of Shiva. He is always portrayed as aggressive. He usually has Shiva’s attributes like the trishula and the damaru, however often also a sword or the severed head of Brahma. Sometimes he is accompanied by Dakinis, dogs or shown in union with Kali.
Third Eye – reference to Shiva’s third eye

Salome’s Kiss (Persona Q) – a reference to Salome the daughter of Herodias. In Oscar Wilde’s Salome she is portrayed as being obsessed with the thought of kissing John the Baptist.
Samsara (Persona 2) the repeating cycle of of birth, life and death

Izanami in Persona 4 uses thousand curses which is a reference to the legend where she kills 1,000 people a day, Izanagi in contrast swore to give life to 1,500 each day which is why Yu wins against her.

Ma- derives from Maha which means great
-dyne derives from dyne meaning power, force which is a unit of force


Crescent mirror - Artemis. Obviously because of the Moon connection (crescent moon). Artemis in art is also often depicted with a lunate crown. The symbol for silver in alchemy is also a crescent moon.

The Reverse Artemis Shadow Maya uses in EP uses the attack Eclipse Mirror which is a reference to lunar eclipses.

Nova Kaiser -Apollo. Kaiser is the German word for emperor and Nova is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion in a white dwarf star. Nova can also mean new.

Foamy Lover - Venus. The story regarding Venus’/Aphrodite’s birth since she was born from the ocean foam where Ouranus’ severed genitals hit the ocean.

Twinkle Nebula- Asteria. Ulala’s Ultimate Persona Asteria is the Titan of the Fallings Stars. Ulala also has a connection to stars since her initial Persona Callisto became a star constellation in myth and since Ulala’s arcana is Star. Asteria’s attack is also related to twinkling of stars and nebulae are interstellar cloud of dust which are often star-forming regions. Shadow Ulala in EP uses Dark Nebula which basically would be the opposite of the twinkling stars.