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Soooooo cal is a leiffel?? Ask them!

{[Ask]: [”Are You A Leifel Cal?”]}

Cal chuckles and waves their hands back and forth.

Cal is right, all of those names don’t mean anything to you. But since you can only parrot words you have already heard, you might as well know the names of the races that populate this world. You’ll have to remember to ask for specifics next time you and Cal have a little down time.

You can’t help but notice that Cal didn’t mention the Lunaste as one of the larger races… Are there not a lot of other Lunaste? You can’t help but wonder.

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What Should We Do Now?


Our cryaotic Element bender (Crybenders) cosplays photos came out from Anime Detour finally, and I just had to share them, WOW.
Credit to the three artists who designed the ideas 

kiwadraws Firebender Design: (Does not have a tumblr)
lunast Woodbender(Fem) Design: trashy-witch
gabbiness Snowbender Design: scottie–dog (me)

Crynime - 1

So here we are, first chapter of Crynime. It differs from the original plot we’d written up as a group but I felt this worked better as opposed to the more anime-ish style we’d made before.

The formatting on my blog makes paragraph spacing strange, hence the ~ signs between paragraphs. If someone can help that, I’d appreciate it.

Quick thanks to lunast and fris-sucks for editing


The soft clacking of a mechanical keyboard filled the silence, fingers moving nimbly to type with haste. Letters appeared on the screen and they reflected in the glasses of the man hunched over, shrouded in darkness which was barely diluted by the white glow.

“Someone!” A scream from outside his window crept in and he froze up, fingers poised to type as he turned his head to gaze out upon the world.

That is, what was left of it.

Flames licked at nearby buildings and the dull thud of far off explosions made him tremble. He could see bodies on the streets, see the strange creatures looming over them, pulsing with blue light and screeching in tones he couldn’t describe nor wanted to. He just needed to focus. Their sounds dulled down and he pried himself away from the horrific scene, looking back to the glow. Letters appeared before his eyes, each one typed with force and haste. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end but he couldn’t pry himself away from the keyboard, not even as chilled hands grazed his skin, wrapping around his neck slowly but tightly. His fingers just kept typing, desperate to get the words out.

“Please send hel-”

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Artist Appreciation !

I have so many people that I just love everything I swear oh gosh ;;

If I had to make a post with literally all my faves then I would be posting everyone I follow tbh!

I hope you guys all have a great week *:

- chibiwriter, admiralisabela, bobbiebobbob, dyr0z (Along w drawing!), lazycollegestudent, voltagion, felixbug, elsian, klc-journei, lingering-nomad, elfrooted (also those photomanips holy shit ♥)

Artists! (oh god there’s so many??)
- raviollies, theshii, demandthedoodles, garretthawke, strideer, danpee, nimbose, ellustration, cocotingo, lunast, marllowe, rayeliann, kisu-no-hiofficialvarrictethras, phasellus, jessadilla, areyoutryingtodeduceme, lovesickclown, cccrystalclear, slugette, lyndraws, dorian-trash, alistarin, fenrispls, cheekywithcullen (okay i could technically shove you under all three of these I don’t know whERE YOU GO), arahallain

- actualhawke, actualanders, pavusdorian, pavus, greywardan, hawkefels

Crynime - 2

Hopefully the paragraphs work this time. It’ll pick up in speed soon, I promise.

Once again thanks to Lunast and Fris for helping


Their progress was slow and cautious, Russ choosing to lead the way down the dirt road. He held a tree branch, something he’d managed to rip free with Jund’s aid. Snake still staggered along with Cry’s help, battered body slowly recovering.

“You’ll feel better after a sleep,” Cry assured him with a smile. Snake looked to him and nodded but said nothing. “Are you okay? That fall knock your voice box out of place?”

“I’m thinking,” Snake answered. Cry nodded in acceptance, going back to his casual observation.

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Pardon the ugly picture    SO ive been wanting to do one of these for a long time and just haven’t really gotten around to since its practically the beginning of may, nows a pretty good time to do it! And i may forget some people, if i realize ill add you in, its just kinda hard when you follow 800 people..eheh. 


0shawhat , 8-bit-stars


a-shyguraaeriadorable-johnadorabloodthirsty69agent-yolkakacchiinsalaskas-fault-was-in-her-starsale626all-aboard-the-shingeki-shipani-chaanariwathebunnyartandmartiniartisticalassassinartosophieasasdoodlesaskonyxxasp00klesshorizonastroslinkyattack-on-that-one-fangirlaverage-girl-herebandcat333beckensbig-boss-beifongcall-mebeowulfcaptain-carolcastielsfallenheartchairmodepewdiechameshida,  chanteiichaoticpupchoopasauruschubbysealchancold-cerealcolorfulcyclonecoloursofaparadoxcominervacommanderrayconcerned-angelcrys-love


daft-assdamnitarmindawnycentraldestial-johnlockdid-someone-say-pooldips-manandadizplicitydjhaileyfailey ;) , doodlepiedostmotherknowyouegbertselectricprinceemmygeereren-j-aegererennjaegerserernjaegereventlessmoonfalling-tampons,  fangirlatlargefascinationanimationfree-iwatobi-swimming-clubfreshprinceofdatassfrozenmusings,  fullmetal-raviolifullofboredom


gabbinessgamzeethehighbloodgarr-tangeooframseyghosty-of-huegolden-ray-of-sunshinegriminwonderlandh-e-l-l–ahaveaparadoxhellamarcohey-its-cmeiheyhichris,  hino-of-the-dawnhislendercryhissing-at-satanhomeostasis-centralhomosuck-sapienhumanity-has-fallen , ice-cream-snowflakeiceboundoliveikimaru,  ilovesyou-andyoutube,  innomiirish-ishyishdesu,  izalmstra


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sadiebunsakunorasamplzsantahakishadedastralshadowcry98shadowswalktheearthshingekinokyojinheavenshingekinoanniesir-zurpslinx7snk-my-aotsnk-ruined-my-lifesnk-universesodamnvexedspectral-whispererspectredeflectorspencerofspacestarspangled-underpantsstopwentzstyloacsuperwholockedandlokidtachibanaharuchantachibooptazisthemaster, thekirbykattechno-toasttehawesomeepicnesstenebris-scurrathatloserlitzathe-born-to-be-writerthegamernursethejumpingmushroomtheoceans-voicetiinybotversetheworldvfd42voldemortrules101vveenerxspiritofthemapleleaf, @zoaf 

Artist appreciation~

Hey so it’s artist appreciation today. Oh boy do I have a list for you! I am surrounded by so many talented people. Artists of every medium, which includes writing, drawing, making gifs, music, video game, sculpting, cosplay, sewing, voice acting and so much more! I will be putting them all under a read more though!!! This is in no specific order. I know I may or may not have missed some but I’ll probably add more over time.

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Snowbender!Cry/ Firebender!Cry/ Airbender!Cry/ Woodbender!Cry

Holy shit the detail on snowcry hnnng literally took me three hours to do orz imsoslowatlineartomg

Woodbender!Cry file is giving me some issues but i hope to have it up by tomorrow!!

Credit: Gabbiness, Kiwadraws, me, Lunast for respective characters. And Cry for being Cry :)


Woodbender!Cry is finally done ;u; that wood holy shit…

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Where is lunast going?

I created the lunast persona back during a time in my life when I was too afraid to be in my own skin. People received her well so I really embraced the persona because it gave me a kind of detachment - it didn’t matter if people liked her or not, she was just a character.

Back then, lunast was my everything. I devoted so much time to maintaining this persona because people liked her so much. It made me happy. I answered asks as her like an RP blog, she got fan arts, ships, all that jazz. It’s so strange to think about it now but… damn. 

It felt great, but at the same time it was stressful.

I’ve met so many wonderful people that I would cherish for life under her persona, but when those people wanted to get closer to me, they got nothing but me being defensive about it. I was so scared of people finding out that I was nothing like her that I ended up making a fool of myself and hurting others.  In retrospect, it was pretty stupid. Heh.

The more I hated myself, the tighter I held onto the persona, and the worse it became. I drew under that persona. I dated under that persona. There was a time where it just utterly consumed me, and when that facade broke…

It was a bad time.

When I decided to start anew, I wanted to just be me. It was daunting, being yourself in front of an audience. I’ve always kind of given them what they want under a persona, but now it’s just me. Some stayed, some went. Time goes on. For better or worse, at least I don’t have to play pretend anymore.

Lunast was like my golden age, haha. Despite everything, she got me to where I am today and I can’t be more thankful. With all that’s happened… I just felt like it’s fitting to finally let her go. It’ll still take me a while to be as comfortable in my own skin as I did back then in hers, but I’ll get there.

She’s done her time as my scapegoat. I’ve utterly exhausted her. Now it’s my turn to take responsibility for my own actions, I don’t want to resort to her anymore. I just want to look back to that time with fondness and move on. 

It’s the least I could do.

it'sssssssssss done! took me way more time than what it should X_X

I tried to do lunast ’s style… I failed… its okay c: I tried at least b'cuz I really love it. 

Ak is currently covering important parts of the drawing. Cry is wearing my green watch, and it glows a bright green light at night! It’s cool stuff! I also have this weird idea that Cry has blue glasses for some reason :| 

Cry, really, what’s the color of your glasses? Its a small detail that it’s driving me insane. I have OCD I’m serious ç_ç 

WELL! I gotta go to bed then tomorrow s'a new day and I have mother-fucking school. BAI I <3 you Cry

CATS ! (well the majority )
As most Know in the Cry fandom words were said and exaggerated.
That’s all really. 
People were told to chill and I guess most have since I’m a little late on this ~ So I drew the crew and many artists of the Cry fandom as cats or animals they associate with 
(That I know of anyway )

So I apologize in advance of mistakes, not including you and Including you.
And blinding you with Colour. 
Plus the Lovely bottomless Ball Pit.

Time to clarify something.

No. Minx, Krism, Ziegs, Etc and I are not fighting.

Yes we are still friends we have all just been busy lately. (Mostly me) (no really I’m the main issue) just because we aren’t always on top of eachother doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

Kinda getting tired of the “they left you behind” and “you’re old news” messages I’ve been getting lol

Just because we haven’t been in each others’ videos lately does not mean we are not friends anymore, nor does it mean anyone has found ‘better people to hang out with’.

See the beauty of friendship doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time with someone, nor does it mean that you have to do much with them as far as videos go. It means that they are always there when you need them most. So far all of them are doing an amazing job when I need it most. :)

Not to mention the fact that I haven’t done much video-wise in a while.

At the moment nothing is wrong I’m just super busy and my long time subscribers know this happens with me as I do YouTube/twitch for fun and not as a job.

So yeah. We good yo. Izik be busy sucka.

“I can grant you one wish if you sign a contract with me and become a magical girl!”

Well this was 16 or so hours of my life and it still looks odd. Anyways. Soooo, I’m starting a project–Magical Girl Tumblr Artists. I asked four other artists if they’d like to be characters :) From top to bottom: Lunast, Mexwasmistaken, AnarchyLists (myself), Kazikari and then Kiwadraws.

I’m really glad they’re allowing me to do this~ I’ve actually got a story for this, not too sure what I’ll do with it; thinking a webcomic thing? *shrugs* I’ll deal with that when I’m not about to murder my computer.

also mex looks absolutely evil and that wasn’t the intent im so sorry