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A Guide to The Adventure Zone metaplot

So recently, I re-listened to the entirety of TAZ in prep for the ending and took notes; as we head into the finale next week, I wanted to share them! This is a comprehensive look at every plot thread, bit of foreshadowing, and yet-unresolved ideas as we head into endgame. This involves heavy spoilers through the most recent episode (66) and assumes you have already listened or read the content before.

The full is under the cut!

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You know those Photoshops of Harry Potter books from Voldemort’s POV? I want titles of the TAZ arcs from Lucretia’s POV. Like:

Episodes 1-6: I Finally See My Friends Again!!

Episodes 7-9: I Almost Kill Two Of My Friends But It Turns Out Okay In The End And I Help Magnus Discover His Love Of Maiming Robots

Episodes 10-16: Of Course They Showed Up In Their Pajamas Why Did I Ever Expect Anything Else From These Chucklefucks

Lunar Interlude I: Oh Shit The Hunger

Episodes 18-27: GODDAMMIT BARRY 

Lunar Interlude II: I Realize I Can’t Trust Anyone Outside Of My Space Family With The Relics And Also Adopt A Small Child

Episodes 29-39: GODDAMMIT LUCAS 

Lunar Interlude III: I Have A Spa Day With Merle And Apologize For Erasing His Memories Though He Doesn’t Really Get It Because I Erased His Memories

Lunar Interlude III Alternate Title:  I Walk Into The Cafeteria One Day To Find Lup’s Name Burned Into The Wall In Giant Letters And Nearly Have A Heart Attack

Episode 41-59: They Spend Twenty Minutes Buying Shorts When The Fate Of The Universe Is At Stake Of Course Why Do I Even Try

Lunar Interlude IV: Magnus Is Being Super Weird Was It Something I Said?

Episodes 51-57: The Hunger Is Coming And I Think I Might Have Gotten My Friends Killed

Lunar Interlude V: Magnus Dies But Gets Better Also GodDAMMIT BARRY

Episodes 60-65: The Story Of How I Became Totally Awesome 


Moonset at Savannah Skies Observatory - May 8, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Savannah Skies Observatory with a Canon 5D Mk II and 8-15 mm lens.

Travis: I put my hand on the glass. In like a “hey man, it’s gonna be ok” kinda gesture.

Griffin: It actually puts a tentacle up, and puts it on your hand [Travis gasps].

Taako: Dear God, that’s beautiful! 

Johann: What in the whole… shit… is even… going on. I’ve been watching this thing, and feeding this thing for almost a year now, and I’ve never heard it… I’ve never heard it like, sing before. And I’ve never seen it have like, a touching gesture with another person like that before. What’s going on?

Magnus: Fishie’s my dude.

List of TAZ Animatics: Extra


Taako Kissed A Guy (TAZ Animatic)

Imma Be Taako - Animatic

The Adventure Zone Animatic | Babooshka

taako wants to steal

Wizard Swears - TAZ MBMBAM Animatic

The Adventure Zone- Pinches Tacos Vine Parody

Aftermath Meme TAZ


if i run and jump at magnus - taz animatic

Minor spoilers

you adventured in the wrong zone

you reposted in the wrong adventure zone

The Adventure Zone - Arabella[Arctic Monkeys]

You adventured into the wrong neighborhood (a TAZ animatic)

wizard swears

taako spin {the adventure zone}

You adventured into the wrong neighborhood (TAZ animatic)


Magnus’ Rustic Hospitality (TAZ Animation)

You Adventured in the wrong Neighborhood - WIP Taz animatic

You Adventured in the Wrong Neighbourhood

Recommended after Moonlighting

The Awful Squad Zone

Hula Hooping - The Adventure Zone

fantasy costco theme

Now Entering Fantasy Costco … | TAZ ANIMATION

Easy Chemistry - The Adventure Zone

Recommended after Petals to the Metal

Hooked On a Vine- TAZ Animatic

Recommended after Lunar Interlude II - Internal Affairs

The Adventure Zone + MBMBaM Animated: Munchables

[The Adventure Zone] Would I Be Dangerous in a Fight?

The Adventure Zone - Your Name Is

hungee boy?

Recommended after Crystal Kingdom

TAZ Animatic - Who Broke It

Here Comes The Director

found - the adventure zone animation

The Adventure Zone: Who Broke It (Animatic)

kravitz is a jay walker

Recommended after The Eleventh Hour

The Adventure Zone Music Animatic: The Next Ten Minutes

best of wives (practice TAZ animatic)

The Adventure Zone Animated - Damn

sizzle by the book (taz animatic)

[The Adventure Zone] Sizzle it up with Guy Fieri

[The Adventure Zone] The Boys are Back in Town

Car Boys + The Adventure Zone Animated - rough first draft animatic

Recommended after Lunar Interlude IV - The Calm Before the Storm

the adventure zone - taako wasn’t hurt THAT bad

taako and kravitz babysit angus

Kravitz’s Fear - TAZ Animatic

Taako TAZ - When He Sees Me (Waitress)

Recommended after The Suffering Game

Taako’s Death Drop | The Adventure Zone Animation

Legs Meme Wonderland TAZ

The Adventure Zone - Wonderland of the Lionhearted [WIP]

Honestly Merle RN -The Adventure Zone Animatic-

Recommended after Lunar Interlude V - Reunion Tour

TAZ Music Animatic: T.I.M.E. {spoilers}

History Has Its Eyes On You | TAZ Animatic

Recommended after The Stolen Century

TAZ Animatic - Who Broke It?

Lucretia is Non-Stop (Adventure Zone Animatic)

TAZ Couples- Falling in Love

Quick Taz Animatic- Childrens work-

The Adventure Zone - Lup is the Worst

Do You Remember, Taako? || TAZ Animatic

NYM meme TAZ ep.63

[TAZ] Lup putting Taako on blast

Your Obedient Servant Ep.59 TAZ Animatic

disappear || taz animatic

Taako’s instrument (animatic)

A Lover’s Quarrel - TAZ Animatic

Good For You|TAZ animatic|

Kotanya animates :: [TAZ] Fantasy Salt and Pepper Diner w/ Lup and Taako

WIP TAZ Animatic - Today With Your Wife

Atlantis- A Taz Animatic

@ people saying that lup is gonna die:

Remember in Lunar Interlude IV, when Kravitz was like “Wtf, Taako, are you a lich? bc there is something kinda sorta dead-ish around here” after the umbra staff attacks him?

That wan’t Barry possessing Pringles, as many have suggested. Pringles has been in jail since Lunar Interlude II, so Barry probably possessed him while the boys were doing Petals to the Metal.

The lich that Kravitz was referring to wasn’t Barry-as-Pringles. It was Lup. She’s still alive and kickin (kind of). She just lost her body is all.

Lunar Interlude II – Internal Affairs: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

Justin has a Quiznos Crisis™.

  • Travis jokes about writing his initials on the relic destruction spheres “like a magic trick”.  Exactly like Angus does in the Reunion Tour.
  • Magnus trying to hug Lucretia and Lucretia not letting him get close is sad as fuck but what else is knew
    • The IPRE crew breaks my heart twice a week.  I’m immune
  • Lucretia is super bummed out about Captain Captain Bane’s death because the two of them were close friends, but also probably because that’s yet another thing for her to feel guilty about. Yikes.
  • [after learning that Robbie’s been thrown in the brig] Taako: “Was it because he loved pringles too much?? Did he pop and then neglect to stop?”

    Lucretia: “Hey if that’s a crime, then we all deserve to be thrown in the brig”

  • Griffin describes Lucretia as being “flabbergasted” upon hearing about the boys’ meeting with the red robe.  Either this was an Oscar-worthy facade on Lucretia’s part, or she was very surprised by the fact that Barry decided to establish direct contact with the boys.
    • The Director ruffling Angus’s hair is the stuff dream are made of
  • Enter everyone’s favorite nasally nerd lord, Lucas Miller.
    • As many people have pointed out, Lucas does talk about the voidfish “popping out a kid that makes us forget our own existence” in this episode. I am convinced that Griffin McElroy relistens to these episodes and cackles maniacally about all of this sneaky fucking foreshadowing.
    • This episode is also the first appearance of the E-G-G-B-A-B-E melody. Griffin is on some next-level shit.
  • On a personal note, hearing the first instance of the voidfish’s melody after the finale is pretty god damn emotional.
    • So is Johann asking the boys if they’re okay with being forgotten if they die.
    • So is Taako asking if people would forget his cooking show (and by extension, the incident at Glamour Springs).
    • Here’s something interesting: I don’t think Merle speaks at all during this exchange. Taako asks about his show and Magnus claims he’ll never die, but Merle stays quiet.
  • Magnus is actually the one that hands Leon the coin this time, which gets him to leave the room. However, Taako makes it a point to put the coin in perfectly and no-scope the crank specifically because Leon’s not there, making Griffin angry on Leon’s behalf.
    • Taako gets the cloak of the manta ray on this run, though, which proves to be 100% fucking useless throughout the rest of the campaign. This is Leon’s curse. Nothing will convince me otherwise.
  • First occurence of the fantasy costco jingle, which haunts my dreams to this day.
    • First appearance of the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom as well. Nice.
  • This is also the episode where Garfield first acquires Magnus’s blood, immediately making Travis go “oh no am I going to die”
  • Things that would be useful if the McElroys remember them:
    • Merle’s physician’s pendant gives him a 25% chance of retaining a spell slot when he heals someone.
    • Merle is able to infuse weapon strikes with divine energy and deal an extra d8 of fire, ice, or lightning damage.
    • Okay real talk though. If Merle doesn’t ever use this then I’m going to absolutely lose my beans.

Onto the Crystal Kingdom! Recaps are tagged as ‘Lauren pounds some TAZ’.

Remember not to pop and then neglect to stop, and also have a lovely day!


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God, Griffin you’re amazing.
(All art by Inkstainsonmyjacket, please do not repost without permission and citation.)

right so i was watching taz animations again and, well:

“We don’t know anything about this. We don’t know anything about this creature and we’re putting all our faith into it? … What if this thing reproduces asexually and pops out a kid that makes us forget it’s own existence? Then we’d be sunk!”

that’s from lunar interlude II


X-COM: Lunar Defense

There’s not that much X-COM content by the Walfas community, so I made some featuring Rei’sen, Nue (She’s kinda an alien, I guess? Walfas doesn’t have that much X-COM content in the first place, so no Sectoids or Chryssalids), and that one adorable, nameless moon rabbit with glasses from Silent Sinner in Blue.

The Lunar Defense Corps from SSiB kinda reminds me of a typical X-COM rookie, since both X-COM rookies and the rabbits serving in the LDC are prone to panicking. X-COM rookies actually try to do some fighting though and only panic once people start dying, while the LDC doesn’t do any fighting at all (except for one badass little rabbit) and panics at the mere sight of the enemy. 

Just like X-COM rookies, I’d imagine the LDC being unable to hit the broadside of a planet, constantly missing an alien 5 feet in front of them, occasionally hitting a comrade on the other side of the battlefield with perfect accuracy by accident whenever they miss a shot, and having an insanely high casualty rate if they had to defend the moon against a bunch of invading aliens that didn’t use the spellcard system. Speaking of aliens, I wonder if Martians exist in the Touhou universe. They could be even more overpowered than the Lunarians, which is saying something.

Fun fact: The Arisaka rifle with a bayonet seems to be the closest real-world equivalent to the guns used by the LDC in SSiB, while the FN FAL seems to be  a reasonable real-world equivalent to the starting rifle in the original X-COM: UFO Defense.

taz inktober prompts

hey. how’s it going. i wanted to do inktober and i couldn’t think of a theme but since taz is like, what im into now, like my thing, i thought that i should make a big ol’ prompt calendar thing for me, because i will definitely forget it otherwise

i’ve split the month up by the different arcs, which shoooouuullddd be good but who even knows. i’ll get back to you on that.

also i made the lunar interludes free spaces to just do whatever you want, just because. so if you want to actually draw something related to the lunar interlude, go ahead! it’s a free space after all

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