lunas pudding

Ch. 845 Luffy x Nami

Once again, even though I got what I expected, Oda finds a new way to surprise me yet again

Nami, as expected, is showing a great amount of concern for Luffy’s wellbeing, physically and emotionally. She has yet to utter anything about herself and how she is feeling about the situation, this just shows the amount of compassion she has for Luffy. She is more worried about what he is going through and his condition in this situation more so than her own self.

It’s important to note that almost everything she has been saying in these last few chapters, has all been either for Luffy, or from Luffy's viewpoint. It is not romantic, but it confirms that their bond is indeed in a league of its own. Oda is building up a lot of potential here in my opinion.

And the final the cherry Pudding on top, we see the unexpected . Sanji and Pudding embracing each other while talking about getting married the next day. This makes the wedding and BM’s downfall even more likely.

I still think this is some sort of scheme by Sanji, but judging by this chapter, I am really starting to believe he has hit rock bottom and is willing sacrifice himself to save his friends and Zeff, even if he has to go through Hell 

Just saw Suite and Sour

This episode was really fun to watch. Other than the usual crazy antics of the loud kids, i’m coming to love their parents. Other than their revealed face designs, that sort of tells you more about their character. Seeing them doing activities together, and getting in trouble together is really touching, but also really cute. Kicked out of a hotel for Skinny dipping? How much more funny can that be?

Its also crazy how they literally had to save up change to go on that trip. 11 kids can suck the life out of them, and their bank accounts. Yet they still manage to make the most of the situation, and still spend as much time together as possible.

That episode overall was too funny! leni working was hilarious, the poor girl can’t even pronounce her last name. Lo-ewd

And Luna’s pudding and her sick jams

There are an abundunce of moments that make this episode absolutly perfect.

  • [Draco and Ginny are arguing in a broom closet]
  • Draco: We were voted worst couple. And the other two couples weren't even real couples! And one of them had Goyle in it!
  • Ginny: Why do you care if we were voted worst couple?
  • Draco: It's a matter of- (Luna walks in with pudding.)
  • Luna: Is this a closet party? Look, I have pudding!
  • Draco: Luna, come here. We need your opinion on something.
  • Luna: On Acromantula uprisings?
  • Draco: No.
  • Luna: 'Cause I don't think that's really happening.
  • Draco: Luna...
  • Luna: Seriously. I went to the forbidden forest the other night, and it was so cold...
  • Draco: LUNA!
  • Luna: Hi. (waves her arms)
  • Draco: We need your opinion on us.
  • Ginny: Why not just ask a monkey?!
  • Luna: I saw a portrait of a monkey! He wore glasses and carried a sword..
  • Draco: Don't you think Ginny and I fight a lot?
  • Luna: Sure.
  • Ginny: Yeah, but all boyfriends and girlfriends fight a lot, don't they?
  • Luna: Well sometimes, we-
  • Ginny: Yes or no?! (Luna yelps)
  • Draco: LET HER TALK!
  • Ginny: You never listen to me talk!
  • Luna: Can I go now?
  • Ginny: No! (grabs Luna by her robes) What is your point here, anyway?!
  • Draco: I would like to have a girlfriend I can talk to without it turning into a screaming match!
  • Ginny: Yeah, well I'd like a boyfriend who other girls don't stare at all the time!
  • Luna: I thought this was a closet party.
  • Ginny: Oh, you could look worse if you wanted to.