lunasilveria ludio

Finally -3-/  (ludios face i swear i cant get it right) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR TURBAN PLS STEP ON ME- After deciding to draw Ludio in a Racie outfit, Asphy suggested that Black Scorpion outfit suits him better hence TADAH. 

I’ve always adored Ludio and his pals.. but he seems to be such of a downer emo HENCE I really wanted to draw him happy. He deserves to be happy o / Don’t ever look down on your OCs. Being able to create a universe of interactions between characters are beautiful by itself already! While my OC is at home eating chips and facing the comp 24/7 your toons are out there fighting for butts. Keep creating, have fun, love your charas :>

Finally, heres wishing you eternal happiness and health from the both of us. Stay strong, keep moving forward, and keep farting sand