lunar spots

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Calcina was waiting tables as usual picking up drinks and food from the bar, taking orders from the costumers when she spotted Lunar. She smiled making her way to the table her hair holding her empty waitress tray behind her making her voice a bit deeper so he wouldn’t recognize it immediately “Heya ya big cutie, would you like to order?” she pulled out a pad and pen smiling


“So,” Dan started as he walked into Lunar Flowers and spotted Heather near the back. “do you think you could make me a bouquet that says ‘sorry I passed out on the living room floor and broke the back door’s screen door?” He laughed as he pushed his sunglasses up on his head and smiled at her. “New Years Eve was…wild and I have to make it up to my mom. Can you help me out? Also hi, how are you? How was your new years eve?” @koililylove