lunar new year's wish


Two ptutu fanart  to celebrate the lunar new year!In fact the first one originally was the drawing of X‘mas congratulation_(:з」∠)_,and I painted too slow to finish on time….But who care,now I have finished it!  

The first one inspired by the ballet Nutcracker. Ahiru’s pendant just like the toy nutcracker,giving her a sweet,dramatic and romantic dream.

Because 2017 is the Year of the Rooster,next I painted a shell-breaking ahiru!Ahiru is sooooooo pure and endearing that I can’t control myselffffffff!!(wake up)

Happy lunar new year and wish you happy every day~ 

Hope you like it.

// Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating!  ✧(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  Wishing you guys all the best as we move onto the year of the Rooster! ♡  - Admin Dissu

*Flowey seems irritated

A simple fan art for the blog @illtrytobegood and the creator @lovelyladyartist . Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year - It was actually held on 28 January xD. Wish you and the blog nothing but the best and have a great year! And as always, stay determined. ^^

(Notes: The Mandarin word on Flowey’s pot is ‘fu’ which means ‘Fortune’ and the bottle beside the pot is ‘jiu’ a Chinese alcoholic beverage)

Hi everyone! I’m going to be in Hong Kong from January 28th to February 12th so I won’t be actively posting here or answering my business emails. You’re welcome to follow me on my Twitter and Instagram for travel updates though! My Dearmine Dear Beans Picasso will be following me around for the duration of my trip 🙂

Early wishes for a happy Lunar New Year to you all, and for those of you celebrating Chinese New Year like me 祝你鸡年大吉!! 🐔✨