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Marichat May - Day 13: SIN

Have I mentioned before that you can find all of these in order on AO3 (Lunar_L) and (Lunar-L) under the title It Was You? (I don’t want to link because you can’t find posts with external links in tag searches.)

Here, take my soul…

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Make It Better

Chat was feeling very agitated as he ran across the rooftops of Paris with a specific destination in mind. Seeing his newly designated girlfriend as a young adult this afternoon had been a moment for the ages and he’d been struck border-line speechless until he’d encountered the akuma, at which point he’d been thankful for the distraction. It had taken a lot of concentration to avoid his ageing blasts and he was starting to feel weary by the time his Lady had arrived.

Just in time to change him from speechless to tongue-tied.

She’d immediately admitted she’d been hit as a civilian before she had a chance to transform, explaining her absence at the beginning of the fight. So she had fought as a woman in her twenties. A twenty-something Ladybug in skin-tight red armour. A new, more grown-up, busty figure in skin-tight armour. Running around and doing parkour.

Chat grimaced as he remembered the way he’d spat out nonsense at her as she tried to talk strategy with him and how in a role reversal he’d had to be knocked out of range of the akuma on two separate occasions by Ladybug when he lost focus.

“Eyes on the prize, Minou,” she’d told him whenever his eyes strayed.

He landed on Marinette’s balcony and spent a moment or two pacing as his thoughts about earlier swam around his head guiltily. It wasn’t polite to gawk at a girl in public at the best of times but he supposed he could be forgiven at least a little if the girl in question was his girlfriend. Marinette had almost seemed to be teasing him at one point, so she clearly didn’t mind as much as she’d initially seemed to. But he’d also been stunned senseless by Ladybug. And that would probably show on the TV reports. Which Marinette would have seen. He felt like the worst person in the world.

A voice distracted him from his thoughts suddenly.

“Are you coming in or do you just want to wear a groove in my balcony?”

He turned to see Marinette’s upper half, clad in her pyjama tank top and arms crossed and resting on the balcony floor, while her legs presumably dangled into the room below. Not for the first time, he was hit with a wave of utter amazement at how strong she must be to be able to haul herself up onto her balcony regularly.

He moved towards her skylight and waited until she’d stretched out her arms to drop back down to her bed before following her. She sat where she landed, half-way towards the ladder from her giant cat pillow, and pouted her lip at him, arms and legs crossed.

His cat ears drooped at the sight of her annoyance and he reached out for a moment before snatching back his hand at the last moment.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m a horrible person.”

Marinette’s face snapped into a look of utter shock at his words and her crossed arms slowly began to unwind to settle her hands on her knees instead.

“What?” she said, “It was just a picture. And I’m not really mad. Mostly just annoyed with myself for telling you to do that, even if I was just being sarcastic.”

“No, I mean, when I was fighting the akuma with Ladybug…and I, um…have you seen the footage?” he asked gingerly.

He braced himself, waiting for her to go back to being upset, or shout at him or something. But she didn’t. To his surprise, Marinette didn’t do any of those things. Instead she uncrossed her legs and swung them under her to kneel towards him, her hands coming up to cup his face, and she placed a tender peck of a kiss on his lips.

“Oh Chaton,” she said in a cooing tone he’d expect her to use with a young child, “My Pretty Kitty. That’s okay. We only just got together the other day, and you were honest and told me you still liked her. As long as you’re not seriously trying to date her, you go flirt and get flustered as much as you want.”

“Wut,” he said in a rather ineloquent deadpan.

She giggled, and kissed him again, though he didn’t respond as he was still feeling a little stunned. She leaned in to whisper in his human ear playfully.

“Just bring your flustered butt here afterwards so I can make it all better.”

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anonymous asked:

Top 5 favorite fanfics you've read for any fandom.

The Summer of the Lima Bean by @adampascalfan (Glee)

Moonlight Magic @katdvs (General Hospital)

Managed Care {gleefulmusings on} (listed as a General Hospital/Glee xover but also has All My Children and I believe One Life to Live characters as well in this universe… WIP… I need an update like I need air

Special by @miggylol  (Glee/Marvel) ‘being a part of something special makes you special…. also superpowers… this and her whole trilogy are love I may need to do a re-read in the future

1-800-Captain {lovelunarchron on} Lunar Chronicles … I know I’m bad on reviewing when I read updates to this modern AU Cresswell fic but it’s my everything and I LIVE for your updates

a 6th honorable mention goes to the Monster High WIP Broke the Mirror {by PuffPink on}

There are other fics I love but those were the first few that came to mind