lunar forces

Waley Gao
GG 15F-ES-TK03 External Panel Tank
GG 14F-ES-AV01 Enigma Multi-Chamber Vest
GG 15F-ES-PL02 Omnidirectional Sweat Pants
ΛCRИM 3A-5TS | ΛCRИM X NikeLab LF1-001

Pic by Bryan Chang


Guess who’s opening up some commissions! (I really need money guys pls help)

I’m going to be doing some $10 half body commissions (+$5 per extra character) and some $5 Chibis (+$2 per extra character). Simple color/gradient backgrounds are free if you want them. I can do original characters or fanart but I WILL NOT draw any nsfw and I prefer not to draw animals.

You can contact me at if you’re interested. Payment will be through PayPal.

So yeah, help out a poor college student pls

Thanks <3

1K Deaths
C.E Retrofitted BDU #2 JKT | 1KCORP Hoodie
ΛCRИM P16A-S | 3A-5TSR | 3A-MK1 | 3A-MK3
ΛCRИM X NikeLab LF1-116

Pic by David Loring-Lee

Kiko Kostadinov Custom Stussy Hoodie
Cav Empt Disguise No.2
ΛCRИM X NikeLab LF1-001

ΛCRИM J1A-GT | GG Long Grid T-shirt
Nom De Guerre Paratrooper Pants
Cav Empt Disguise No.2 | Cav Empt Work Gloves
ΛCRИM X NikeLab LF1-001

Waley Gao
Supreme Patchwork Flannel | GG 15F-ES-TK03
GG 14F-ES-AV01 Enigma Multi-Chamber Vest
ΛCRИM X NikeLab LF1-001