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I would just like to share with you a Guardian!Merida headcanons that came to mind. What if she was the one that first got Rapunzel out of bed to see the lanterns when she was so young? What if she was there to encourage Rapunzel to leave with Eugene? What if she was often by her side throughout the entire adventure and tried to save Rapunzel from Mother Gothel but because no one believed in her, she couldn't do anything?

oh. oh my gosh.

That’s heart wrenching. I can imagine her watching Rapunzel stand up to Mother Gothel and being so happy and encouraging her but then feeling completely useless when Mother Gothel begins to chain her up?? omg

also when her hair is cut and when Flynn dies - she’d be forced to sit there and watch the whole scene develop in front of her

i need fic now omg

(of course she’d get to witness their happy ending but the whole point of this is that Merida knows most everything about Rapunzel but Rapunzel doesn’t know anything about Merida)

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Hello beautiful person! (✿◠‿◠) Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers!


  1. my favorite drink is water
  2. i just burped
  3. going to college August 18th ( i come)
  4. i always play music when i’m in the shower
  5. i love drawing girls more than guys.
  6. i hate drawing full body
  7. my original name was supposed to be Gabrielle
  8. I am crazy indecisive
  9. i always draw at night or in busy settings, but never during the day for some reason unless i’m in a classroom setting
  10. sollux is my patron troll (oh no homestuck)