lunar spots

How to spot a moon witch 🌙
  • long, flowy outfits that flow
  • that or ~victorian~
  • jewelry. so much jewelry.
  • moonstone and selenite and amethyst and obsidian and stuff
  • wears musky perfumes
  • freaking loves the moon. freaking. loves. it.
  • divination to the extreme.
  • smol and soft and pretty.
  • likes classical music.
  • white roses and jasmine and vanilla and things.

soulsofhellfire  asked:

-slides in a ♓ because hell yeh mermaid/monster au-

Send me a symbol for a Mythical Creature/Monster AU – Mermaid

Brilliant golden flecks of tail were likely the first thing Lunar spotted as she stared down into the abyss of one of the second circle’s larger typhoons. Off-limits to most, due to the intense water movement hidden by a languid looking upper layer, these large lakes were home naturally to the many aquatic demons of the Second Circle - Aamon being one among them.

Having heard something fierce, almost like a crash Aamon rose to the top to investigate. Golden scales melded well with pale skin and black bangs, though anything aside from his scales and facial features were hard to recognize with the water in the way - the sound of the crash shook some of the natural soot into the surface.

“What’s going on?”

He asked rather plainly, though his gaze flickered with interest. He didn’t often get a chance to talk with a walker while in his natural state. It was good to show off, every now and again.


i … tried… just know it had this reddish hue and … here have a literary description to make up for it

Observing the perigee of our closest celestial body, the moon, we crane our necks to spot the lunar orb in all its blood-red pigmented glory.
Its compassionate glow spread into the sky, enveloping all of us tiny humans with an airy autumn blanket. A rust tint hangs in the low evening sky, capturing gazes and suspending thoughts for a brief moment, reminding us of the vastness and perplexing mysteries of the universe.

k hope that compensates for the only crap quality photos i have

(i tried taking photos of it using my digital camera, looking thru a binocular lens, but it didnt work out)

Credit: @tinyrarezdew

No but this is great! And the caption is awesome, thank you!
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