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You will never see strong female characters like you do in the lunar chronicles,,,, they’re all so amazing and brave and they’re strong in different ways, some of them are pacifists or hopeless romantics and that doesn’t make them any less badass and just,,, goddamn you gotta go read these books please and thank you

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Earth’s Final Total Solar Eclipse Will Happen In Less Than A Billion Years

“On the timescale of a year, you can’t even notice the increased distance with sophisticated laser lunar ranging: the difference in the Moon’s orbit is mere centimeters-per-year. But over long periods of time, this adds up significantly. Approximately 570 million years from now, the very last total solar eclipse will occur, and after another ~80 million years, the last hybrid eclipse will occur. That will be the last time any portion of Earth finds itself bathed in the shadow of the Moon. Beyond that point, the Moon will no longer be close enough to Earth at any point in its orbit to have its shadow fall on our surface. From that moment onward, the only way to see a total solar eclipse will be to take to the skies, or to soar in space itself, where we can find ourselves in the Moon’s shadow once again.”

This coming Monday, tens of millions of people will gather to watch the total solar eclipse that will go coast-to-coast across the continental United States. Total solar eclipses like this happen, on average, about once every 18 months, due to the frequency of alignment as well as the Moon’s apparent angular size. At present, about 40% of all solar eclipses are total eclipses, with annular eclipses making up 50% and hybrid eclipses the other 10%. However, this ratio has changed with time, and will continue to change. The Moon is migrating farther away from Earth, and annular eclipses are becoming more common, while total eclipses are becoming more rare. Although the migration rate is small – mere centimeters per year – that adds up over millions of years. At some point in the future, the Moon’s shadow will be completely unable to fall on Earth’s surface any longer.

How does it all work, and how long will it take? Find out, and learn when the final total solar eclipse Earth will ever experience will be!

So about new threat for SVTFOE Season 3. Almost everyone is sure that it’ll be Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness. Who’s better than her, right? But I belive it’s far too simple.

Let’s take a moment and look back at Season 1, more particular - episode about St. Olga’s. This episode brought up lots of interesting details, especially the prophecy.

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anonymous asked:

I have a question on moon water and how to make it. I was wondering if the water has to be directly under the moon's light? Is it okay if I put the water in a Mason jar (I hope I said that correctly)? And also how is the process exactly? Thank you x

I actually have a little infographic describing my own process for making Moon water. There are many ways to do it, though, and this is just how I, personally, usually do it:

Not everyone does it this way. Plenty of folks, for example, don’t chant over the water, nor add salt, and that works for them just fine. I personally do close up my soon-to-be moon water in a mason jar or other vessel, especially if leaving it out-of-doors. 

This helps to keep random debris from falling into the water. Typically, I try to situate the jar or vessel in such a way as to catch the direct rays of the Moon, but it hasn’t always been possible to do so, and I did get results using several batches that weren’t in direct moonlight. 

You might notice that if you’re outside (or near a window) and the Moon is full and bright, the level of ambient light is influenced by this. Thus, your water absorbs power from that ambiance. 

Another thing - it’s advantageous to check which sign the Moon is in when you’re making your water. If the Moon is void of course (between signs) the water is typically suited to spells and workings that are more private, internal, and perhaps even secretive. 

The Moon in various signs will lend certain properties to the water, depending on the sign, and you can research the power of each sign on almost any astrology site. 

As well, it’s worth noting that you needn’t limit your Moon water to full Moon nights, though most witches consider that a good time to make it.

I’ve made moon water during many phases of the moon, including (oddly enough) the dark moon. In all these cases, the Moon is still present and the ambient forces of the night itself are tied to it.

I want to add, as an ending to this post, that it’s been a really, really long time since I’ve had an opportunity to make Moon water. I live in a tiny apartment admit massive imposing communist-era concrete buildings, and it can be difficult to find a place for a jar of water, either on full Moons, or any other time.

 A few times, I left a jar on the windowsill, but given the way my apartment feels and is structured, I felt like the water, in that case, was more connected to the inside of the apartment than the night and Moon outside. 

This is not to say that Moon water must always be made out of doors, but it’s good to consider how the ambient energy surrounding the water feels before you leave it to charge. It’s also good to experiment charging waters, to find out which method works best for you. 

A lot of it will depend on what sort of magical forces you’re sensitive to, and how easily you block out extraneous stimuli. I struggle to explain this, but basically, the water is only as useful as your own ability to sense and connect with the Lunar forces imbued in it. 

If you connect easily with Lunar energy., you’ll likely have very good luck with water left adjacent to the light of the Moon and the nighttime, even if it isn’t directly in the path of moonbeams. Some people aren’t going to respond to this, though, and might find it best to ensure the water is directly in moonlight. 

I hope this makes sense, and is helpful. Thank you for writing to me! If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me or send me another ask!

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