lunar phases

Christian Wilhelm Braune - Effects of the Lunar Phases on Human Body, “An Atlas of Topographical Anatomy after Plane Sections of Frozen Bodies", 1877.

Fox pouncing on a mouse hiding behind a bush in front of a mountain, with lunar cycles, manzanita branches, wasp, caterpillar, arrowheads, and icosahedron.  Sean’s first tattoo!  Go ribs or go home! By Pony Reinhardt at Forbidden Body Art in Portland, OR USA.  
IG: freeorgy

Supermoon in Taurus (November 14th, 2016) 🌕♉

A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the Moon appearing to be larger than normal. The Supermoon due to occur on November 14th is said to be the closest the moon will be to Earth in the 21st century. Magickally speaking, the occurrence of a Supermoon will enhance the effects of a Full Moon.

What this means for you:

  • Heightened Emotions
  • Enhanced power for:
    • Cleansing
    • Charging
    • Divination
    • Healing
  • Increased psychic awareness

This Supermoon also takes place in the zodiac sign of Taurus, meaning that this would be a great time for matters having to do with love, relationships, real estate, money, and material acquisition.