My beloved witch babe

Name: Lunarel (Luna)
Age: 277 (Visually around 25)
Gender: Female
Height: 234 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Species: Iratus (Pink)
Likes: Magic, Cooking and Napping
Dislikes: Burnt food, Mud and Losing

Lunarel was born a pink Iratus with huge magical potential and intelligence. She stuck to the shaman role in the Iratus main city for most of her life, over a hundred years actually. She learned a lot about all the schools of magic, even mastering a few.
Life had gotten boring though and the brutal iratus lifestyle didn’t suit her, she wanted to leave the crowded city and get her own place somewhere secluded. She left as soon as a new shaman was suitable for her position and used magic to alter her body into becoming nearly human.

Lunarel lives deep in a thick forest by a lake, in her dream house that she constructed from an old cabin. She continues to study magic but in peace.
The magic she’s mostly familiar with is Alteration and Rune magic and she’s incredibly skilled with potion making.

She worships a moon goddess that much isn’t known about, if anything Luna knows the most about it’s powers.
She absorbs it’s power from the moon and even much so in water, so long baths in the lake are very common for her.
Eventually the moon light powering her up overcharges her, and in that state she can perform very powerful magic.

Her aura is a moon with a ring that is in sync with the real moon at all times, looking at it makes you drowsy and sleepy.

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I’m planning to start the second draft of my novel project for April Camp Nano :)

Woa, lots of people doing Camp Nano, you guys go! Good luck! Drink lots of caffeine!

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Trying to start something set on a pirate ship. I have characters but no conflict developed..

OOhh I’m a real sucker for pirate stories (probably because of PotC and The Edge Chronicles, hehe). Cool, good luck with the conflict! If you have any idea where your plot is headed, that’ll probably help you develop your conflict more. And this post looks helpful!

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I’ve been sharing bits of my writing on Wednesdays. Mostly random. Stewing over a YA idea at the mo.

Sounds good! YA could always do with some more good stories :) 

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Late to the party, but anyway - I’m working on the plot/worldbuilding/… of a high fantasy novel and there’s this guy, a magician, who’s one of the best magiciens in this world and I started to think about how he became the best. .. Randomly, this developed in a urban fantasy prequel because before the first plot, that guy came to our world and that’s gonna start havoc.
Thinking about going camp!nano with that

Ahh, magicians … Reminds me of one episode Leverage which is mostly unrelated because the whole magic show was a con. Anyways, he probably had a good mentor! Or, he had some motivation to keep working at it until he became the best.

You should actually read that new Eoin Colfer book, I think it’s called WARP? It’s about a Victorian-era magician who time travels into our time, and it’s pretty cool (though not as good as Artemis Fowl)(the first few books at least)(not the last two books)(we don’t talk about the last two Artemis Fowl books). Good luck with Nano!!

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So Julian and I started talking about auras and we came up with this eventually. Not everyone can see auras, you’d need to be very spiritual or get help with magic. Auras resemble halos and look different depending on the person.

For example Norael (farthest to the right) is a very aggressive and unstable person. Her aura twitches, has spikes that go in and out very fast and a very strong red color that’d hurt your eyes if you look at it for too long.

Lunarel’s (left) would make you sleepy and Nereus’ (middle) fixates your eyes on his and makes you want to to what he says.

People without souls such as vampires or zombies would not have an aura.