The July moon is a time for divination and meditation magic. 

  1. Waxing Gibbous: What do you need to release?
  2. First Quarter: What should you attract?
  3. Waxing Crescent: What needs to begin?
  4. New: What do you need to completely destroy?
  5. Waning Crescent: What is causing stress?
  6. Third Quarter: What is causing the roadblock?
  7. Waning Gibbous: How can you overcome it?
  8. Full: Where should you draw your energy from in your workings this month?

If anyone is interested I’ll be doing readings with this spread for the rest of the day, just send an ask. Otherwise feel free to use this spread on your own, I’d love to see what everyone else draws.

happy full moon

Lunar Phases - Explained 🌙

Because I kind of have my own correspondences for the phases of the moon, I thought I’d explain them here! 

  • New Moon - the moon is just beginning to become illuminated, so it can correspond with new beginnings, a fresh start, cleansing, exploring new opportunities, newfound health or relationships, finding peace with yourself and moving on - “out with the old and in with the new.”
  • Waxing Moon - the moon is continuing to grow, becoming more and more visible, so it can correspond with attraction magick, reaching goals, manifestation magick, positive energy, success, wishes, good luck, gaining wealth, and dreams come true. 
  • First Quarter - this moon is halfway illuminated, on its way to becoming fully illuminated, so it can correspond to balance, and the need to make decisions. 
  • Full Moon - the moon is fully illuminated, so it can correspond with extra energy, a magickal boost, cleansing, charging, enchanting, performing divination, and honoring lunar deities. 
  • Third Quarter - this moon is also halfway illuminated, but on its way to becoming invisible in the sky, therefore while it can still correspond with balance, it can also correspond to focusing on the task at hand, banishing, and breaking old habits. 
  • Waning Moon - the moon is becoming less illuminated, and seems as though it’s disappearing, so it can correspond to generalized negative energy, reflection, introspection, transformation of the self, banishing things, binding others actions or undoing bindings, letting go, moving on, cleansing, breaking bad habits, and finding peace. 
  • Dark Moon - the moon is completely hidden in the sky, with no illumination at all, so it can correspond to cursing, banishing, binding, seeking justice, reflection of the self, and generalized destruction. 
  • Blue Moon - this moon is either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month, so it’s appearance can correspond to wishes, dreams, divination, achievement, and focus. 
  • Black Moon - this moon is an additional new moon that appears in a month or in a season, or the absence of a full moon or of a new moon in a month, therefore it can correspond to extra power and manifestation. 
The best time for:
  • Cursing 
    • Tuesday/Saturday
    • Evening
    • Dark Moon
  • Protection
    • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Full Moon
  • Cleansing
    • Monday/Saturday
    • Dawn
    • Waning Gibbous/Blue Moon
  • Banishing
    • Saturday
    • Dusk/Evening
    • Waning Crescent/Third Quarter/Full Moon/Dark Moon
  • Binding
    • Tuesday/Saturday
    • Evening
    • Waning Moon/Full Moon/Dark Moon
  • Healing
    • Monday/Thursday/Sunday
    • Dawn
    • New Moon/Full Moon
  • Enhanced psychic power
    • Monday
    • Midnight
    • Full Moon/Blue Moon
  • Love/Friendship
    • Friday
    • Morning
    • New Moon/Waxing Moon
  • Manifestation/Power 
    • Monday/Tuesday
    • Noon
    • Full Moon/Black Moon
  • Success 
    • Thursday/Sunday
    • Morning/Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Luck 
    • Wednesday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Blue Moon
  • Wealth
    • Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon
  • Peace
    • Monday
    • Dusk/Midnight
    • Waning Crescent/New Moon
  • Courage/Strength
    • Tuesday/Sunday
    • Noon
    • Waxing Moon/Full Moon
  • Intelligence/Wisdom
    • Monday/Wednesday
    • Morning
    • Waxing Moon/Full Moon/Waning Crescent
  • Spirit Work
    • Tuesday
    • Twilight
    • Full Moon/Blue Moon

compiled from my personal collection of correspondences

updated on 5-29-17

DIY Lunar Calendar

A few months ago, the most beautiful lunar calendar showed up on my dash, thanks to @etsycult! I immediately added this beautiful work of art by ABJglassworks to my wish-list. Alas, I am broke witch, so I came up with an immediate solution until I can afford to splurge :) 

You will need:

  • piece of hobby board 
  • chalkboard paint
  • white paper
  • marker
  • bottle cap 
  • scissors
  • glue
  • chalk pencil

Step One

Paint your hobby board with the chalkboard paint. I used three coats of paint and sanded in-between so that it would be nice and smooth to write on. This is probably overkill and not necessary. Just paint until you’re satisfied.

Step Two

Use your bottle cap to trace 9 moons. Cut out your moons. Use your marker to denote the phases.

Step Three

Glue on your moons and then add the dates and astrological signs with your chalk pencil. To find the current lunar phase and astrological sign,  The Moon app is perfect! 

That’s it! Thank you to Etsy Cult and ABJglasworks for the inspiration! Please consider supporting the artist if it’s in your budget :)

Lunar Cycles

I’m sure I’m not alone being someone deeply effected by the moon to the point where I have emotional episodes due to which phase it’s in. Like the seasons I also adapted my practice to go in the flow which the moon moves in in order to be in balance. Hopefully this practice can help you too if you find this of value.

Major Phases

New Moon
This is the most important phase for me. On the first day the moon enters this phase I cleanse my space energetically and take time to do a ritual bath (or shower with a soap spell if I don’t have time for a full bath). The theme is energy cleansing and starting new. Cleanse the altar, cleanse the crystals, cleanse yourself, set up wards- depending on the element of the moon I cleanse with incense, candle, salt or mist (Or whatever feels right at the time. Usually the element and quality of the sign shows itself more in the bath than in the cleansing of my space but it’s just an example).
The New Moon is also full of cerebral energy for me. The moon rules emotions and inner thoughts and I personally feel the new moon has more power in influencing my mind as the full has more power in influencing my raw emotions. Depending on which sign the new moon is in, I focus my mental energy towards it’s message and the direction I should focus on for the next lunar cycle. Typically the new moon rests in whatever sign the sun is in so I focus on the zodiac season’s energy (like if it’s Libra season, Taurus season etc). The next week following (waxing crescent week) is mentally figuring out and visualizing how I will bring what I want and what I need to focus on in manifesting in my life.

Full Moon
The Full moon tends to be the phase everyone focuses on but its energy can be overwhelming to me since it heightens my emotions and makes me feel irrational. The Full Moon has intense energy and it’s theme is perfect for charging and energy work. Charge magical tools and crystals, charge yourself, channel the moon’s element and sign in a focused meditation and absorb it’s energy. Use the powerful energy lingering to cast spells. I find it easier to manifest something on this day perhaps because my emotions are heightened and a lot of spell casting and success depends on how I feel.
Other activities to engage the moon’s power and emotional influence is creating art or releasing pent up emotions through dance or listening to music. The Full Moon is a phase personally for me, that focuses on the magic of art and how art can help release certain emotions especially if the moon is trying to highlight a hidden or repressed feeling. Take the evening to draw, put on music to fit the mood and use art to explore yourself or do shadow work. If you enjoy drinking, enchant a cocktail or enjoy a beer to help bring to light certain emotions and maybe do drunken tarot or do some journaling to document how you feel and help with further introspection later. You can do this all solitary or gather some witchy friends to get drunk and scream your emotions into the void (I mean wolves howl at the full moon, so why can’t you?) Then put on some music, do some art, dance your feelings away or cry together because you feel irrationally moody and out of control.

Minor Phases

I don’t do anything in particular for these actual days but their weeks are important to me.

First Quarter
The week following the first quarter is dedicated to spells of growth, prosperity, manifestation, momentum and drive. It follows the week of the waxing crescent which is dedicated to visualization and setting goals. First quarter initiates action for the waxing gibbous week. If there’s something I wish to give power to, it’s casted on this week. 

Last Quarter
The week following the Last Quarter is dedicated to cleaning, purging and banishing. I make sure to clean my space thoroughly and throw out old things, ward unwanted energy and try to distance myself from things I dislike, drink more water- eat less red meat and wheat (for personal health issues to help with my digestion)- drink cleansing teas, and focus my energy on release. Spells to cast on this week are warding, banishing, ending or distancing.

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