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Top 5 favorite fanfics you've read for any fandom.

The Summer of the Lima Bean by @adampascalfan (Glee)

Moonlight Magic @katdvs (General Hospital)

Managed Care {gleefulmusings on} (listed as a General Hospital/Glee xover but also has All My Children and I believe One Life to Live characters as well in this universe… WIP… I need an update like I need air

Special by @miggylol  (Glee/Marvel) ‘being a part of something special makes you special…. also superpowers… this and her whole trilogy are love I may need to do a re-read in the future

1-800-Captain {lovelunarchron on} Lunar Chronicles … I know I’m bad on reviewing when I read updates to this modern AU Cresswell fic but it’s my everything and I LIVE for your updates

a 6th honorable mention goes to the Monster High WIP Broke the Mirror {by PuffPink on}

There are other fics I love but those were the first few that came to mind