His words apply to everything. Ships, cakes, candy, movies, TV shows, flavors of Starburst, you name it.

Listen to John Boyega. And stop being rude to people that ship things that you don’t.

Unless their reasoning is racist. Then screw them.

my favorite thing ever is when people send me really long and detailed arguments about why my otp won’t work because they literally have no effect on me. like, honey, i know you’re trying, but there is nothing you can say that i haven’t already heard or that will change my mind. you will have to pry my otps from my cold, dead hands

Harry: All right everyone, the series is almost over. It’s time for me to choose a romantic interest because god forbid the main character remains single at the end of the story

Harry: Ron we’re practically inseparable and best mates. Our friendship is vital to the both of us and we offer a lot of affection and support for each other. We stay together through thick and thin because you’re “the thing [I] would miss most”. But unfortunately we’re both main male characters which means we absolutely have to be straight.

Ron: Aw come on

Harry: Hermione, we are unbelievably close and only want the best for each other. Even if we don’t always see eye to eye, we care about each other too much to let anything come between us. However, the author is attempting to break cliches by not having the main character fall for his female best friend so you’re “like a sister to me” and nothing more

Hermione: Oh don’t be thick

Harry: Luna, we understand each other on a deeply personal level and have a lot of things in common. Our personalities are wildly compatible and our chemistry is beautiful. We’ve gotten to know each other beyond what everyone else sees and your presence in my life has made a huge positive impact on my life. I “[feel] a great rush of affection for [you]” and there’s honestly no reason for us not be canon, but we’re not gonna be.

Luna: Have the nargles gotten to you?

Harry: Draco, our relationship would be completely problematic and toxic the way it is now. But if the writer gives you the character development and redemption arc you deserve, then perhaps we could be a thing in a future AU. But once again, as the main character it is illegal for me to not be heterosexual.

Draco: *rolls eyes* Bugger off, Potter

Harry: Ginny. We have essentially no canon interaction or relationship. Your crush on me was portrayed as a fangirl obsessing over a celebrity and never developed into an actual understanding of who I am as an individual. You’re the literal definition of a Mary Sue and aren’t even that important to the plot. There are plenty of other well-written characters with whom I share relationships that are significant to the storyline.


Harry: There’s absolutely no reason for us to end up together, but the author has informed me that I am suddenly wildly attracted to you and have a “chest monster”. This must mean we’re soulmates and deserve to be canon!


Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood

“That’s right, Harry… come on, think of something happy…” “Something happy?” he said, his voice cracked. “We’re all still here,” she whispered, “we’re still fighting. Come on, now…” There was a silver spark, then a wavering light, and then, with the greatest effort it had ever cost him, the stag burst from the end of Harry’s wand. 

The Great 146 Romance Tropes Aesthetic challenge

Dear Shipper who runs a whole blog dedicated to your fave OTP I challenge you to make 146 aesthetics of one specific ship before the year is over. Here are the 146 most popular romance tropes of all time. Can your OTP pull off all of them? That remains to be seen

1. abduction to love

2. accidental pregnancy

3. afraid to commit

4. all grown up

5. amnesia

6. antihero romance

7. arranged marriage

8. athlete

9. bait and switch

10. beauty and the beast

11. best friend’s lover

12. best friend’s sibling

13. best friends/ friends first

14. billionaire

15. blackmail

16. blind date

17. bodyguard crush

18. boss/employee

19. boy hates girl

20. boy meets ghoul

21. boy meets girl

22. break his heart to save him

23. brother’s best friend

24. bully turned puppy lover

25. can’t live with them, can’t live without them

26. celebrity loves commoner

27. celibate hero

28. childhood enemies fall in love

29. childhood friends

30. childhood marriage promise

31. Cinderella story/wrong side of the tracks

32. classes clash

33. clueless love

34. consanguinity

35. crazy love

36. Cyrano/matchmaker

37. damaged lead finds happily ever after

38. dark secret keeps them apart

39. different worlds

40. disguise

41. enemies to lovers

42. everyone can see it

43. fairytale

44. fake engagement

45. fatal attraction

46. first love

47. fish out of water

48. fling

49. forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet

50. friends with benefits

51. girl wants bad boy

52. guardian/ward

53. guy wants cheerleader

54. huge guy, tiny girl

55. if I can’t have you, no one will!

56. imaginary love triangle

57. impotent love

58. innocent cohabitation

59. instant/false sweethearts

60. it happened in Vegas

61. jilted bride/groom

62. law enforcement

63. long distance relationship

64. long-term lovers

65. love at first sight

66. love interest has a profession protagonist abhors

67. love interest reminds of estranged family member

68. love potion

69. love reforms villain

70. love triangle

71. love/hate

72. lovers in denial/ they’re the last to know

73. mad love

74. maid/janitor

75. mail-order bride

76. marriage of convenience

77. men in uniform

78. mistaken declaration of love leads to love

79. mistaken identity

80. noble rescuer steps in

81. nobody thinks it will work

82. not good enough for him/her

83. oblivious to love

84. older man, younger woman

85. on the rocks

86. one night stand

87. one wants true love/other wants a fling

88. oops! fall in love with the wrong person (which could ruin everything!)

89. opposites attract

90. orphan

91. overly shy love

92. parent/childcare worker

93. partners in crime

94. passionate lovers

95. Plain Jane get the hottie

96. playboy

97. politics

98. pretending to be married or engaged

99. protector

100. redemption

101. rejected as unworthy/ turns life around

102. reluctant sex worker

103. removing the rival

104. rescue romance

105. return to hometown

106. reunion romance

107. revenge

108. rich man, poor woman/ rich woman, poor man

109. rivals/ protagonist vs. antagonist

110. road trip romance

111. rock star hero

112. royalty

113. runaway bride/groom

114. scars from the past

115. second chance at love

116. second time around

117. secret admirer

118. secret baby- He doesn’t know she’s PG

119. secret that can end everything

120. sibling triangle

121. sibling’s ex-spouse

122. similarities attract

123. sleeps with everyone but you

124. sorry, I’m taken

125. stranded together

126. student/teacher

127. sudden parent

128. the one that got away

129. time travel

130. tortured hero(ine)

131. tragic love affair

132. tragic past

133. two-person love triangle (involves some mistaken identity) ex: superman

134. ugly duckling

135. unobtainable love interest/ one-sided

136. unrequited love

137. unrequited-love-switcheroo love triangle

138. unwanted harem

139. virginal/innocent

140. wallflower noticed by the rake

141. was it all a lie? (undercover love)

142. widow(er)

143. (wo)man in peril

144. working with the ex

145. workplace romance

146. She’s dating Mr. Wrong

The challenge is simple, chose a trope, make an aesthetic, tag it #146RTCH and share your genius with others. good luck guys!

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i'm 100% happy with all canon hp endgame ships except hinny I don’t hate it or anything but I feel like JKR could have developed it A LOT better (Ginny in general deserved more than what she got tbh that poor girl gets so much underserved hate) and also I just feel like lunarry would’ve been perfect because let's face it Harry was totes into that girl and it would've been such a harry thing to do to surprise everyone and end up with looney lovegood if JKR had been regretful about any endgame it should've been hinny and not romione what was she thinking???
  • Ron: So you're going out with Draco?
  • Harry: Yes.
  • Ron: And you're also going out with Luna?
  • Harry: Yep.
  • Ron: And Ginny?
  • Harry: Last I checked.
  • Ron: And Luna and Ginny are also going out with each-other?
  • Harry: Mm-hmm.
  • Ron: Is Hermione still going out with me?
  • Hermione: (grabbing his hand) Of course, Ron!
  • Ron: Oh, thank Merlin, I was worried for a second there!
Don’t ask me why I ship it, because I’ll tell you it was fate, I’ll write poetry to the ship and wish for a better cannon on stray eyelashes and shooting stars, don’t ask my why I fell inlove with that ship (I don’t know how love works) I just know that it happens, that otp found me in the night, drew me in like a siren and made a believer out of me. They call my love for this otp “delusional”, “insane”, (“unrequited”) but this wont stop my feelings. This is my otp and I have a shipper heart. Honesty I Don’t think I stood a chance.
—  A shipper’s love story