I fell down the YURI!!! ON ICE rabbit hole because of @robotsquid​ and I want to drag you all down with me in turn. Plus, there is some really cute and sweet and heart-warming and life-affirming fic that is a joy to read! And occasionally porn, too. ♥  But mostly I’m going for fics that are sweet and light and LIKE YOUR SOUL IS WEARING A WARM AND FUZZY SWEATER.

A Safe Place To Fall by uchiuchi, victuuri, 8k

“Can I…?” Viktor’s voice breaks Yuuri out of his trance and he focuses on Viktor, waiting for the words to come out. But Viktor doesn’t say anything more, eyes flickering between Yuuri’s eyes and mouth, and then his finger stops moving and he pulls it back. He looks like he has more he wants to say, but doesn’t.

✦ Patinage by silvermyth, victuuri & yurio & yuuko, 3.6k

“Yuuri…” Victor knelt in front of him, and Yuuri hissed in pain when Victor pulled one battered foot into his lap. “How long have you been a skater, hm?” It was chiding, but Victor’s hands were gentle as he inspected tender blisters and welts. “How are you supposed to skate your best when your feet are in such a poor state?”

✦ pardon the way that i stare by kevystel, victuuri, 3.1k

All Yakov says, after Yuuri’s free skate at the Cup of China, is: ‘Really?’ (The problem is that Viktor falls hard.)

✦ Details by RobotSquid, victuuri, NSFW, 3.2k

Victor is a very detail-oriented person. He always notices the little things about Yuuri.

✦ i took no time with the fall by lazulisong, victuuri, 2.1k

It’s really nice, knowing Victor like this, as a real living person who hates chocolate and sleeps with his dog in his arms like a teddy bear. That he’s obsessed with the perfect selfie and remembers that Yuri doesn’t like carrots. All of those things about Victor, that Yuri gets to find out every day, over and over again.

✦ From Russia with Love by Caeseria, victuuri, NSFW, 4.3k

There’s not a chance in hell they’re going to make it back to the hotel before Victor succumbs to desire, not with Yuuri looking at him like that, hunger in his eyes.

✦ My Name is Your Name by terunakamura, victuuri & yurio & yakov, 1.4k

Yuuri wants to try to learn the Cyrillic alphabet before they go to Russia for the Grand Prix Final. He does his best.

✦ Praise Please by surveycorpsjean, victuuri, NSFW, 5.2k

Viktor is a good coach. Strict, talented. But Viktor is kind. He gives praise like a waterfall, overflowing and loud and it makes Yuuri drown.

✦ Skate Like a Lover, Dream with Desire by Caeseria, victuuri, NSFW, 6k

Victor explains the theory behind Eros, and Yuuri is more than willing to listen.

✦ In This Bed by elliemoran, victuuri, 1.1k

Victor is faced with a dilemma. What exactly do you do when the person you keep asking to share your bed falls asleep in it?

✦ First, Second, Third by clandestine7, victuuri, 1.7k

Yuri counts their kisses until he loses track.

✦ Those Tell-all Skype Sessions by Piyo13, victuuri & phichit, 1.7k

Phichit isn’t surprised at all when Victor leaps into Yuuri’s arms and gives him a kiss in front of the whole world. He’s just surprised it took this long.

✦ We’ll Make It Happen by lunarorbits, victuuri, NSFW, 3.4k

“Yuri.” Victor’s voice is calm like pond water, but there’s something vaguely frantic in the way his eyes study the smooth black planes of his body. Yuri itches under the gaze, under the suit, under his skin. “It seems like there’s more to your eros that we can explore.”

✦ An Eternity With You by bumble_bae, victuuri, ~1k

When Yuuri forgets to close his blinds the night before, it’s always the sun that wakes Victor. (Victor and Yuuri wake up slow together. Fluff ensues.)

✦ i’ve been up nights making you my god by kevystel, victuuri, 2.9k

Viktor Nikiforov is very much in love and doesn’t know how to deal with it.



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【 真相 】Lavender eyes examined the girl in front of her. While she was approximately around the same age as her, Kirigiri could tell there was something about the other girl that was unique. The lilac sleuth kept her silence to herself, her gaze continuing to analyze the other girl. Once initial observation was done, she knew it was best she had spoken up to prevent any awkward tension.
   ❝    It appears you are in need of something from the looks of it.   ❞
 commented Kirigiri, cool and composed as always.
   ❝    If you need something from me, you are free to ask of it. |
         However, I will not guaranteed I can assist you to the fullest
         if I am incapable of fulfilling such a task.
         Let alone, I have never seen you here before.   ❞   ⋘