So I was looking up fanart for The Lunar Chronicles...

And I’m seeing a bunch of cute things with the couples.  And then I see this:

That is not Cinder and Kai….that is Ed and Roy from Fullmetal Alchemist.  Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  OH MY FUCKING GOSH.  

I think what makes it hilarious is that someone had to save this and reupload it and tag it as Cinder or Lunar Chronicles or something like that.  Someone searched “cyborg pairing” and got this and thought it was a man and a woman.  Someone thought Edward Elric was a woman.  And that same person reuploaded it as Cinder fanart.

I just, I can’t even.  I’m laughing so hard.

Listening to Cress and this doodle started as a warm-up but I kept messing around with it so I really need to do my homework now

Definitely will play around with designs for this series more. This one was definitely influenced off of bluandorange’s version of Cress haha I’ll do more sketches some other time figuring her and the others out :>