Luna + Tamsin A Love Story: 2 of ?

December 2011 thru January 2012:

Tamsin waits. It kills her to wait longer than a few weeks and when she finally does get the nerve to call Luna, Christmas has arrived. London is beautifully decorated for the holidays and she can’t wait to do holiday stuff with Luna. 

They go on a bunch of dates, real dates with proper kisses at the end, holding hands and talking about real grown up stuff.  Luna wants to keep going with her career as a pilot for as long as they’ll have her.  Tamsin would like kids someday. Marriage once deemed a fantasy looks more and more like a reality for them.  Luna’s brother Stacker comes around one evening and Tamsin who’s met him before is introduced as Luna’s girlfriend.  

Tamsin who has never said, I love you before can’t wait to blurt it out in bed.  It shocks Luna, and things need to slow down for a bit. After all its only been three months since they reconnected, started going out, sleeping together.. Its too soon right?


Hello lords, ladies and those without titles! Luna/Tamsin week begins at midnight EST! (So, for those who hate timezone math as much as I do, in 2 hours and 40 minutes or so) 

Remember that our tag for this week is #lunatamsinweek (no spaces), and go out and spread the word! Any contribution is desired and welcomed and our ask box is always open for questions and concerns. 

DATE: Sept 28th-Oct 6th (midnight on the 28th to midnight on the 6th)
WHAT DO WE WANT: fan content! fanart, fanmixes, fanfiction, basically just any substantial content. (substantial would be fics longer than 100 words or so, as a benchmark)
HOW TO GET IT TO US: the tag is #lunatamsinweek (no spaces). Don’t start using it until September 28th, that’s when we’ll start tracking it.

“I already posted some lady pilot stuff, can I use that to participate?”

No, new stuff only (new = unposted on tumblr or ao3 or wherever else as of September 28th). But if you have lady pilots content that we haven’t reblogged/queued up already, just send it our way and we’ll reblog it before or after Luna/Tamsin week.

“I haven’t read the prequel comic/novelization yet!”

We aren’t going to hunt you down if you want to participate without having actually read the supplementary material. The wiki entry is a pale substitute but will work just fine for us.

Is there a limit to how much I can contribute?

No but if you’re producing loads of content we will probably stagger your reblogs.

Is content going to be accepted after the week is over?

Yes! We want to start generating content, so the celebration week will hopefully inspire interest in these gals that will continue on even after the week is over.

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