Best Friends Forever

@aceofstars16 said:For TLC prompts, could you maybe do something with Cinder and Thorne (they are my favorite BROTP)? It could be anything, them seeing each other after a while, or them being silly some time in the distant future? 

They are my favorite brotp, too! I definitely went a little silly with this one–hope you like it!



Benoit Farms and Gardens rests quiet in the hazy summer morning. A blanket of fog settles heavy on the lines of crops, green and growing and stretching toward the horizon. A few androids putter around the fields, digging into the soil and touching the stalks, and a fat, orange cat lays on the porch of the farmhouse with his belly up toward the promise of sun.

Cinder spots the Rampion as her shuttle slows. The ship sleeps in a stretch of bare grass beside the hangar, and despite a few new scratches, it looks the same as it ever has.

She smiles to see it, glad for her advisers’ assistance that she take a break. Her friends are here, there’s a ship to tinker with, home-cooked food to eat–and there is absolutely nobody paying her any kind of attention.

It is amazing.

The shuttle comes to a stop at the end of the drive. With a relieved sigh, Cinder gets out and stretches before making the easy walk to the farmhouse. The hangar doors, she sees now, are open, and Scarlet’s shuttle gone, but there is a lit candle dancing in the front window of the house that tells her whoever’s left won’t be gone for long.

Still, when she steps up the porch stairs and tries the door–it’s locked.

The cat offers no answers when she glances at him. She knocks at the door. “Hello? Anybody home? It’s Cinder!”

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niamyah  asked:

Tlc couples playing seven minutes in heaven headcanon?


  • first of all, we all know Thorne was the one to suggest it. 
    • after everyone said no to truth or dare and never have i ever they finally agreed to play to shut him up. no one really knew what it was besides thorne and cress (because the internet)

scarlet and wolf

  • so after scarlet finds out what this game is she immediately volunteers herself and wolf to go first
    • (”wait… you just want me to make out with wolf alone and none of you will interrupt us? we’re going first!”) 
    • she practically knocks thorne down getting to the closet
  • they literally waste no time they just go for it. they really don’t get that much time by themselves 
    • the timer’s going off and everyone is knocking on the door trying to let them know that their time is up but they’re not done
    • thorne just tells everyone to give them a few minutes 

cinder and kai

  • so cinder and kai pretty much never see each other because cinder’s on luna and kai is in charge of all of asia which means they really just want to sit in the closet and talk to each other
    • they just sit next to each other whispering “how have you been?” “i just miss you a lot” “aw, i miss you too-” “HEY YOU CAN’T TALK WHEN YOU’RE MAKIN’ OUT!”
  • of course there’s plenty of kissing too because they love each other and don’t get to kiss much but mainly they just use it so they can be alone and talk for seven minutes without anyone in there
  • they’re just kissing then suddenly “OH and i forgot to tell you-”
  • just let them catch up they just want to talk to each other

cress and thorne

  • thorne is the one who suggested it but he is also the most nervous to actually do it
    • “winter and jacin? you guys wanna go? no, I don’t care I’m just being nice okay, cRESS LETS GO”
  • cress is totally ready and is just like okay come on let’s do it and thorne is so nervous about it. he just doesn’t want to make cress uncomfortable even when she says it’s fine
    • the entire time he just keeps asking her if she’s okay with it
    • “is this okay?” “yeah, i’m okay” “okay… you okay?” “IM FINE THORNE JUST KISS ME”

winter and jacin

  • making out away from everyone in a dark closet is pretty much ideal for jacin who still feels like he can’t do anything with winter in public 
  • they haven’t had much free time either, being ambassadors for luna now but having been together all the time, unlike cinder and kai, they’ve had time to talk so they’re just like yeah no one’s around let’s just kiss okay 
  • they’re just happy to be romantic with each other tbh just let them be happy 
  • i don’t have that many headcanons for jacin and winter tbh they’re just happy and they’re kissing and they use their allotted time and then go back to being happy just let them kiss 

niamyah  asked:

IM OFFICIALLY DONE WEARING YOU OUT TODAY WITH ALL THESE HEADCANONS, but headcanon that the tlc girls dance to Work by Rihanna and the reactions from the tlc guys 😂.

im such a shitposter i luv this

  • okay, first of all. cinder would just outright refuse.
    • “yeah… I don’t dance. I’ll watch.”
    • Kai gets it. he loves her, it’s fine.
    • eventually he just starts dancing like a joke and being all sarcastic sexy and her and kai break out laughing
  • scarlet is hot as HELL and of course she looks amazing dancing to Work
    • wolf is so flustered by this because like of course wolf thinks scarlet is hot and of course they have sex and of course they’re romantic and all this but SHE LOOKS SO HOT OH MY STARS
  • winter is not dancing to the rhythm or music… at all
    • she’s just kind of spinning and feeling herself and dancing it’s like she started dancing already and then someone started the music
    • jacin loves it. he’s just like “wow, isn’t she beautiful? she’s such a good dancer I love her”
    • jacin just loves anything that winter does, he thinks she looks amazing he’s happy
  • cress is just feeling herself and thorne loves it
    • she’s super weird about it at first but then she just starts going for it and her and thorne just have the best time
    • he joins he, they have fun, everything is good

i stumbled across this photo on my dash and thought “this is a neat picture”, so I referenced it for a Kai and Cinder drawing. and then i thought, “i should make this a fake magazine cover. those are always so cool.” 1000 poor font choices later, i thought “i no longer fear death.” but i persevered and now these nerds are ready to party. Stars Above is like, 15 days away!!! Yay! Are you guys excited?!? Who the hell is going to get married?!?! Honestly its going to be Torin or something just you wait 

  • Iko:*loses Kai in a crowd*
  • Iko:*sighs* *pulls out megaphone* HAS ANYONE SEEN LINH CINDER?!?!
  • Kai:WHO IS THIS LINH CINDER YOU SPEAK OF? HA WHAT A CRIMINAL THIEF! SHE DESERVES TO BE EXECUTED AND ROT IN JAIL- unless you found any news about her is she hurt is she okay oh my gosh cinder i love you
  • Iko:found him

Why ask for a Lunar Chronicles movie when you can ask for a 5-season long Netflix series? Each season would be a book, and Winter would be split into two parts because it’s a 700 page beast of a novel. The plot of all the books run together so smoothly a TV show would make perfect since since each season doesn’t exist as a standalone entity. Also, plenty of time to include all of the important scenes from the book.

As far as casting: racially correct down to skin tone. Cinder’s tan skin was mentioned approximately 200 times so we better see an Asian actress with that skin tone. Scarlet needs to be curvy, and not just skinny-curvy. And a black actress with dark skin and natural hair for Winter would be A+

niamyah  asked:

CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE UNCLE JACIN?! And Thorne getting jealous that everybody's (kid including his) likes Jacin better than they like Thorne? The possibilities are endless.....


Jacin and Winter don’t have kids because as I and @scarlet-benoit-is-my-rolemodel have headcanoned they’re both asexual. 

BUT Jacin is so so so good with kids and all the kids love him and basically any time there’s a baby crying they just hand it to Jacin and it immediately stops crying no one knows why