With 26 hours left, the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project is just below the $50,000 fundraising mark. Still shy of their $75,000 goal, they have made big developments since we last posted on the topic. Spread the news and lend a donation if you can spare it!

 Donations will go towards refurbishing the tape drive heads, which continually get worn down from reading the image tapes. There are over 700 tapes left to process, and each tape takes one hour to play through. Once they are processed into digital data (over 20 terabytes processed so far) they are able to then create the images and do the archival paperwork.

Donations will also go towards paying the team members that do all of the aforementioned work of tape processing, digital processing, and paperwork. Over 600 images have been processed so far, but there are still 850 more to finish!

For more information, see the official page on Rockethub:
and our own Penny4NASA write up on the project:


【 真相 】Lavender eyes examined the girl in front of her. While she was approximately around the same age as her, Kirigiri could tell there was something about the other girl that was unique. The lilac sleuth kept her silence to herself, her gaze continuing to analyze the other girl. Once initial observation was done, she knew it was best she had spoken up to prevent any awkward tension.
   ❝    It appears you are in need of something from the looks of it.   ❞
 commented Kirigiri, cool and composed as always.
   ❝    If you need something from me, you are free to ask of it. |
         However, I will not guaranteed I can assist you to the fullest
         if I am incapable of fulfilling such a task.
         Let alone, I have never seen you here before.   ❞   ⋘