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Here’s What Actually Happens Inside Our Lunar Lab

Water is a precious resource – especially on the Moon! In the near future, robotic rovers may roam the Moon’s poles in search of hidden reservoirs of water beneath the lunar surface. But traversing the poles can be a perilous journey. Depending on the Sun’s position in the sky and the way that its light falls on the surface, hazards such as boulders and craters can be difficult, if not impossible, to see. 

Inside our Lunar Lab at Ames Research Center, researchers are using Hollywood light kits and a giant sandbox filled with 8 tons of artificial Moon dirt to simulate driving conditions at the poles. The research aims to provide rovers and their human supervisors with 3-D hazard maps of the Moon’s terrain, helping them to avoid potential obstacles that lie ahead. 

Here’s how it works:


Researchers begin with a map of the Moon’s terrain that’s randomly generated by a computer. Each scene is based on observations made from lunar orbit. The map indicates the number, location and size of features like rocks and craters that should be placed inside the 12x12-foot testbed.


Using the map as a guide, researchers build the terrain by hand with everyday tools. The terrain is then dusted with a top layer of artificial Moon dirt to eliminate shovel and brush marks.


Lights are positioned at different locations around the testbed. One by one, the lights are switched on and off while a camera captures images of the terrain. Notice how the appearance of the terrain changes depending on the source of illumination.


Using a computer algorithm, a 3-D hazard detection model of the terrain is generated from the images. The model provides important information about the size of an obstacle, its height and where it’s located.


With this technique, researchers can teach a rover to recognize the effect of different lighting conditions on the Moon’s poles. The tool could come in handy for future lunar rover missions like Resource Prospector, which will use a drill to search for subsurface water and other compounds on the Moon.

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Why I love Iko’s character so much

Has this been done before? yes definitely. Do you think that’s gonna stop me?

Iko is pretty much walking proof there is nothing wrong with being ‘like other girls’. You know that one girl in school that prides herself in being different than other girls? You know, the internalized misogynist? Well, whenever you feel less than for being feminine, remember Iko. This girl has one passion for fashion and it does not make her weak or dumb in any way what so ever.

 Iko is a die hard friend, she is literally taking on packs of mutant wolf soldier’s in the wires and nerve series, just for Cinder. Iko is very strong and brave in general, it just truly comes out when her friends need her. Her loyalty to her friends is honestly astounding people can only dream of having a friend as true as her. Along with taking on the soldiers she looks great while doing so .

Iko is also very intelligent and not any less so because of her love for typical ‘girly’ things. A lot of people have this mindset built that people that love fashion can’t be intelligent, but let me just say the facts behind this stereotype real quick. It was men that used to love fashion, that’s why they wore those tights and heeled shoes. They knew it made their legs look good, but right when women started showing an interest in fashion the men started saying an interest in fashion showed ‘un-intelligence’. So with that said that stereotype is Bull, and girls that like fashion can be intelligent. Also Iko solves problems pretty much on the spot most of the time (yes, this may have something to do with her being an android but shhhh).

Something said about ‘most girls’ is they’re shallow, and first of all no, and second of all Iko is the kindest person ever. She is constantly helping out and complimenting people, unless of course they prove they don’t deserve her kindness. She makes friends wherever the crew goes and constantly put’s girls up with love and support. 

Another thing that’s great about Iko is her boldness. She’s not afraid to say how it is. I find this amazing because usually people will see feminine girls as push overs and Iko just put’s those people in their place; she’s feminine and strong, which is something not often seen, and I love it.

In short, Iko is the perfect role model. Why some girls are proving they ‘aren’t like other girls’, Iko’s proving there is nothing wrong with other girls because every girl is unique and their own individual. Iko’s selfless, caring, strong, bold, loving, considerate, and she looks great while doing so.

Sam Falk for NYTimes :: This 120-pound lunar suit, which made its debut in 1960 at the Republic Aviation Corporation in Farmingdale, Long Island. Because of the moon’s gravity the suit was reported to weigh just 20 pounds on the moon. Of course, the aluminum capsule looks quite clunky but this suit had some impressive gadgetry to offer: one of them being a tripod stand, a small shelf inside the suit where the lunar explorer can rest. This photo shows a model demonstrating tools that could be substituted for the suit’s standard gloved hands. / source: NYTimes on Instagram


So charming,” said Sybil, tilting her head. “My little protégé has been embraced by cyborgs and androids and criminals—the scum of Earthen society. Quite fitting for a useless shell.”
From the corner of her eye, Cinder noticed Thorne easing himself as a shield between Cress and the thaumaturge, but it was Cress who lifted her chin, with a look more confident than Cinder had ever seen on her.
You mean the useless shell that just disconnected the link to all your palace surveillance equipment?
|Cress by Marissa Meyer|

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James Hall Nasmyth & James Carpenter, ‘The Moon: Considered as a Planet’ (Three photographic illustrations of plaster models that Nasmyth and Carpenter fabricated based upon their observations of the lunar satellite), 1874.


MOON, a collaboration of designer Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu Design Studio. #MOON uses data sourced from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the light matches in exact 3D 1/20 million scale detail the real heavenly body in miniature facsimile, including the topographic craters, elevation, and ridges of the moon. But the lunar model itself is only half of the equation. A ring of LED lights revolves around the moon model, casting light upon the correct face of the moon, in essence recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth #industrialdesign #design #inspiration #architecture #archilovers #art #interiordesign #lifestyle #painting #watch #homedecor #furniture #artgallery #photooftheday #blogger #gallery #photography #travel #book #artcollective #artwork #vintage #decoration #lighting #illustration #artoftheday #decor #interior #luxury

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