Fic updates galore!

It seems I’ve been a fanfic writing machine this week. Here are the updated fic chapters of the following fics in case you missed it:

The Lunar Cafe - Chapter 12 (just updated minutes ago!)

Blackmail  - Chapter 13 (updated 8/2)

Jealousy - Chapter 27 (updated 8/1)

Once Upon the Internet - Chapter 8 (updated 7/31)

Hope you enjoy reading! :)


The Lunar Chronicles read along is underway!! We started CINDER in August and will continue throughout the series, finishing with WINTER in November! It’s never too late to join in since we’re reading one book a month until the series is done! Check out some more details at or read along with us according to the schedule below with the hashtag #TLCReadAlong! There will be fun posts, prizes, and more each month so join us for all the Lunar Chronicles fun! 


The read along will span from August 1 – December 7, 2015. Readers will be allotted four weeks to read each book. Here is the schedule for each book:

CINDER: August 1 – August 31

SCARLET: September 1 – September 30

CRESS: October 1 – October 31

WINTER: November 10 – December 7NOTE: 

Since FAIREST is such a short read, it will not be officially included in the read along (it’s way too quick to dedicate a whole month to it)! If you want to read FAIREST too, the downtime between CRESS & WINTER might be a great time to squeeze it in!

Listening to Cress and this doodle started as a warm-up but I kept messing around with it so I really need to do my homework now

Definitely will play around with designs for this series more. This one was definitely influenced off of bluandorange’s version of Cress haha I’ll do more sketches some other time figuring her and the others out :>

A Guide to Male YA Leads
  • Jace Herondale:Imma do the thing
  • Everyone in a 2km radius:Oh my god are you insane don't do the thing
  • Jace, bleeding and surrounded by burning corpses:too late
  • -----
  • Percy Jackson:Imma do the thing
  • Sommeone:Don't do the thing
  • Percy:Buddy, we are surrounded, wounded, and have a 99.999% chance of dying painfully. If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.
  • Someone:
  • Percy:Yeah that's what I thought
  • -----
  • Chaol Westfall:Imma do the thing
  • Celaena:Don't do the thing
  • Chaol:Wha-
  • Dorian:Bad idea, dude
  • Chaol:But-
  • Celaena and Dorian:nooooope
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol:*does the thing*
  • Celaena and Dorian:*frustrated sigh*
  • -----
  • Carswell Thorne:Imma do the thing
  • Cinder:Don't do the thing
  • Thorne:Please?
  • Cinder:No
  • Thorne:But it's the thing!!!
  • Thorne:*grumbles*
  • Cinder:*leaves*
  • Thorne:*does the thing*
  • Cinder:THORNE
  • -----
  • Daemon Black:Imma do the thing
  • Katy:Don't do the thing
  • Daemon:Why not?
  • Katy:Because it's reckless, poorly thought out, uncalled for, and has a 200% chance of backfiring
  • Daemon:Silly Kitten, you're not as experienced as I am. Leave this to the big kids.
  • Deamon:*does the thing*
  • Thing:*backfires, killing several people and having the opposite effect than the one desired*
  • Deamon:Oops
  • Katy:Are you going to listen to me now?
  • Daemon:Nope
  • -----
  • Raphael:Imma do th- wait Penryn
  • Raphael:Penryn what are you doing
  • Raphael:Oh my god Penryn no
  • Raphael:PENRYN
  • Raphael:I hate humans
  • -----
  • Nick Gautier:Imma do the thing
  • Everyone:hahahahaha yeah like hell you are good luck on your death quest don't forget to pack a snack
  • Nick:*does the thing*
  • Nick:*somehow manages to live*
  • Everyone:wait hold up what
  • -----
  • Callum Hunt:So you're telling me that you want to do the thing
  • Master Rufus:Yes
  • Cal:Fully realizing this the thing is incredibly difficult and could potentially hospitalize us
  • Master Rufus:Do you have a problem with that?
  • Cal:No, no, I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page
  • -----
  • Day:Imma do the thing
  • The Republic:Don't do the thing
  • Day:I don't think you understand just how funny it is that you think you have a say in this
  • -----
  • David Charleston:Imma do the thing
  • Someone:Don't do the thing
  • David:Why not
  • Someone:It's a stupid idea
  • David:Stupid?
  • David:I have been planning this for the better part of a decade
  • David:I have this down to a fucking script
  • David:I have prepared for almost every possible eventuality with four different back up plans