lunar spots


i … tried… just know it had this reddish hue and … here have a literary description to make up for it

Observing the perigee of our closest celestial body, the moon, we crane our necks to spot the lunar orb in all its blood-red pigmented glory.
Its compassionate glow spread into the sky, enveloping all of us tiny humans with an airy autumn blanket. A rust tint hangs in the low evening sky, capturing gazes and suspending thoughts for a brief moment, reminding us of the vastness and perplexing mysteries of the universe.

k hope that compensates for the only crap quality photos i have

(i tried taking photos of it using my digital camera, looking thru a binocular lens, but it didnt work out)

Credit: @tinyrarezdew

No but this is great! And the caption is awesome, thank you!
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