Copperheads, there is an important restoration project underway that needs your help. The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project is raising money on Rockethub, a crowdsourcing website for fundraising, in order to restore Apollo-era imagery of the moon that the public has NEVER SEEN. 

Thousands of 70mm film images were taken of the moon before astronauts landed there, transmitted to Earth digitally via 60s-era robots sent by NASA. Once those images got to Earth, they had to be recorded through analog. They have been sitting in storage warehouses (and were very nearly thrown away) and are currently in need of preservation. 

We have 3 days to make sure the science of these early robot missions is saved. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD RIGHT NOW to the pro-science and pro-space community of which you are a big part. And if you have a few dollars to donate to this science, please toss it in!

This is something we can totally do together.  
For more information, see the official page on Rockethub:

and our own Penny4NASA write up on the project:


The first Moonday of 2015 is a great one - the Moon pieces from Ana Locking are available for purchase! And they’re all named after mare or craters (or a person who walked) on the Moon.

From top to bottom:

Nubium dress / Crisium shirt / Nectaris skirt / Kepler skirt / Aldrin sweatshirt / Procellarium shirt / Imbrium trousers

The Moon gown isn’t in the online store, but I happen to know it is available for purchase if those prices don’t scare you away…



This is the 45th Anniversary of humanity’s first steps on the Moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong (Mission Commander), Michael Collins (Command Module Pilot), and Buzz Aldrin (Lunar Module Pilot) pioneered a new horizon and set the foundation for future manned missions to the Moon.


TBT to the Apollo era with these NASA-inspired sweatsuits*. Now you can lounge around on your couch and pretend you’re exhausted from all that lunar exploration you’ve been doing in your dreams. (Just me?)

- Summer

*These were for sale last month on, but are no longer listed. :(