TLC characters as troubled birds

Hey my dudes I had some time to kill so please enjoy the tlc characters as troubled birds










Bonus: Levana

  • Catherine: I became a heartless tyrant after the boy I loved died.
  • Levana: same here.
  • Catherine: I guess it's my fault for going back to Hearts.
  • Levana: I guess it's my fault for stabbing him.
  • Catherine: what
  • Levana: what

kai went from prince to emperor without any time in between to grieve. he is eighteen with an entire nation to be in charge of, expected to know exactly what to do. a teenager. the bags under his eyes are getting darker and darker and stars what he wouldn’t do for one full night of sleep. kai tries to laugh with everyone else as they share stories of traveling in the rampion, of their memories as a crew, of their memories on luna, but he cannot relate. he’ll never relate. all of his friends share this tragedy, these memories, but he wasn’t there. he was so desperately alone. a teenager who had no friends his own age, who knew how limited his future was with levana as his wife. he’d be dead before twenty, but could it spare the earth a few years? kai who is so overrun with guilt, heavy with it, knowing all that cinder went through and suffered while his threats were more impending than immediate. when cinder wakes up at night, clutching her stomach in a cold sweat, feeling as though she had been stabbed again, kai will stay up all night making sure she’s able to rest again. even if she’s already fallen asleep again. kai warms cinders cyborg hand between his own in the winter, breathing on it to keep it warm. he holds her cyborg hand in public, on live feeds, anywhere where people can see it. he speaks openly and diplomatically about the rights of cyborgs, and passes numerous anti-discriminatory laws for cyborgs, genetically modified soldiers, lunars, and anyone else that had been poorly treated before. he is so self conscious about his relationships. someone who had been taken advantage of by the media from a very young age, and used for his fame by most of his first friends. but he’s so desperate. desperate for companionship, desperate for relief, desperate to be a teenager. he can’t make any mistakes. he has no forgiveness. he’s supposed to be a politician isn’t he? constantly on? constantly perfect? as good as his father? kai can’t always give as much time to cinder as he wants. does she know how much he loves her? kai comms cinder every day she’s on luna, his heart so full of pride and longing. it scares him how much he loves her sometimes. it scares him knowing what he would do just to have her in his arms again, breathing in the smell of a workshop that takes him back to the day they first met. how could he ever repay her for being the first girl to see him as a human being? as someone worth more than lust and screaming and fanfiction, but worth love and respect and real romance.

Remember back when Cress was crazy in love with Thorne but she didn’t think he loved her back? Remember how it was after he gave her, her first kiss and she was so naive that, even though Thorne was the blind one, Cress was the one too blind to realize that he was obviously falling for her, for real, and in a way he’d never felt for other girls? 
Remember how Thorne would flirt with literally everyone but her because she was so special to him that he just couldn’t treat her like the others, and also he just didn’t think he deserved her at all. Remember how he thought that he’d sufficiently chased Cress off and made her see that she deserved better. So, he was convinced that she was no longer in love with him at the same time he’d fallen in love with her?

Remember how Thorne found out Cress was jealous, confessed his love, and they were together for real? Remember Thorne visiting Cress after the final battle, in which he’d been forced to hurt her and it seemed like they were destined to die for each other before they’d even had a chance to live?

Remember how he promised that he’d spend the rest of his life trying to become the man she always knew he could be so that he could endeavor to deserve her?

Remember how Cress, the girl who spent her entire life trapped, first with other shells and then in a satellite, got to travel with the boy of her dreams all over the planet she’d come to love? <33333

This is why I ship Cresswell. 

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