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How do you plan on making the torso part of mercy's suit? Im mostly interested in the material like silicone, latex, or some kind of fabric?

I’m probably the only one, but I’m actually convinced the torso part is Fabric as opposed to armor?

Thats mostly because I think the ridge beow her breasts is Blizzards hyper stylized cut of her RIBS. And if you watch her idle animations, you can see the section of her belly move independetly, breathing in and out. ??

I also adored the way it looked in fabric when Spiral Cats cosplayed her. 

And further convinced when the lunar skin turned the panel into one entire cloth texture, but kept the Rib* ridge. And I’ll probably be doing the Lunar skin first. 

So I’ll probably be making mine from Stretch vinyl, apart of the rest of the bodysuit. And making the shoulders and wings panels from a hard Worbla or styrene. 

@squiglybot​ there’s a spray that shows Mei is chubby 

Pay attention to that

especially since the Lunar New Year skins came out and the cloth, which is likely silk or something similar, hugs her form, unlike her arctic gear

Her legs are thick around the thighs and her sleeves imply just enough arm fat that they don’t just wrinkle. And nobody ever seems to deny her boobs are big, and big boobs on a big lady are more common and natural than big boobs on an unrealistically skinny one. 

Mei is not skinny. Not even close. You may not consider her fat but she’s got more chub than all the other female characters besides Zarya, who’s all muscle anyway. 

@stocking-assassin she’s still thicc/chubby especially around her legs in non arctic Lunar New Year clothes so??? The “arctic clothes make her look fat” excuse only goes so far. 

I didn’t kick up any fuss about the supposed waistline glitch but ppl started insisting Mei’s secretly skinny and I found that to be even more ridiculous. At least with the waistline thing it was less about Mei being fat and more about just making her proportions less extreme.

 You can tell me to stop caring but you could also just… not say anything more on the matter… not care about what I post on my own blog… It should help you follow your own advice.

Why is everyone upset about Mei?

I know some of you who are new to the Overwatch scene may not know what the current controversy around Mei and her new Lunar New Year skin is.

This is how she normally looks (minus the Snow Plum color scheme). Despite the fact that she is wearing a large winter coat, most fans assumed she was a chubby/fat character due to her thicc thighs and overall appearance. Its safe to assume under her coat her body would look somewhat like this:

What a lovely thicc babe. The controversy is that her new skins change her character model too drastically to look like this:

At first glance, nothing looks wrong with it (and her Lunar Skin’s design is beautiful). But when you try to imagine what her body/hips look like underneath, we run into issues.

Its clear that when Mei’s waist was made smaller to accommodate her new skin, but her hips stayed the same size. And when you look at her new model from the side, she looks especially messed up:

Mei’s ass is just a little too thicc to accommodate her new model and her overly bent back isn’t helping. Overwatch claims that Mei’s tiny waist is a bug/glitch with the new skin that they will fix in the next patch, and this is a possibility. Widowmaker had a similar cosmetic bug where her ass would grow every time she activated her scope. Now, there is nothing wrong with having thin waisted/bodied characters, but Mei’s new appearance doesn’t make physical sense. And to some, having a chubby female character was an important step forward for female diversity in gaming.