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2 and 21 :3

2. God, I love too many words and too many strands of them together that it’s really difficult for me to think of one particular quote that is my favorite. I would probably say that today my favorite quote is “I am a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl,” from a Bjork song.

21. I don’t like automatic hand-dryers. I don’t like Kool-Aid with too much sugar. I don’t like tea in cans and I don’t like most feet. I don’t like the faces I make when I cry. I hate enclosed spaces and being too warm. I could go on, but I won’t because it could get quite boring. ;)


Free Anti-Depressant.

Blood swap Lunast! She’s a fuchsia blood here :DD And this is from an RP with myarmadaissinking 

Some stuff about the future Heiress herself! 

-She’s a celiba(e)te in this AU. She decided to take the vow of celibacy to focus more on her duties as an Heiress. 

-She lives somewhere in the deep sea because her lusus Wolfmom likes to eat bigger things lol

-Her moirail(from the alpha timeline) is a teal blood, he gave her the goggles she wears(that’s why they’re teal)

-just look at the jewelry and bc of that I’m going to lose all my followers

An interesting girl stands in her family’s castle, bright decorations adorning the area, light and color filling the room.

What is the name of this interesting girl?

Cannibalistic Twat ×

The girl seems very saddens by your acusations of her being a cannibal, just because he ancestors were does not mean she is!

Maybe a real name is in order?

Cecilia Lunasted √

Your name is Cecillia and all you really want is to show westeros that your house is not filled with CANNIBALS, said house being that of LUNASTED. But to do so your are going to need a lot of ALLIES and FRIENDS. outside of trying to bring HONOR to your family, you also love FLOWERS, so much so that you have made yourself a crown of them, you also have an enjoyment for SINGING.

what will you do?

Cecilla: do a jig

You do your peppiest jig, you hope that it can bring others as much joy as it brings yourself to do it.

Cecilla: look out window

It looks like your carriage still hasn’t arrived. You find yourself hardly able to contain your excitement, why must your carriage take to long, don’t they realize how long you’ve been waiting for this day!

None the less, your sure you’ll find something to pass your time.

Cecilia: look out flower crown collection

Your wall is filled to the brim with a variety of bright colors and pleasent aromas, blues and greens, reds and yellows, purples and pinks, every color you could possibly hope for.

Cecillia: make flower crown

Well despite the fact that you’ve already chosen a flower crown to wear for your journey, you suppose it would be a good way to waste some time.

You pick out some of the prettiest flowers from your carried collection, ready to start on your newest project.

But what’s this?


how can you possibly make a crown if you are unable to attach them together!

Cecilia: Check drawer

You search through the many drawers of your vanity, hoping that you had maybe left some spare thread.

Much to your disappointment however, the only thing in there seems to be dresses.

Cecillia: head to main room.

It looks like no one of your family is here however, but none the less you had better keep searching.

Cecillia: check with maid
Maid: a-ah uh, good evening my last, is there something I might assist you with?

Cecilia: actually you may! I searched through my chambers in search of thread, but it seems naught, do you know where I might be able to find some?

Maid: oh! Uh…yes! Right this way my lady.
Grinning cheerfully you found yourself fallowing the maid through the castle, she having lead you to one of the store rooms before giving a curte nod and heading on her way.

Cecillia: take thread.

Brilliant! Now you can begin work on your flower crown!

Cecillia: head back to room.

You hastely sit down on your bed, to begin gradually sewing your newst creation together.

Ta Da~

Cecilia: switch flowercrown

Yes this one looks far more beautiful.

Clickity clack

Hmmm? What could that noise possibly be?

Clickty clack

Cecillia: look out window

Oh! How could you have been so silly! The odd clicking sound were coming from the horses who were to be pulling your carriage, which must have just arrived here.

Cecillia: head outside

Before you step into the carriage you realization that there are four other important girls that you still need to meet!

Cecillia: be the odd girl