Cress, honey…

Cress has only been waiting HER ENTIRE LIFE to get her ears pierced, no big deal. 

think back to when magnus just got his body back in the back room of the fantasy costco

heart thudding, adrenaline pumping, the rush of finally getting to use that kickass sword. not to mention that after an extended period of being in a mannequin without a sense of touch that he’s probably extra sensitive to all of these. and he’s naked

what I’m saying is magnus burnsides was at least half hard while fighting the hunger

D.Va probably gives people her gear as gifts, and Hanzo would 100% wear his to show that he supports her as a teammate. McCree I think would raid the lost and found a lot and found this shirt pre-fall. He probably still has a few Blackwatch shirts too and some members think it’s in bad taste to keep wearing them but he’s not made of money and they still fit so he’s not throwing them out.

Anyway I love them.

Pose referenced from this photo.

Griffin: Sounds like you’re gonna go-

Garfield: -over your budget, which means it’s time to deal with me! Garfield the Deals Warlock!

Taako & Magnus: Oh no.

Garfield: Sorry, I was back in the stockroom while you boys were perusing my aisles! I’m glad I caught you before you go. I have something important to ask you.

Taako: [very annoyed] What is it?

Garfield: [grinning] You like deals?